Wednesday, October 9, 2019

How To Find A Good Business Partner

How Do Solano Business People Need Pick The Right Partners?

Six Ways To Seek A Good Business Partner

Honesty and Ethics

Essential for any long-term business relationship is honesty and ethics. You need to trust each other.  Are they disclosing important aspects on the pros and cons of new paths your company may take?  Look into their eyes and watch their body language. Listen to your intuition.

True Deep Loyalty

Do you have each other’s backs? Happy comradery when things go well is good, and what about when you hit bumpy roads? Will they stick thru the tough times?


Do they always try to pass the blame to someone else at the office? It’s always somebody else’s fault except their own. Do they show up at the office or make excuses?


A compassionate business partner has a heart.  They will hopefully care about you and the partnership’s clients. 


Find a partner who will push you, and drive you to success. Your partner needs different skill sets and perspectives.

Love To Learn & Explore

Do they already claim to “know almost everything”?  Have they learned from experience, a business incubator, or the local small business development center? Do they search the internet and read business news, and stay on top of trends?

Listen To Logic And Your Intuition Before Embarking On A Partnership.

Read Independent Business News Sources

Much of today's news doesn't get to print because of the business and political backlashes that come in today's new media world. We take no ads and are run by volunteer writers.

Solano Business News ™ covers interesting types of innovation leading to new business trends. Be in the know before you get left behind. 

Topics Covered:

Read about who is more likely to get promoted and why.  Which businesses are more successful by how they are run. Who is honest in the business world and who gets special favors for the old boy network using your tax dollars to line their pockets. 

How not to make spur of the moment business decisions, and instead get facts from different sources and consultants. Solano Business News also covers economic development in Solano, Napa and Yolo. Read about new California laws, changing technology, and improving profits through cost saving strategies like reducing overhead costs. 

How to stay mentally and physically well in the business world. Interesting opinions on how trends from outside Northern California may influence Solano and surrounding communities. 


Learn how San Francisco’s and Sacramento’s growth is moving between the two expanding metro areas.  And how this is changing Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo and other communities. 

Also visit SolanoBusinessNews.Com for more business articles.

Disclaimer: Whatever you read or hear, verify with alternative sources to verify facts. Nothing herein is warranted for accuracy. Keep your head above the water and move forward in your life. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

New California Business Laws On Sales Tax Collection

California Assembly Bill 147 can require out-of-state plus online retailers to collect sales taxes based on the rates for each Solano County city.  The brick-and-mortar commercial real estate tenants have need to collect it for decades. 

If a Solano County company, such as one in Fairfield decides to ship an item to a higher taxed city like say San Jose, the higher tax rate there would have to be paid.  A tedious task for a Solano County company to go through for sales to other California cities with differing sales tax rates. 

Also the state government's AB 91 can limit income what wealthy executives in their swanky executive office suites can claim for tax write offs.

Since different Solano cities have their own rates for sales taxes, the amount owed would be more than the standard 7.25% state sales tax. Each have their own tax rates in Vacaville, Fairfield, Suisun City, Vallejo and Benicia. Then Napa towns have their own, and so forth.
For details on this and other business opinions and decisions contact your Solano accountant and visit

Monday, October 7, 2019

Solano Business Directory Of Useful Resources

Useful Resources For Small Businesses in Solano County

•. Angel Investors Of Solano County. Free meeting rooms and office spaces for startups.
•  Benicia Chamber of Commerce, 601 First Street, Suite 100, Benicia, CA 94510, 707 745-2120
•  Business Honesty News™ Brining more ethics to local government and business.
•  Dixon Chamber of Commerce, 220 N. Jefferson Street, Dixon, CA 95620, 707 678-2650.
•  Dixon Downtown Business Association, 220 N. Jefferson Street, Dixon, CA 95620, 707 678-8400.
•  Downtown Association of Vallejo, 401 Georgia Street, Vallejo, CA 94590, 707 557-6246.
•  Downtown Vacaville Business Improvement District, 311 Parker Street, Vacaville, CA 95688.
•  Fairfield California news on social media. Free and independent.
•  Fairfield Co-Working
•  Fairfield Business News Free blog.
•  Fairfield Daily Republic newspaper
•  Fairfield Meeting Rooms For Rent. 707 427-6400
•  Fairfield Main Street Association, 1000 Texas Street, Suite D, Fairfield, CA 94533, 707 422-0130.
•  Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce, 1111 Webster Street, Fairfield, CA 94533, 707 425-4625.
•  Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce, 2614 Springs Road, Vallejo, CA 94591, 707 644-3000
• Heart of Fairfield: Upgrading central Fairfield www.HeartOfFairfield.Net and
•  Innovation Institute www.InnovationsInstitute.Org 707 428-5000
•  Lawyers Offices & Networking: More here than other Solano office buildings. 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, CA. Just drop by if you’re looking for a Solano County attorney.
•  North Texas Street Business Association, 1658 N. Texas Street, Fairfield, CA 94533, 707 421-0985.
•  Napa Register newspaper
•  Notary Publics, 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, CA
•  Rio Vista Chamber of Commerce 707 374-2700.
•  Solano Business Incubator, California Business Center, 1652 West Texas St, Fairfield, CA 94533, 707 434-8000 www.SolanoBusinessIncubator.Com
•  Solano Business News www.SolanoBusinessNews.Com and www.SolanoBusinessNews.Net Free independent Solano business news online.
•  Solano Economic Development Corp. (SED Corp), 360 Campus Lane, Suite 102, Fairfield, CA 94534, 707 864-1855.
•  Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 1000 Texas Street, Suite A, Fairfield, CA 94533, 707 421-9809.
•  Solano Small Business Development Center, 360 Campus Lane, Suite 102, Fairfield, CA 94533
•  Starting A Business In Fairfield: Free info on getting a Fairfield business license. Might be easier to start a business in Solano County than you think. 707 428-7400
•  Suisun Historic Waterfront District 707 425-0500.
•  Suisun Valley Fund Advisory Committee, 1000 Webster Street, Fairfield, CA 94533.
•  Vacaville Chamber of Commerce
•  Vacaville Reporter newspaper
•  Vallejo Chamber of Commerce
•  Vallejo Times Herald
•  West Texas Street Revitalization Project – Gateway To Capital, 1652 West Texas St, Fairfield, CA 707 434-8000 and

Reply With Additional Solano Based Business Resources For
Benicia, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Solano Economic Development Conference & Unfair Old Boy Networks Using Tax Payer Money

Solano EDC (Solano Economic Development Corp) President Sandy Person has positive and negative business views ab out Fairfield, Vacaville, Suisun and Vallejo and Northern California. Commercial real estate including office space rentals are doing better in 2019 than some past years.

Goal is to bring 200 new jobs and a half-billion dollars for Solano economic development. It took place at Fairfield's Hilton Garden Inn on the 80 Highway Corridor Vallejo through Dixon with intersecting highways 680, 12 and 505, etc.

NorthBay Healthcare is helping Fairfield's economy along with Solano Business Incubator

An economic study of Solano's Highway 12 can show where truck traffic goes for the Solano Transportation Authority. Also we need to look at the effect politicians are having on naming "Business Center Drive" in Fairfield and the effect it has on pre-existing business centers of Fairfield and neighboring cities.

Robert Eyler, economics department chair with Sonoma State University hopes for some encouraging economic news for California.

Solano Business News ™ says Solano County is creating new medium and higher paying jobs. Vacaville, Fairfield and much of Solano has sees residential real estate demand market, but investment demand could be higher. It also sees "special deals" between commercial real estate developers helping the "privileged Solano old boy network" against other honest landlords renting out their spaces.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Kaiser Strike Called Off

Looked Like Kaiser Employees Were Going To Go On Strike Until Close To The Last Day

A tentative agreement with Kaisers unions covering over 80,000 workers to place.

For wage increases through 2023, Kaiser employees had to negotiate other sensitive matters.

Wages will provably increase by 3 percent in 2019