Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Old Walmart Site Goes To Gas Wasting Old Car Sales Outfit

Fairfield's Old Walmart Site Will Be Converted Selling "Classical" Cars Otherwise Often Known To Be Gas Wasting Cars.
Walmart's 125,000 sq foot former store at 300 Chadbourne Road expanded to create more rivalry against smaller competitors on North Texas Street's business center. So Walmart had to give up its old site for some user.

Walmart touts themselves as selling lots of organic foods (though we see a much higher percentage of fresh organics at Trader Joe's.  At least some of Walmart's GMO foods can last months - making some shoppers feel they are buying "Frankenstein" food.

Solano Super Walmarts have otherwise been a huge success with a large percent of Solano shoppers. Walmart hurts Solano small businesses which have often been greatly impacted.

Nothing on this blog, nor links to or from it or affiliated sites like FixFairfield.Org are warranted in any way.  Expect errors.  After all Walmart is your best friend right?

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