Thursday, December 29, 2011

Smart Way To Turn North Bay Economy Around Without Tax Dollars

How To Create North Bay Jobs Without Raising Taxes:

Local Manufacturers Now Get Free Patent Rights If They Manufacture The Invention Locally.

Check Out The Make It In California Site It Explores How California Manufacturers Enjoy Free US Patent Rights.  

Sacramento has yet again let it be known that it will be up to the people to turn the economy around. The days of easy free "slush funds" for economic development and redevelopment appear to be over.

Monday, December 12, 2011

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What Solano Local Governments Need Is A Business Innovation Mentality

Solano Business News sees what's going on in local government. The motto too often is "I want to see innovative solutions carried out, but everyone is too afraid of making waves". People's fear of change keeps dialogs from getting very deep.  Lot's of small chit chat to keep the status quo.

Meanwhile the revolutionaries are sometimes too close to anarchy.

So the choices often are either something closer to anarchy or stagnation.

Solution? The politics of innovation has many of the needed answers www.PoliticsOfInnovation.Com.  Make it safer for people to innovate.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fairfield The Future High Tech Hub After The Recession?

Will Solano County Capital's City Of Fairfield Become The Future High Tech Hub After The Recession?

Fairfield has one of the highest numbers of inventions per population in California. It's cost base for doing business is much lower than either San Francisco or Silicon Valley.

With Solano County's huge drop in housing prices, the gap in affordability between Solano and the inner bay area has widened dramatically.  The inner bay area suffered less due to their reliance on high technology and innovative business models.

Solano Business News has been studying these matters and plans on releasing more posts and links in future.  It also welcomes comments from the public by calling 707 434-8000.

Has The Fairfield High Tech Hub Already Started?
Readers can also google terms like innovation, inventions and electronics and find many hits come up for Fairfield, California.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Is Fairfield's Watch Dog Really Being Harassed Or Is This A News Stunt?

Why is FixFairfield.Org after all these years saying for the first time that they may stop covering a brewing concern about the storm surrounding mayor Harry Price? Are the facts supplied by FixFairfield.Org fantasy or fact?

Another topic FixFairfield.Org rarely covered are the the sudden deaths of Frank Kardos and Matt Garcia.  These two healthy Fairfield city council members challenging local government ethics died the same month a few years back.

So there is a definite pattern of some sort? But does this demonstrate a concerted effort to stop investigations into Fairfield City Hall?  What documents is Harry Price not handing over to the journalist inquiry coming from FixFairfield.Org?

These and many other questions remain unanswered. Calls to Harry Price have not yet been returned. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Digital Divide In Solano County

The Unfortunate Digital Divide In Solano County Appears To Be Getting Worse.

A surprising number of Solano citizens do not own or plan to buy a home computer in the near future. It's almost as if certain people are not fully aware of how much high tech is innovating Solano business.

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