Thursday, December 30, 2010

Business Startups Coming. Solano Unemployment Expects Improvement.

Solano County Business Startups Are Coming Especially In Fairfield - Suisun, and Vacaville. Solano Unemployment Expects Improvement.

Solano County records, and new business licenses are coming online in Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo for small businesses and larger employers.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Getting Better Solano County Customer Service

Reaching Better Solano Customer Service In Our Community

Get the executive customer service phone number:

Enter the business name at sites like

Get the HQ phone number from the site's address section.

Picking the Solano CEO usually works.

Call the Solano headquarters.

In a friendly voice, ask the Solano operator for the person you need.

Complain in a polite manner. Give them the benefit of the doubt at first. Then persist if they start playing games. Focus on what's important and forget the less important.

Fundraising Tips For Solano Non-Profits

Learn about fundraising. Discover the importance between a Solano Non Profit organization and its potential Solano donors, and to develop a Solano County fundraising plan.

Free Solano non-profit and for profit workshops are available for Solano service businesses.  Check out the other blog articles on

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cost Effectively Innovate Your Solano Business

Cost Effective Ways To Innovate Your Solano Business

Discover cost effective ways to innovate your business.  In a tough economy, there are plenty of ways to grow your business.

Free Video Link:

As you grow, consider expanding your market base into Solano County's Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville and Napa County markets too.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Starting A Solano Food Business

Get many free or affordable Solano County food business start-up resources.  View the different Solano business tips in this blog.

    * Small Business Development Center
      424 Executive Court North
      Suisun, CA 94585
      (707) 864-3382
    * Small Business Information Center
      (800) 268-2678 

Building Departments in Solano County:

    * Unincorporated areas of the county
      Solano County Building & Safety Division
      675 Texas Street, Suite 5500
      Fairfield, CA 94533
      (707) 784-6765.
    * City of Benicia Building Department
      250 East L
      Benicia, CA 94510
      (707) 746-4230
    * City of Fairfield Building Department
      1000 Webster St.
      Fairfield, CA 94533
      (707) 428-7451
      Business Licenses: 428-7509
    * City of Vallejo Building Department
      555 Santa Clara
      Vallejo, CA
      (707) 648-4374
      Business Licenses: (707) 648-4310
    * City of Vacaville Building Department
      650 Merchant St.
      Vacaville, CA 95688
      (707) 449-5152
      Business Licenses: (707) 449-5152

More info at:

New Solano Economic Development Work & Volunteer Openings At Solano Business News

Interesting Work & Volunteer Openings With Solano Business News.  Check out the other blog postings on this free Solano Business News blog.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

City Publishes Glossy Downtown Fairfield Business Directory

City Of Fairfield Publishes Glossy Downtown Fairfield Business Directory.  Solano County's other cities Benicia, Dixon, Suisun and Vacaville are looking to innovate their downtown small businesses by looking at how Fairfield Downtown Association new directory Margaret Manzo, and Solano Business Incubator are helping Fairfield business thrive. Solano Economic Development Corp is funding related activities too.

For other Solano business postings, check out the other blog postings on this free Solano Business News blog.
Also check out the upcoming Solano Business Directory from Solano Business Incubator.  Readers receiving free RSS feeds for Solano Business Directory can get free listings in the Solano directory.  Solano Business Directory will also focus on Solano non-profits, government agencies, sources for good business tips, and much more.  Many of the proposed links are in this blog's earlier posting.

Senate Should Repeal Silly Small Business Law - Solano Business Happy With Proposed Change

There is a silly law requiring small Solano businesses to notify the IRS when they spend over $600 on a purchase. Critics say the silly business law is too intrusive for average small businesses.

The 1099 provision could force Solano businesses to issue 1099 forms to others they bought something for that exceeded only $600.

Solano accountant Bill Wren, and tax account Leon Hillery both strongly advise Solano tax payers be careful with how they file their upcoming taxes.  Solano government, plus tax collectors from Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo and Napa need tax revenue.  Solano tax collectors have been known to look more carefully into how Solano small businesses are or are not paying their taxes.  The same goes with the IRS. Best to be safe and find good tax loopholes.

Check out the other blog postings on this free Solano Business News blog for links to interesting financial sites (nothing warranted by blog).

When It Might Be Smart Taking Business Risks

Are you willing to take needed risks for innovating your small business in Solano County?  Some business risk tips below.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Buying A Solano Businesses Or Starting One Up Yourself For Less. Know What You're Getting?

What's More Cost Effective? Buying A Solano Business, Or Starting One Up Yourself For Less?

If you start the business yourself, you at least can avoid fraudulent representations about the business you might be buying. Sometimes an existing business can on the surface appear a more cost effective way to get into the market.  But did the seller really fully disclose all the details?  House sellers might be under stricter government guidelines for making full disclosures, while those selling a business often get away with all types of fraudulent non disclosures.

What do Solano County businesses sell for? Consider buying a business someone else wants to give up but be extremely careful.

New Vallejo Newspaper Coming - Downtown Vallejo News

Vallejo's new newspaper, "Downtown Vallejo News" will be a forum for Vallejo merchants, and Vallejo residents. "Downtown Vallejo News" is inviting Vallejo businesses and others are invited to submit comments, Vallejo information with the goal of transforming downtown Vallejo. Comments can also be submitted in the form of your blog posting to this "Solano Business News" blog.

Check out the other blog postings on this free Solano Business News blog for other Vallejo small business news.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Amazing Unlikely Success Stories From Entrepreneurs

Learn from how others succeeded!
In Solano County, Baldo's - the 24 hour great Mexican restaurant in Fairfield now has three Solano County locations already..!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Solano Restaurants Effected By Anti Fatty Food Drive

Solano County restaurants are predicted to start offering more healthy food.  Fairfield diners are increasingly expecting lower salt foods with less fat.  

The upswing in diner tastes is more pronounced in next door Napa County.  There is a food eating habit study which resulted in an 182-page report.  The food eating habit report also contains demographic findings about residential growth, seniors, school drop-outs and unemployment.
Check out the other blog postings on this free Solano Business News blog for tips on starting healthy restaurants in Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Vacaville and Vallejo in 2011. Healthy menus are becoming more popular!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Solano Small Businesses Resales Up

17 small Solano County businesses sold in November

Solano County Supervisor Mike Reagan and others state seventeen Solano County small businesses changed hands in November 2010.

Solano Economic Optimism Up - Solano Banks Doing Better - Long Road Ahead

Optimism For Solano County's Economy Appears Up But Full Recovery Many Years Away

Employees Claim Traffic Or Car Troubles?

Call 511 for traffic updates. The below Solano traffic web site provides mass transit information when one's car breaks down. Share this with your Solano employees, so they don't have an excuse for being at work right on time!

Bookmark the above link, and this Solano Business News blog.

Monday, December 6, 2010

HR Officials Expect To Increase Hiring

Solano County Will Benefit If HR Officials Increase Hiring.

See the Sacramento Bee article

Sprint phasing out Solano Nextel network in 2013. Verizon Is Better.

Sprint is phasing out the Solano County Nextel network in 2013. This applies to all or most of the US as well.  Sprint bought Nextel.  Spring's stocks rose on reporting this news.

Tips For Naming Your Solano Company

Interesting Tips For Naming Your Solano Company.  Branding is important.

California Business Center in Fairfield, California might even offer free business name ideas for its clients which rent office spaces or use its other services.  CBC then leaves it up for the clients to determine if the new business names are available, and/or feasible.  

Effective Solano Small Business Advertising Strategies

Hearst Television says local news advertising for small to mid-size businesses can be effective.  The results show that Solano County TV news is a highly effective medium for Solano business advertisers to credibly reach Solano consumers.

Great Headline Ideas To Promote Your Sales

Check Out These Great Headline Ideas To Promote Your Solano County retail sales

Get more business ideas via the other blog postings on this free Solano Business News blog.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Solano Business News Seeks Local Volunteers

Solano Business News Seeks Volunteers: Volunteers can write articles for Solano Business News.  To join us call 707 434-8000.

California Business Schools Directory

Thinking of going back to college for your business degree?

In addition to the directory, dheck out the other blog postings on this free Solano Business News blog for great business tips.

California Business Schools Directory

Azusa Pacific University School of Business and Management
Azusa, California
California Lutheran University School of Business
Thousand Oaks, California
Cal Poly State University Orfalea College of Business
San Luis Obispo, California
California State Polytechnic University College of Business Administration
Pomona, California
California State University, Bakersfield* School of Business and Public Administration
Bakersfield, California
California State University, Chico College of Business
Chico, California
California State University, Fresno Craig School of Business
Fresno, California
California State University, Fullerton College of Business and Economics
Fullerton, California
California State University, Hayward College of Business and Economics
Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Hayward, California
California State University, Long Beach College of Business Administration
Long Beach, California
California State University, Los Angeles College of Business and Economics
Los Angeles, California
California State University, Northridge School of Business and Economics
Northridge, California
California State University, Sacramento College of Business Administration
Sacramento, California
California State University, San Bernardino College of Business and Public Administration
San Bernardino, California
California State University, Stanislaus College of Business Administration
Stanislaus, California
Chapman University Argyros School of Business and Economics
Orange, California
Claremont Graduate University Peter Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management
Claremont, California
Golden Gate University Edward S. Ageno School of Business
San Francisco, California
Monterey Institute of International Studies Fisher Graduate School of Int'l Business
Monterey, California
National University School of Business and Information Management
La Jolla, California
Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management
Culver City, California
San Diego State University College of Business Administration
San Diego, California
San Francisco State University College of Business
San Francisco, California
San Jose State University College of Business
Greater San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, California
Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business
Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Clara, California
Sonoma State University School of Business and Economics
Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Rohnert Park, California
Solano Community College
Suisun City has the main campus in Solano County, California
Stanford University Graduate School of Business
Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Palo Alto, California
University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business
Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley, California
University of California, Davis School of Management
Davis, California
University of California, Los Angeles Anderson School
Los Angeles, California
University of California, Riverside Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management
Riverside, California
University of LaVerne College of Business and Pubic Management
Laverne, California
University of Redlands School of Business
Redlands, California
University of San Diego School of Business Administration
San Diego, California
University of Southern California Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles, California

Will Solano County Learn From Silicon Valley?

A Silicon Bubble Shows Signs Of Steaming Up

Solano County has lower living and labor costs than Silicon Valley.  Plus with meetings can be held via video conferencing from your office, or the Solano Business Incubator at California Business Center.

Solano government is helping its friends get into high tech.  While this is a good thing, other Solano businesses are having to compete against local government if they didn't back the right Solano election candidate in the past elections.

The enthusiasm for Solano social networking and mobile apps, Solano venture capitalists at Solano Business Incubator are clamoring to give money to young companies.

Solano Kept Moody Credit Rating

It appears Solano County's budgeting and reserve policy impressed the rating agency Moody's Investor Services.  

However how well does Moody's Investor Services calculate the degree to which Solano County cities keep their promises to Solano businesses expanding into Solano County?  Read this blog about which Solano cities need to improve their track record in this area.  Also consider proximity to nearby highways and the Inner San Francisco Bay Area as part of your Solano site location equation.

Solano Social Media For Solano Businesses

What Can Solano County Businesses Learn From Fortune 100?
  • 79% use it to communicate with their customers.
  • 50% have a YouTube account and upload about 10 videos a month.
The seven Solano County businesses you might target are Benicia Dixon Fairfield Rio Vista Suisun Vacaville and Vallejo.  Also consider targeting nearby cities in Yolo County, Contra Costa County and Napa County.

Solano Business Increasingly Target Minority Races In Marketing

Whites are becoming less of a dominant force in how Solano businesses are marketing their services and products.

Solano County is changing to a "majority minority" future. The median age of Solano County's white population will probably be shown to be older than that of other races in next year's US census results. For example white women are having fewer children, while the growth in mixed race Solano marriages is making Solano County more multi-ethnic.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Unemployment goes up again. Reliable ecomonist expects improvements.

US unemployment hits 9.8%. Is 10% going to be reached before we go back into the single digits for unemployment figures? Updated California and Solano County unemployment figures will be coming later. Luckily Solano County and the greater San Francisco Bay Area have been doing better than expected.

The current Economist Magazine suggests California will get worse, but then better. Historically, the international magazine available in Solano County Libraries, and read by Fairfield's Economic Development team, has been quite accurate about predicting future economic events. All along the Economist said banks should not be making all those crazy B rate loans during the past Bush administration.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Solano Bee Business Helps Local Agriculture

Thinking of starting a green business?

Learn from the following company.  The Vallejo based Bay Area Bee Company has scattered beekeeping versus large Solano commercial bee hives.  Bay Area Bee Company's Solano County bee population is kept healthy and active when Solano bee populations generally are dwindling, 

Solano honey brands include Fairfield Pumpkin Blossom, Vallejo Breakers, Vallejo After Dark, Benicia Waterfront, plus San Francisco Potrero Hill.

Lacking the needed healthy Solano County bee population, puts Solano County agriculture at serious risk. 

More Solano County business news Solano Business News. It covers Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo; plus neighboring Yolo County, Napa County, and Contra Costa County.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Solano Property Managers Love Property Management Software Tool

RentJuice was developed by San Francisco property management software gurus.  The $40/mo fee based service improves the Solano property management company's efficiency. Greater efficiency means less management costs with RentJuice.

The property management software product is curiously called RentJuice. Sounds like an interesting trademark. RentJuice will do things like automatically post your Solano rental listings onto 30 different sites.

Solano Non Profit StartUps - Free Help From Business Owners

Steven Kays, the owner of Solano Business Incubator offers free Fairfield Virtual Offices for Solano Non Profits.  The Fairfield Virtual Office gives many of the benefits of an office space rental, but only when you need it. Rent conference rooms and furnished offices by the hour.

Solano businesses pay only $75 a month for the basic Solano County package.  Details at Solano Business Incubator's program at California Business Center.  Check if Solano Business Incubator has an introductory offer with free initial rent.

Need free help getting your Solano County non profit started? Solano Business Incubator also offers free office space search tips, and referrals 707 434-8000.  Good government resources include the Solano Small Business Development Center, and your Solano City Hall in Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo and Napa.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Local Pepperbellys Comedy Club Quickly Gets New Operator

Pepperbellys is taking stronger control over their great Fairfield comedy club.

Pepperbellys' founder Wayne Mayhew evicted the former Pepperbellys operators, and quickly released the club to Vacaville entrepreneurs.  We look forward to the new changes.  It appears Fairfield's Pepperbellys will be reopening on or before new years.

More details the Fairfield newspaper Daily Republic.

Things seem to be getting better.

Benicia Being Depicted As Nice Cozy Place By Tokyo Magazine

Benicia Is Getting International Attention.  Benicia Is Being Depicted As Nice Cozy Place By Tokyo Magazine.

Benicia's mayor believes more people in the greater San Francisco Bay Area need to learn about Benicia's charms.

Monday, November 22, 2010

5 Ways To Promote Your Specialty Skills In Solano County

There Are More Than 5 Ways To Promote Your Specialty Skills In Solano County?  The link below has the first five ways.

Start a new Solano business on a shoe string at Solano Business Incubator

More promotion tips are at For example post a blog with useful information for other Solano County businesses in Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo on the site.

Becoming A Better Solano Business Leader

There are many things Solano entrepreneurs can do to take greater control and become good Solano County business leaders.  Solano small businesses often can improve their leadership skills.

Some mistakes for Solano entrepreneurs to avoid.
  1. Focusing on tasks instead of results
  2. Avoiding innovation 
  3. Being Closed Minded: Not listen to or accept others’ ideas
  4. Claiming or taking credit when the Solano entrepreneur can focus on trying to give it to others. Forgetting to show appreciation. Show other Solano entrepreneurs you work with that you care.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Solano Entrepreneurs Increasingly Joining Social Networks

Facebook and LinkeIn are getting more popular with business people in Solano County.

LinkedIn is signing up one new member each second in the world.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vallejo's Columbus Parkway Is Booming Again

With The Changes Of A Car Business In Vallejo, Vallejo's Columbus Parkway Is Booming Again.  Vallejo needs all the help it can get and this is a positive direction.

Free Trademark Workshop In Solano County

How small businesses select and get trademarks for under $400.

Interesting tips for Solano entrepreneurs on selecting good trademarks for your Solano County business.  How to get free legal help from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

45 minute workshop for Solano entrepreneurs to be held by Steven Kays, CEO of Solano Business Incubator, at California Business Center.  Solano entrepreneurs can call 707 434-8000.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boost Your Solano Small Business With These Valuable Tips

Solano entrepreneurs Can Boost Your Solano Small Business With These Valuable Tips

Solano entrepreneurs can use email signature to promote your Solano small business.
  1. Get into social media. It is a channel for Solano customer acquisition.
  2. Having a Solano business blog doesn’t only help build your Solano business brand - It boosts the Solano business too.
  3. Trade services with other Solano businesses.
  4. Save money on office overhead and office rent at Solano Business Incubator.
Many more Solano entrepreneur tips for small businesses in Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo and Napa County.

Vallejo Entertainment Business May Get Boost From Vallejo City Council

Will The Vallejo Entertainment Business Industry Get A Boost From Vallejo City Council?  Solano entrepreneurs in the Solano entertainment business should check it out.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Solano County's Genetech & Copart Making Layoffs

Unfortunately Solano County's Genetech And Copart Are Making Layoffs From Their Vacaville and Fairfield Facilities. Luckily Solano's small businesses are hiring.  WalMart hired lots of people recently when the opened their mammoth store in Fairfield.

More On Genetech & Copart Making Layoffs

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tattoo Parlor Price Wars. When Can Cheapest Tattoo Parlor Be Dangerous?

Solano Tattoo Parlor Price Wars

Solano tattoo parlors are all the rage but did you know the following?
• The more tattoos a person has, the greater the likelihood they have caught hepatitis C.
• Tattoo parlors that don't change both the needles, and the ink for each color used can transmit any number of diseases you don't want to learn how to pronounce.  Hepatitis C in Solano County is only one of them.
• Solano government is not really monitoring Solano tattoo shops enough.
• Why doesn't Solano county government monitor Solano tattoo parlors? It's a "free speech" thing. But what about freedom from catching disease from the previous tattoo client exercising their free speech?
• Vacaville tattoo parlor price wars are such that not replacing ink cartridges can make a big difference as to whether the Vacaville tattoo parlor stays in business or goes bankrupt.

While Solano County Environmental Health requires some license and does some Solano tattoo parlor monitoring, how do you really know how your Solano tattoo artist is saving costs when Solano County isn't watching?  

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Businesses Tailoring To Solano Market Is Key

Solano County businesses are succeeding by tailoring to local markets.  Every market has their unique characteristics.  Our Solano County market is described as being a bedroom community that is somewhat more liberal than the average California county.  Yet Solano will probably never become as left wing as the inner San Francisco Bay Area.  More on this topic in earlier Solano business blog.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vallejo's Well Known Clothing Store Closing Down

Vallejo small business owner Richard Lemke complains downtown Vallejo has changed too much. He opened his men's clothing store in December 1965. Other Solano County clothing stores still in business are holding on as best they can, just like they are in the rest of Solano County.

Solano County's Wal-Mart is also hurting Solano County businesses.

Starting A Solano Home Business Without Gimmicks

There are all these offers to work from home that usually amount to bunk. But in this Solano economy, many entrepreneurs are deciding to go out and do something different.

The first step for Solano County entrepreneurs is to read this article.

How To Save Money For Your New Solano Business

Start Saving Money For Your New Solano County Small Business Today

• Opening your Solano business bank account. Some claim Umpqua Bank and US Bank in Solano are the best.
• Cheaper than a Solano county office space rental is the Solano Virtual Office™ at Solano Business Incubator in California Business Center. They also save maybe half over traditional month to month office space leases. They're known for friendly help, zero deposit, zero gimmicks.
 • More cost effective business tips
• Incorporating for less Will you form a Solano corporation, or Solano LLC? It’s even cheaper just fill out a short Solano County fictitious business license, plus another in your city.

Bookmark for more tips. 

Makings Of Good Business Cards

There are many dynamics in choosing what type of business card to get for your small or midsized Solano business. For example people are more likely to keep your card when color is used. Solano printers are available.

Many are paying almost nothing for cards via VistaPrint online however hurting Solano printing companies.

Cheapest Solano copy charges. At least the copier machine at California Business Center charges only ¢4, with color being ¢24 - if you're a regular customer - the web can't beat that pricing. They have Solano County's cheapest copy charges.

Solano Business Incubator's studies on Solano start-ups show many entrepreneurs delay in getting their Solano business cards.  This is one of the easier steps needed to motivate the company to start getting into gear!

Solano's Barter Economy. How Businesses Help Each Other.

There are numerous examples for how Solano businesses swap services or products.  Bartering was very popular in past Solano recessions.

Right here in Solano County, The Solano Business Incubator seeks to help small businesses expand. Save your office overhead costs by providing your services to cover all or part of the rent instead.

Choose from either:
• Your private office suite, with your company name on the building directories. It include utilities, receptionist, janitorial, coffee and everything the Virtual Office includes.
Solano Virtual Office includes mail receiving and forwarding, small and larger conference rooms, WIFI and phones.

If you like, the friendly receptionists can answer phones in your company name. The tel system can route your landline or cell number calls to the receptionist, then get patched to your home, cell or voice mail. Receptionists can also help callers with directions, etc. It ads up to saving your time.

The business incubator seeks to receive in trade any of the following you might offer:
• SEO: Optimize a wide range of different sites through blogging, etc.
• PC or Apple support
• Intellectual property experience not required. Sue companies in traditional civil court for claiming they invented what we previously filed patent applications for. Our damages include difficulty in finding investors. We prefer to avoid federal court as our patent apps are pending. includes a portion of the many inventions.

The Solano County incubator gives businesses a professional address and meeting place for clients. The Solano County office space at offers rentals and services in Fairfield. They are near intersecting highways I-80, 12 and 680, by the Napa border. Only 25 min to Concord, 30 to Berkeley, 8 to Vacaville, 12 to Vallejo, 35 to Sacramento during normal traffic.

The Solano County market comprises about half a million people. Over 80% are in Solano. More businesses in the market rent office suites at the incubator than any other Solano or Napa office building. The region’s towns within half an hour are – Solano: Benicia Vallejo Fairfield Suisun Rio Vista Vacaville Dixon. Contra Costa: Martinez, Concord. Within 35-45 minutes: Walnut Creek, Oakland, Sonoma, Marin, San Francisco’s Embarcadero.

There are two ways you might pay for the Solano County suite rental and service costs. Pay by trade or check. If possible throw in just several hundred dollars or more, for the complete package. Zero gimmicks, zero deposit.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Solano Rainfall Futures And Options - Businesses Betting On Solano Weather

Businesses Betting On Solano Rainy Weather

Solano rain greatly effects Solano farmers and other business matters.

New Job Fair In San Francisco

If the commute from Solano county is something you can handle check out the San Francisco job fair

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Solano Temperatures Dropping For Gardeners & Nurseries. Bring Plants In Tonight

Temperatures may go below 40 degrees tonight, or at least say 43 degrees in Fairfield. Tomorrow forecasts are for even lower temperatures.

Bring your potted plants indoors tonight!

Solano County encompasses regions with different temperatures. They are Allendale, Benicia, Birds Landing, Collinsville, Denverton, Dixon, Elmira, Fairfield, Green Valley, Maine Prairie, Montezuma, Rio Vista, Ryer Island, Silveyville, Suisun, Tremont, Vacaville, Vallejo.

Where Is Fairfield? Will Government Begin This Discussed Marketing Campaign?

Solano's economic development organizations have for years been brainstorming ways to promote each of its cities.  Here's a draft starting point for just one of its cities.

Fairfield is in the exact midpoint between downtown San Francisco and downtown Sacramento. Fairfield began in the 1850′s. Fairfield’s population zoomed past 100,000 in the 1990’s. Fairfield The Place For Your Satellite Office Space.

Tap Into Big Market. Be Located Between Inner San Francisco Bay Area - Sacramento - Napa.  Solano Virtual Offices From Only $75/Mo. Furnished Office Suites From $375/Mo.

Central Location:
• Fairfield is the Solano County government and also its largest business capital.  Government economic studies put make call Vallejo-Fairfield and single metro area, though Fairfield feels closer to Vacaville.
• Fairfield Geography: Fairfield has 37.7 square. Fairfield is comprised of grasslands, oak woodlands, and beautiful vistas of the nearby Mayacmas Hills.
• Your business office could be in central Solano County and near its cities Benicia, Vallejo, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville and Dixon.

Fairfield Workforce. Hiring Fairfield Employees - Fairfield Job Openings:
• Fairfield salaries are lower than the inner San Francisco Bay Area, because of Fairfield’s lower living costs.
• Being the Solano County seat Fairfield enjoys a diverse, economy. Fairfield has good transportation networks, and office, industrial and commercial use. It has access to a young, diverse and well-trained labor force and proximity to universities and training centers. Over 5.4 million square feet of retail, office and industrial development has been developed here since 1995. A wide range of manufacturing, light industry, back office, distribution, and research and development firms are located in Fairfield.
• Solano job news and Solano employment links at

Important Solano County Businesses & Employers Include:
• Anheuser-Busch; Alza Corp.; City Halls for Benicia Dixon Fairfield Rio Vista Suisun Vacaville Vallejo; Innovation Institute; Genentech; Kaiser Hospital; Jelly Bellies; McDonalds; Northbay Medical Center; Six Flags Marine World; Solano Community College; Solano County; Solano Mall; Sutter Solano Medical Center; Travis Air Force Base; Valero Refining Co; and many more Solano businesses.
• Naturally, most Solano job openings come from local small businesses.

Where Are Fairfield Attractions?
• Fairfield’s Attractions Are Too Many To List:  Googling them is the best way to start. They include the Creative Arts Center, Fairfield wineries, and more.
• Nearby Attractions: Fairfield borders Napa County. During normal traffic Fairfield is 30 minutes from Berkeley, 40 min from both downtown San Francisco and Sacramento.

Get More Work Done In Less Time

Solano entrepreneurs and government employees can get more work done in less time. Good productivity article.

Vacaville Owned Apricot Lane Boutique Franchising Itself

More On How Apricot Lane Boutique Is Growing at  

Read our more recent blog from Nov 9, 2010 about a more old fashion business model Vallejo clothing store from the 1960's closing up shop.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rio Vista Economic Development

It appears Rio Vista can't afford an economic development person.

Rio Vista used to have a friendly economic development person. Steven Kays had good conversations and brainstorming back five years ago with Rio Vista's economic development officer. If he's still around, maybe offer him the job back. He knows the ropes and won't take as much staff time to manage and teach the ropes. Plus loyalty to past government employees is proven to keep staff costs lower.

Alternatively, consider hiring one of the many unemployed spending hours sending our resumes. A more effective way to do something is taking charge, than just complain about the economy.  Let the new Rio Vista economic development person present proposals to the Rio Vista City Council and take things from there! Steven Kays has over the years suggested so many ideas to the different economic development departments in Solano that failure to move forward isn't an option.  This can be done without net costs to Rio Vista tax payers.

Details on the current problems in Rio Vista at (print subscribers get free passwords).

The new person might work as an independent contractor for remuneration based on results. There are ways this can be done if one has a business mind.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another WalMart Opened

The next Walmart just opened in Fairfield. This is one more challenge for many Solano businesses. At least Walmart is kind enough to offer free "assistance" classes to compete with themselves. It's being offered through the government funded Solano Small Business Development Center.

If you're looking to change businesses, this might be a good time than to learn the hard way. For a free no obligation business analysis call Solano Business Incubator, which by the way competes with tax supported organizations to helping small business. The incubator may suggest a service type business to match your business skills and interests that can be served in a Solano office building environment.

Solano Buying Tastes: Customers More Or Less Conservative?

What are common Solano buying tastes? How can you best predict what Solano services or customers Solano customers are most likely to buy? The subject has dozens of main components. Are you open minded into looking at what might constitute your Solano customer buying preferences?

Naturally look at common factors within your industry nationwide.  Then consider the Solano regional differences. What sells well elsewhere in California may not sell as well here. Solano customer preferences will be shown to have at least moderate deviations from the norm. Step outside the Solano mindset and look at Solano customer buying preferences objectively.

Factors To Consider:
• Solano election voter traits: More below
• Worldliness: Travis Air Force gives people lots of travel experience.  Plus those who do travel share their experiences with those who are less fortunate to have traveled as much.
• Proximity to Inner Bay Area: Napa, Berkeley, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. These regions often pride in their worldliness.  Their greater level of liberal intellectuals exposes those in Solano to alternative ideas. At least your Solano clients might be more accepting of liberal modalities, even if such are not fully embraced.
• Proximity to Central Valley: Their citizens are more conservative, and will influence Solano tastes and buying decisions accordingly.
• Bedroom Community: This facet pushes people usually to the more conservative.  

Comments Innovation Institute Received About Solano Buying Tastes Versus The Inner Bay Area (not necessarily our opinion - so don't take this personally). Most other Solano business information sources may not have the guts to reprint the following:
• Spends less. Expects more value for the money.
• More prone to celebrate bank holidays, so are more able to shop on those days.
• Spend much of their purchasing dollars outside Solano County.
• Restaurants: Less healthy food oriented, yet this is changing. Exotic ethnic foods are becoming more popular - look at the new Afghanistan restaurant's popularity in Fairfield's Gateway mall, but the health oriented Chipotle's (started by McDonalds) is much more crowded.
• Yoga is growing in popularity but remains well behind the Inner Bay Area
• Book purchasing: Fewer people book aficionados touring used book stores. However thrift stores remain popular for the thrifty Solano consumer.
• More willing to drive a few extra miles.

Detailed analysis on Solano buying tastes can be created by Innovation Institute in Fairfield at 707 428-5000.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Solano Business News' Election Predictions

Our Solano elections pretty much unfolded as we predicted.

The business friendly candidates that Solano voters picked included:
• John Vasquez, Solano Supervisor
• Mariko Yamada, State Assembly
• Pete Sanchez, Suisun Mayor
• Jane Day, Suisun City Council

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Governor Says No To Wild Business Owners

Governor Schwarzeneger just said welfare recipients can no longer use tax payer supported debit-cards at pot shops, psychics and others considered to be "inconsistent with the intent" of the welfare program. What about Solano tattoo shops.
Might be safer running a more conservative Solano small business?

Workshop On Starting Your Own Solano Business

The Solano Small Business Development Center is offering the workshop: How to Start Your Small Business.

It is 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Wednesday in the conference room at the middle of the second floor in the California Business Center, 1652 W. Texas Street, Fairfield.  Located diagonally from the new ultra modern indoor swimming pool complex in Allan Witt Park.

The starting your own business workshop space and coffee are donated by Solano Business Incubator.

Managing Real Estate Property In Today's Solano Economy

A three-hour workshop shows how to purchase Solano rental properties that will need a Solano property manager unless you know how to really do it yourself. In reality, it takes decades of experience to watch out for all the things that can go wrong. 

Solano Community College is hosting a residential property management workshop 6 to 9 p.m.

For tips on how to manage Solano properties, and how to hire a Solano property manager visit which covers more than Solano property management.
707 864-7115 or visit

Lists of companies in the greater bay area just published

There's a good list of companies in the greater bay area that was just published by the San Francisco Business Times.  It's called the "Book of Lists".  It's available in print form in their Oct 29 - Nov 4, 2010 edition.  Or can be purchased digitally in different pricey formats at

Until the gets updated, an earlier blog here has a good list of the best Solano business links and it's free.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Will Fairfield Keep Promise To Business Investors?

The city of Fairfield promised investors purchasing commercial businesses along West Texas Street that Fairfield would follow up with redeveloping the city's main gateway.  But the money disappeared long before the recession hit. 

Meanwhile the Solano County did their part and built the wonderful new county capital building.  It was meant to be the main attraction for drivers going through West Texas Street.

Today there's an interested construction company buyer wishing to purchase an important building in downtown Fairfield. The three-year old Art Explosion - an art gallery and studio space there was using it until a buyer was found.

The buyer wants to tap into all the traffic coming through West Texas Street leading into the new Solano County capital building.  The key concern is will Fairfield city keep it's promise to redevelop the city's main gateway in 2000?

Where did the money for fixing West Texas Street go before the recession hit? More people will spend money in downtown Fairfield, creating more job openings when the city follows through its promise to quickly redevelop the street. Construction was to start in 2000 or so. It's a win-win for everyone. There is much more on this interesting story in this blogs other articles at

Upcoming Events In Solano & Napa

Upcoming Events In Solano & Napa
Business Networking Calendar Events

Biodynamic Winegrowing, sponsored by Demeter USA
Dec. 2 at 8:30 a.m. $75-$85. 8550 St. Helena Hwy., Rutherford 707-529-4412,

Napa Valley Grapegrowers. Nov. 4 at 8 a.m. $10. Napa Valley Expo Fairgrounds Info:

The North Bay Alzheimer’s Services is hosting the free Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease: The Basics. Nov. 6 at 10 a.m. 1020 Nut Tree Rd., Vacaville

Solano Unemployed Starting Their Own Business On A Shoe String. Free. California Business Center, 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield. Date to be determined. 707 434-8000.

Bookmark this Solano Business News blog for more Solano and Napa calendar events.

Kaiser Union Employees Vote To Stay With SEIU. Sutter Competition.

Details on the Kaiser union employee vote and Kaiser business at

How will this union impact competition between Sutter and Kaiser?

Sutter Hospital Merging Solano And Sacramento Offices

Sutter Health’s Solano group is forming one of the largest physician networks in Northern California. It will maybe have nearly 500 doctors and 122 other Solano health professionals including any new Solano medical job openings. This might improve their Solano business cost savings.

Will New Solano North Connector Road Spur Fairfield Economy?

The new roadway will bring intra Solano county traffic from Interstate 80, to he North Connector. The Solano project created more Solano job openings earlier.

State and Solano government officials, along with Fairfield city hall employees joined the Solano Transportation Authority to celebrate the North Connector road completion. Discussions about improving Fairfield's promise from the 1990's to fix West Texas Street are resurfacing.

The four-lane North Connector road Chadbourne Road & Highway 12 with the old Suisun Valley Road. It cost $62 million to build.

Fairfield City Bought Lowe's Land

City of Fairfield recently closed escrow on 11 acres for the Lowe's planned store. Fairfield Lowe's should be opening next year.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Best Solano Links & Blogs

Best Solano Links & Blogs
Solano County: Benicia Dixon Fairfield Rio Vista Suisun Vacaville Vallejo

Business - Best Solano Business Blogs Links:
• Business Incubator – Helping Solano Small Businesses. Solano Business Incubator™ Solano economic development.
• Directory – Solano Business Directory for Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Napa (next door), Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo business resources and links.  Includes Solano conference rooms, cost effective office rentals, government contact listings, cheapest copier services, Solano Non-Profits, etc.
• Directory – Solano.Biz. The business directory will be updated soon.
• Fairfield Business Free to Fairfield newspaper subscribers.
• Fairfield economic facts
• Other county newspaper blog – Solano County News. Consumer, politics & business newspaper: Solano Business News,  innovative Solano people.
• Selling - Buying Solano Businesses
• Solano Economic Development Government paid business blog.
• Vacaville Business for innovative Vacaville businesses.
• Workshop & Conference Rooms – most affordable

City Government – City Council:
• Benicia City Hall
• Dixon City Hall
• Fairfield City Hall
• Rio Vista City Hall
• Suisun City Hall
• Vacaville City Hall
• Vallejo City Hall

Discounts: Best Solano Deals & Coupons For Business Customers – B2B
• Copies
• Conference Rooms
• Coupons: Small Businesses Saving Money - Coupons For Business Customers: Business to Business Coupons

Directories: Solano Business Directory of Other Solano Listings
• Fairfield-Suisun Directory
• Solano Business

Economic Development: Solano Economic Development – Private & Government Funded
• Business Incubator – Helping Solano Small Businesses. Solano Business Incubator™ Solano economic development.

Education Institutes Colleges:
• Innovation Institute
• Solano Community College
• Solano County Office of Education
• Solano Christian Academy – Vacaville

Networking: Solano Networking Links
• Solano Christian Singles

Government & Elections – Best Government Solano Blogs Links:
• Fairfield Voters active before Fairfield elections every other year.
• Meet Up Conference Rooms for Solano political discussions – affordable or free quality space
• Public Record Searches
• Solano County Government in Fairfield
• Solano Superior Court
• Suisun Government, Elections, Suisun Voters Active election seasons.

History – Solano Historical Links:
• Solano real estate on National Register of Historic Places
• Solano political graveyard site needs updating.

Invention & Innovation Support Services: Best Solano Business Innovation Blogs Links:
Solano County has some of the world’s highest number of inventions. Intellectual property is a major US economic driving force while manufacturing declines.
• Invention Springboard Innovation Institute
and Innovation Institute twitter
• Inventor’s Co-Operative: Free Fairfield meetings with people actively involved with developing and investing with intellectual property.
• Solano Business Incubator affordable professional office space leases helping entrepreneurs from Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Napa, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo for small service businesses.
• Solano Small Business Development Center:

Job Openings Best Solano Job Opening Blogs Links:
• Job Opening Blog
• Great Job Hunting Resources from Library
• Napa And Solano Counties Central Labor Council
• Solano Employment Connection
• Solano workforce facts
• New Business’ Interview Rooms affordable professional space includes coffee and WIFI. Employers opening new Solano branch offices use the Solano Virtual Office™ & Solano Virtual Incubator™ to interview and expand into Solano market. By appointment.
• Vacaville Jobs

• Fairfield Book Club & Fairfield Writing Club Meeting Space
• Library Foundation

Live Entertainment: Best Solano Live Entertainment Links
• Jazz & Comedy Club – Pepper Bellys in heart of downtown Fairfield  Solano Choral Society
• Solano Creative Arts
• Solano College Theater
• Solano Repertory Company
• Solano Symphony
• Solano Youth Theater
• Solano Winds

Office Space Rentals – Best Solano Commercial Real Estate Blogs Links
• Affordable & Smart. Solano’s most cost effective professional office suite leases. Near intersecting highways I-80, 12 and 680. Includes conference rooms, receptionist, coffee, internet, more. FAQ about smart Fairfield office leases
• Free Commercial Real Estate Leasing & Investing Referrals – Solano Commercial Real Estate Network™ 707 434-8000.
• Solano Office Space Rentals Blog Fairfield, Suisun City, Vacaville, Vallejo and Benicia.
• Solano Office Space Rentals
• Smart Solano Office Space Solutions Blog

Pets: Solano Animal Care & Shelters
• Solano County Animal Rescue Foundation
• Solano County Friends of Animals
• Solano SPCA
• Solano Dogs – Free Tips & Advanced Dog Training www.SolanoDogs.BlogSpot.Com.

Politics: Solano Political Groups, Etc.
• Democrats: Northern Solano Democrats
• Fairfield - Suisun Chamber of Commerce - Business Issues Committee (B.I.C.)
• Solano Redevelopment: Fairfield Gateway:  Fix Fairfield: Fixing Fairfield blog
• Republicans: Solano County Republican Party Solano Republican Women Federated
• Tea Coffee Parties: Solano Tea Party Patriots
Real Estate Commercial & Industrical: Best Commercial Real Estate Rental Links
• Professional Small Businesses. The Solano Business Incubator offers area’s most cost effective furnished office suite rentals at
• Real Estate Assessor & Recorder
• Solano Property Management HOA Blog
• Workshop & Conference Rooms affordable quality meeting space includes coffee and WIFI.

Redevelopment: Best Solano Redevelopment Blogs Links (Not gov funded PR)
New $101M county center office building past the 2010 innovative pool development on main gateway into downtown Fairfield, West Texas Street.
• County capital where most highways converge, and more business services congregate is being redeveloped. Redeveloping Fairfield with Fix Fairfield Fix Fairfield Blog www.
• Fairfield Downtown Association
• Solano economic development office space rentals for entrepreneurs from Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Napa, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo.
• Solano County General Plan
• Solano Transportation Authority
• Volunteer Center

Safety Net: Solano Social Service Organization Links
• Catholic Social Services
• Development Disabilities – Pace Solano
• Homeless Shelter 
• Literacy - Solano Reading Association
• Meals on Wheels supported by Suisun mayor Pete Sanchez.
• Peace Jam
• Pet Emergency
• Solano Community Foundation
• Solano Parent Network

Schools: Public Solano Schools
• Solano County Office of Education
• Dixon Unified School District
• Benicia Unified School District
• Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District
• Rio Vista: River Delta Joint Unified School District
• Fairfield’s Travis Unified School District
• Vacaville Unified School District
• Vallejo City Unified School District

Short Term Options To Open Solano Branch Offices: Furnished Solano Office Suite Leasing, Hotel Rentals, Solano Conference Rooms
• Extended Stay America – Quality Affordable Rental Rates Half mile from Solano Business Incubator 707 434-8000
• Hilton Homewood Suites
• Short Term Furnished Office Options
• Workforce Investment Board subsidizes employee salaries

Small Business Development: Helping Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Napa, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville, Vallejo Businesses Grow:
• Affordable Solano domain names
• Fairfield economic facts
• Small Businesses Saving Money - Coupons For Business Customers: Business to Business Coupons
• Solano & Fairfield Business Information Resources
• Solano Business News for innovative Solano businesses.
• Solano Business Directory small business resources.

Solano County Government:
• Solano Archives

Solano County News Blog:
Starting Own Solano Business: Becoming Your Own Boss:
• Doing business in Solano – Government link

Transportation: Best Solano Transportation Links
• Amtrack
• Bus Routes
• Free traffic updates call 511
• Western Railway Museum
• Solano Air Travel
• Solano Public Transportation
• Solano Transportation Authority

Web Version Of Printed Solano Newspapers: Best Local News Blogs Links
• Fairfield Newspaper Also Covers Suisun Rio Vista
• Vacaville Newspaper
• Vallejo Newspaper
• Solano Business News: blog news.
• Solano Tempest – Solano Community College newspaper Blog

Friday, October 29, 2010

Solano Voters Want Gov Cutbacks. Unemployed Have Smart Alternative.

Solano voters are angry at Washington candidates for the growing budget deficit. Solano county and six of its seven cities are doing poorly too (Dixon, Vacaville, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Vallejo, Benicia).

The proven solution is for the ambitious Solano professionals to look at their resume for what skills they can market directly to Solano businesses or consumers. If a company could hire and resell their services, why not take matters into one’s own hands? 

There are countless possibilities.  Remember studies show that businesses starting in a lackluster economy are more likely to last in the long haul.

Solano Elections: Jane Day & Others May Win Suisun.

Solano County voters are predicted to vote Jane Day candidate into Suisun political office. Solano election is about more Solano job openings from small business.

Jane Day is much liked by the Suisun voters. Jane Day has been pro Solano small business development. Unofficial Solano election gossip says Jane Day will win the election with the most votes on Nov 2nd.

The other Solano County election candidates showing strong interest in helping Solano businesses in creating more jobs include

• Solano Board of Supervisors Election: John Vasquez – re-election
• Suisun Election: Suisun Mayor Pete Sanchez – re-election, Suisun City Council Jane Day – re-election.
• State Assembly District 8: Mariko Yamada.

Congressman Garamendi Touts Solano Manufacturing For Country's Ills

Congressman Garamendi in Solano County spoke to Solano business people in Fairfield last Thursday. More on Solano Manufacturing at and

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Solano Election Endorsements

Solano Business News - Election Endorsements

Solano Board of Supervisors: Vasquez

State Assembly District 8: Mariko Yamada. As state assembly member Mariko Yamada has shown herself to be very pro Solano business.

Suisun Election: More at
• Mayor: Pete Sanchez
• City Council (2 seats open): Jane Day. Toss up for second seat between Mike Hudson & Don Spering.

US Senate: Barbara Boxer

Vacaville Election:
• Mayor: Harris
• City Council (2 seats open): Fortney

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Solano Property Management Blog

New Solano County Property Management Blog Started.

Check out the Solano property management blog.  The best known Solano property management blog covers useful tips on property management in Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo, plus Napa County and Yolo County.

New Solano County Property Management Blog

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Solano Center For Business Innovation

Solano Center For Business Innovation

The Solano Center For Business Innovation is a new organization being funded by different government agencies in Solano County.

They will be providing at least some of the services already being offered by the privately funded Solano Business Incubator at 707 434-8000, Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce, Vacaville Chamber of Commerce, and private business consultants who earn their living helping Solano small businesses grow and hire more employees.

Solano Center For Business Innovation was started by Chuck Rieger.  It's located in the Solano Economic Development office in Suisun.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

7 Handy iPhone Apps To Manage Employee Time

Check Out 7 Handy iPhone Apps To Manage Employee Time. Improve Solano employee productivity.

Congressman Talking On Solano Manufacturing at Solano Breakfast

Congressman Garamendi for Solano County is speaking at a breakfast in the Hilton Garden Inn over at 2200 Gateway Court, Fairfield. The topic for Solano County entrepreneurs is Solano Manufacturing.

Solano Manufacturing startups often get a foothold at Solano Business Incubator's cost effective office rentals, conference rooms and more.

Economics Is Prime Focus Of Solano Voters In Nov Election

Solano voters focus mostly on economic issues. They want to make sure Solano will keep up, or out compete other California counties when it comes to high technology. 

For example, Suisun City Council member Mike Hudson continues to push the importance of Suisun City's high tech abilities in his re-election run for Suisun City Council. 

Solano County Marijuana Tax

When Will The Solano County Marijuana Tax Start?

Will Solano's cities elect to tax marijuana if proposition 19 passes? Will Solano cigarette stores carry pot? What about convenience stores carrying it? A state wide tax initiative makes more sense if a huge levy is to be exercised, this will keep people from shopping in one town versus another California town.

Steven Kays predicted pot might eventually get legalized at some point, so convinced Fairfield City Council not to open any new cigarette stores near Fairfield's Armijo High School. Rick on the council strongly agreed about the Solano County Marijuana Tax's related matters.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Limited Parking In Downtown Solano Cities Hurting Business. Election Topic.

Solano Parking Issues Today. At least the Solano economy is good enough that it sometimes poses a problem.

Vacaville, Suisun City, Vallejo and Benicia want more parking in their downtown.

Suisun City: Don Spering made more downtown Suisun parking a major part of his campaign. Don Spering said he would convert some of the dilapidated buildings that had no economic hope of being remodeled. Mayor Pete Sanchez, Council members Mike Hudson and Jane day all agree this is important when the budget can afford it.

Vallejo: Can they ever afford more parking in the near future?

Some people joke around and say that a Solano County Marijuana Tax could be diverted to paying for more Solano parking spaces.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Solano Business Promo Guides. New & Older Solano Links

Solano Information Resources:

Best of Solano - Lists B2C Solano Companies:

Solano Home Guide:

Solano Medical Directory:

Solano Business Directory

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Solano Salvation Army Selling Vallejo Building. Plans Suisun Move.

Solano Salvation Army has plans for their new facility in Suisun City. Meanwhile it tries to sell its building in Vallejo.

Film Studio Comes To Solano County's Vallejo's Mare Island

Film Studio Comes To Vallejo's Mare Island.  Solano County has many great movie locations.

Nice to see innovative uses for Vallejo's Mare Island in Solano County.

Solano County Property Management Research

We're conducting Solano County research on the cost efficacy of hiring Solano real estate property managers. Past Solano County studies showed many benefits that were worth the cost and time saved. Call with any comments on Solano County property management companies 707 434-8000 Solano Business News.

New Website For This Solano Business Blog

This Solano new blog just got a new web site.

The new site connects right to this business blog. Now the web site for this Solano Business News blog will be easier to remember.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fairfield Tourism Association

The Fairfield Tourism Association in Solano County's capital city states their interactive website is a success.

“We are committed to engaging people to visit Fairfield and the Suisun Valley through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and expanding accessibility to our Web site,” said the exec director for the Fairfield Tourism Association.

Fairfield Tourism Association (707) 761-9668

Vallejo Ferry Remodel

The Solano Vallejo Ferry Station project is key to Solano economic recovery.

US Representative George Miller (democrat) described the Vallejo Ferry as part of the Solano economic growth drive.

The $74 million Vallejo Ferry Station will become a major San Francisco Bay - Solano hub for Solano transportation, Solano bus, automobile and bicycles.

Some posed the question if it would be cost effective for Fairfield and Vallejo to promote each other such as via  But this is unlikely.

Benicia hopes to attract Solano technology companies

Benicia is hoping to attract Solano technology companies. Meanwhile Fairfield is more successful with being the center for Solano innovation by having more inventions filed as patent applications than Benicia, Dixon, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville & Vacaville.

Fairfield is focusing on tourism for now with  High technology in Solano County is heavily concentrated with Innovation Institute, LLC.

Growth & Innovation Forum

North Bay's Growth & Innovation Forum being held Wed, Oct 20th in Santa Rosa.

In Solano, Innovation Institute holds free Innovation forums focusing on developing and marketing electronic inventions.  For details call 707 428-5000 or visit Invention Springboard at

Solano Wineries Get New IRS Tax Help

The IRS is helping Solano Wineries with the AVA (American Viticultural Area) tax advantages. Solano wineries can principally be found in Suisun Valley, plus Vacaville, Fairfield and Rio Vista.

Solano Government Pension Funds Bring City Cut Backs. Cut Backs Hurt Business.

Solano businesses are being hurt by Solano County and city spending cut backs.  Solano cities have to cut back how much they have been paying Solano businesses in order to meet city pension fund requirements.  It's a ripple effect.

Solano Homeless Hurting Solano Retail?

Solano retailers have complained about the growing Solano homeless problem. Solano small businesses want their cities to do more about it.

Nearly a decade ago FixFairfield.Org convinced the Fairfield City Council to move ahead with building the Solano homeless shelter, and close Allan Witt Park to overnight sleeping guests.  Allan Witt Park has enjoyed its remarkable rebirth, along with it's multi-million dollar new indoor outdoor swimming pool facility.

Faifield City Councilman John Mraz and Councilwoman Cat Moy are also very tough on Solano homeless issues.