Friday, July 22, 2011

Solano Job Openings For Graphic Designer & Printer

Solano Printing Service Person Needed. Have Commercial Printing Experience?

Handle one or more of the following functions:
• Sell photocopiers on 5 year lease agreements.
• Handle basic walk up photocopy needs.
• Consult clients on sophisticated printing projects. Outsource these printing projects to vendors.
• If you happen to be a graphic artist, this is a great way to handle much of the digital graphic designs yourself.
• Train others to help you.

Good knowledge about photocopiers or the printing industry is essential. While graphic arts skills can help, you must know about the printing business. You also need an entrepreneurial mind set. Remuneration is: 1. A moderate base, plus 2. share of profits. Benefits negotiable. Fairfield office is near highway I-80.

Your hours can be somewhat flexible. Office hours you can between 9:00AM to 5:30PM Mon-Fri.  Possibly work first half of Saturday?

Please send your resume to ThinkGreen707 (at)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Venture Capital May Help Solano Hotels

Solano County hotels like Fairfield's beautiful Garden Inn near highway I-80 may start seeing more Solano visitors.  Solano venture capital can be used to expand businesses by opening satellite Solano offices.  Visitors need hotel rooms, and flexible furnished office suite rentals for which Solano County has plenty available.

Read up on a 20% increase in Venture Capital

Solano Business Visitors Avoid Hotel Deposits & Cancellation Fees

Tips On Saving Money When Getting Hotels In Or Outside Solano County
More Solano County hotels rely on hotel websites to allow them to market Solano hotels directly to Solano hotel renters.

Non-franchise Solano chain hotels need adaptive booking software linked to their Solano hotel website. Visitors can book hotel rooms in real time.

Direct booking with Solano hotels may offer better hotel cancellation policies. Plus you may save from paying a hotel room deposit.

Business people needing temporary furnished office suite rentals do not require deposits and save costs when opening their Solano satellite office

Monday, July 4, 2011

Synergy: Solano Businesses Helping Non Profits While Helping Themselves.

Helping Solano County non profits can help your business too.  Solano's WineHawk Winery offers free meeting space for events at the winery.

It helps the non profits, while publicizing great Solano wine without the "made in Napa label" price markup.