Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fairfield Co-Working: Work with other entrepreneurs. Share ideas.

New Fairfield Co-Working Program To Be Launched.

Solano County needs a place for startups and other entrepreneurial minds can work and share ideas.

The business incubator is looking for a facilitator to expand upon many of the affordable programs started by Solano Business Incubator and its office space leasing programs.

The Fairfield Co-Working office spaces are located near the heart of Fairfield.

Central Solano County Revitalization Thru Heart Of Fairfield Program

New Economic Development Is On The Horizon. Central Solano Will Undergo Revitalization. Fairfield City Council Is Spending Over $800K For Studies On The Heart Of Fairfield Program.

Central Fairfield is both the heart of Solano County and the heart of Fairfield.  The Fairfield city council members are pushing the Heart of Fairfield program to revitalize the main gateway into the town, West Texas Street. Plus downtown Fairfield will also be improved.

The Fairfield California program is also supported by many businesses including Solano Business Incubator which leases office suites to small and medium sized businesses.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Solano Capital To Revitalize The Heart Of Fairfield

California's Solano County Capital Is To Revitalize Central Fairfield Via The New "Heart Of Fairfield" Program. Over 100 People Attended The Jan 27, 2015 Heart Of Fairfield Meeting.

The Heart Of Fairfield program is planning to revitalize Fairfield's main gateway to the $101,000,000 county capital building in central Fairfield.  Plus the city plans to further revitalize downtown Fairfield.

The Heart Of Fairfield West Texas Street program is important for many reasons including:

1. It's the first and last impression visitors get when coming to and leaving Fairfield to and from highway I-80.

2. While downtown Fairfield and North Texas Street received extensive assistance in the past decades, the West Texas Street program had been put on hold.

3. The investments made to other parts of central Fairfield will be synergistically improved upon when the West Texas Street program kicks in.

4. There are more small businesses based on West Texas Street than any other part of Solano County. It seems these Fairfield small businesses are bringing in more economic benefit to the city and county than is going back into improving the gateway.

5.  The Heart Of Fairfield program is what the Fairfield and Solano voters keep asking for.