Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Solano Study Shows Employers Have False Sense Of Security Hiring Through Temp Agencies?

Solano Business News' New Study Shows Solano Employers Might Have False Sense Of Security When Hiring Through Solano Temporary Agencies.

Solano county employers using Solano temporary agencies can have far more liability when taking on Solano employees than bosses may fully realize.  What's to keep Solano temporary agencies from telling Solano employment law judges that they weren't aware of some California labor law injunction? 

Hiring new employees through Solano temporary agencies however can have many benefits. Possible examples:
• Terminated employees might not draw on the Solano employer's unemployment fund. That is the Solano employer might not have to pay unemployment on the terminated employee.
• Solano temporary agencies screening employees.
• Government forms and documents.

Do you have a Solano employee manual?  Do you have employment law posters updated annually?  Posters are available from most Solano temporary agencies, Solano chambers of commerce and private companies.

Many employers successfully use one of the many Solano temporary agencies are located at California Business Center in Fairfield. The host of this blog has also had successful experience with Solano temporary agencies.  Solano temporary agencies still have many benefits.

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