Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Solano Co-Working Space

Work In A Flexible Work Environment. New Lower Pricing At Solano Co-Working Space.
Only $8 Hr  $30 Day
The Solano Co-Working Office Work space is located 1/2 mile from highway 80 in Fairfield.

Spaces can be available during and after business hours. Call (707) 434-8000

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Solano Business Incubator Helps Small Service Businesses Grow

Solano Business Incubator Can Help Whatever Your Business Service Startup Idea Might Be.

Free Help: Also get free help for your business service startup by contacting Solano Business Incubator. Run your business idea by us and ask what we think. There also are free gov assistance programs. Our goal is for you to succeed then you'll remain our long term client.

More people are starting to become their own boss. They are tired of seeing others profiting from their labor when they feel they can do the same or better on their own says Steve Kays, CEO of Solano Business Incubator near highways 80 and 12.

FairfieldOffice.com describes how tenants (called "clients" by the incubator) enjoy private offices with almost everything ready to go. Often requires zero or minimal capital investment. For example you can enjoy WiFi, Receptionist, Office Equipment and much more for a fraction of the cost of getting it on your own. The incubator also hosts the Solano Conference Room Rental program at only $18 to $48 an hour.

Very Flexible: Start mo to mo to try everything out without long term commitments.

Details at www.SolanoBusinessIncubator.com or 707 434-8000

Friday, May 5, 2017

Write Articles For Solano Business News

Join the only known main business opinion venue without strong links to Solano County’s old boy network.
Solano Business News is usually free and hopes to stay this way. 

Solano Business News started in 2010 with the aim of bringing greater clarity and fairness in news coverage. SBN ™ is not limited by needing to a profit to satisfy the needs of big business and political players. It’s time to get past fake news and window dressing for. what is really happening in our community.

We are bright friendly minds who enjoy looking at different sides of news stories. We also get together for interesting conversations on a wide range of topics on innovation and business after hours.

Please drop by and give us any articles you wish SBN to maybe publish. You authorize us to post your material free of charge and without restrictions on copyrights or rewrites.

Free Office Space For Entrepreneurs
Solano Business Incubator ™ offers office space and services. Enjoy free coffee, WIFI and the Fairfield Co-Working spaces and Fairfield Virtual Office for your professional address and more. Copier is offered to members at cost of only four cents. For qualified writers and non profits.

Solano Business News ™
Div of California Business Center, Inc
1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, CA

Solano Farmer Markets. Will They Be Going More Organic?

After the heavy rains, its time for Solano Farmer Markets to reopen.

Manzo who firmly directs Fairfield Main Street Association said the Fairfield Farmer's Market will be on Thursdays 3 to 7 p.m. next to the Historic Courthouse. The Fairfield Farmer's Market should continue until Oct 5, 2017.

Vacaville's Farmer's Market starts Sat May 7th from 8AM says Solano Business Incubator.

Vacaville's Farmer's Market calendar.

As Solano is becoming more organically inclined Solano Business Incubator ™ rightly predicted over a decade ago that demand for organic foods will continue to outstrip supply. Trader Joe's devotes a reasonable percent of its floor space to organics compared to other Solano County supermarkets.

Heart Of Fairfield Plan: Revitalizing Central Fairfield Comes With Politics

Central Fairfield will become greatly revitalized says outgoing Carl Dumas, head of Fairfield's community development department.  While Dumas may be retiring with many questions about the true reasons of his leaving City Hall, he says the Heart Of Fairfield Plan remains on track.

There's a reason why Governor Brown stopped funding Fairfield's Redevelopment Agency programs say Solano Business News.  With lack of transparency, California state didn't feel comfortable paying out all the monies.

Solano Business News and its affiliates pushed for the needed Heart of Fairfield Plan before the year 2001 start date was proposed.  Politics is what kept things moving forward. Those asking the mayor and city council questions were described as "stepping out of line".

While there's a large PDF document describing the Heart of Fairfield Plan on the city website, it fails to clearly answer the more important questions posed by property owners on West Texas Street, downtown and surrounding 500+ acres of private commercial and residential real estate.

Whatever the complexities, West Texas Street is the main gateway and first impression visitors have of Fairfield.  Continued improvement to West Texas Street and the well redeveloped downtown are much needed for Fairfield's long term prosperity.

Solano County Capital Of Fairfield Has Huge Rent Increase

Fairfield just showed having one of America's highest home rental increases.

As San Francisco real estate prices take a mild set back from their speedy increase, many San Francisco professionals are moving to Fairfield and nearby Suisun, Vacaville and Napa.

Based on historic Solano real estate price increases in past booms, the county follows the inner San Francisco Bay Area pricing trends.  If historic Solano real estate price increase trends repeat themselves, look for the possibility of house sales possibly doubling in the not too distant future.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Solano County Economy After The Rains

Considering Unusual Weather Patterns - The Solano County Economy Will Probably Further Improve After The Rains.

Fewer make purchases and decisions about starting a new business when it's raining says Solano Business Incubator which rents office spaces in Fairfield, CA.