Wednesday, October 19, 2016

People Working From Home Often Are Happier Working In A Shared Office Environment With Other Small Companies

Studies show working from home often increases stress. Reasons include feeling left out at work and when promotions are being made.

Working from one's residence can blur those lines separating work from home. This can lead to one being less focused while they should really be working.  Alternatively, it can lead to more stress thinking about work when you're not working.

It's claimed that well over half of telecommuting employees consider telecommuting socially isolating.

Entrepreneurs prefer working from places like the Solano Business Incubator, along with others in the same Fairfield office building with shared office spaces for rent in Solano County, California.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Posturing In Solano County & US Elections. Substance Versus "Talk"

US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are perfect examples for constant chatter and posturing.  Little substance.  They are busy posturing.

The intelligent political mind will often decipher "political conversations" as mostly posturing when it comes to elections each cycle.

Political posturers often seek to look good, often at their opponent's expense.  Could they focus more on the common good in Solano County, California and the US?  

It's hard to decipher better from worse Solano election candidates.  One way is to study who is giving special interest money to the candidates, especially in Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo.

Over in Napa County which of the supervisors are getting more money from the special wine and tourism interests?  This doesn't necessarily disparage the donors, it simply shows who the candidates are controlled by.

Political fliers paid by donors tend to lack substance. With luck you'll find details on the websites listed in the fliers. Most people hardly look at the political mailers except for a glance at best.

Steve Kays

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

World's Largest Patent Applications From Solano County's Innovation Institute

World Record For The Largest Patent Applications Are Coming From Solano County, California's Innovation Institute.

The international Innovation Institute TM helped developed the largest patent applications covering thousands of electronic inventions for world markets.  Innovation Institute developed inventions covering over 10,000 categories of inventions from A to Z.  Most of Innovation Institute's research and development is in electronics, says Innovation Institute founder Steve Kays.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Is Solano Becoming Too Complacent About Future Drought Protection?

Forces Of Nature Are Changing. Is Solano County Too Complacent About Future Droughts?

It's essential that farmers be charged fair pricing for the water they waste.  We need to plant vegetation that is at least more drought tolerant.

California drought experts will tell you the same thing.

Friday, June 3, 2016

US & Solano County Economists Can't Make Up Their Mind

Will Solano's Economy Continue To Grow? Seems US & Solano County Economists Can Never Come To Some Sort Of Consensus.

Some of the reasons Solano County's economy looks good for the longer haul:

• Economic influx from San Francisco and rest of the inner bay area.  For example their high residential and commercial real estate prices are driving buyers and tenants to Fairfield, Vacaville and the rest of Solano County.

• Intersecting highways 80, 12, 680, 37, 505 and others make Solano a central region between San Francisco and Sacramento.

• Easier more friendly life style than the hectic inner bay area and Sacramento regions will continue to attract more real estate development and job creation.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Is Political Money Controlling Solano Elections?

Since When Did Businesses Cover Politician's Election Expenses Without Expecting Favors In Return?  Are Solano Politicians Beholden More To Their Donors, Or Voters Who Vote Based On Name Recognition?

Money buys name recognition for electorates running for the 2016 Solano County elections in Benicia, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville, Vallejo and next door Napa County.

For example look at all the cash flowing into California state Legislature!  It already exceeded $2.4 million. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

If jobs become scarcer

With stagnant salary increases and lack of job openings,  more entrepreneurial minded people are using your skill sets their own boss.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fairfield’s Fair Plan For Economic Success

Economic Growth

More higher paying Fairfield jobs will be attracted thru the proposed Fairfield Fair Plan. The new programs are now open to those in and outside Fairfield's tight political circles. The open venues will include the chamber of commerce and tax supported organization to forge ahead with called for innovative programs. Economic revitalization programs will capitalize on the Fairfield Fair Plan's momentum to bolster all economic classes in today's new economic reality. Fairfield political gridlock is giving way to streamlining what works best for Fairfield's business community.

Solano Small Business Development Center:

• Offering Solano business expos exhibiting Solano County's wide range of interesting businesses.
• Helping new entrepreneurs learn how they can start a new business on a shoe string.  Studies show the money spent on educating Fairfield entrepreneurs to grow their business comes back in huge dividends in the form of more jobs and a bigger tax base.
• Giving fair and equal exposure to small and large Solano County companies.

Bringing Spark To The Fairfield General Plan:

Solano Business Incubator's free and cost effective business services continues driving more businesses to Fairfield than other known non government supported venues in Fairfield.  More companies are based in the incubator's 80 suite office building than any other commercial real estate building in Solano, Napa, Lake or Yolo counties. Integrating the business startup accelerator into the city's general plan is the logical direction for moving things forward. There are over 50 reasons why the business accelerator will continue to help Fairfield grow without using tax dollars. The Fairfield Fair Plan and business incubators are largely funded by businessman Steven Kays.

Heart Of Fairfield Plan:

The Fairfield Fair Plan is helping David White Fairfield city manager and Brian Miller revitalize the center of Fairfield, California by improving the main gateway into Fairfield. Details coming from Brian Miller and David White from the City of Fairfield. Miller and White have shown due interest in getting past the obstacles to bring back the heart of Fairfield to its former glory. Solano Small Business Development Center and Solano Community College Educational Foundation's Curt Johnston remain integral players and have recently been asked to join the Fairfield Fair Plan's volunteer board.

Fairfield-Suisun Chamber Of Commerce:

• Free office space by joining the Fairfield - Suisun Chamber. Free from Solano Business Incubator.
• Giving valuable needed information to callers looking for help in starting their new business.  There's a lot more to starting a new business than finding a real estate agent focusing on the price per square foot of office space.
• The chamber of commerce can further guide callers who seek business information.  Callers really need to be given good questions to ask to help their business grow and intern escalate people into higher paying jobs. While a new business may ask for one thing, the intelligent chamber of commerce call handler can see there are many other benefits the business caller may need. Assistance available for callers can include: City of Fairfield business startup grants; how to get free help hiring new Fairfield employees at the incubator location and the Workforce Investment Board; how to establish a business space with the lowest cost effective overhead costs; where to get free fiber optic internet. Nimble business startups are looking at more than the old fashioned "cost per square foot" model for choosing where and how to run their business.
• The Solano Business News ™ says the Fairfield Suisun Chamber and its director Debbie are making major changes from the chamber's old ways.  Solano Business Incubator also is working to drive up the chamber's membership as the Fairfield economy continues to improve. It has been a win-win for the chamber and its members who have never been charged a penny for the incubator's services since 2000.

Free Help For Non Profits From California Business Center:

CBC offers free meeting spaces and its Fairfield Virtual Office ™to non profits working to make a difference in Fairfield, and greater Solano County. Other non-profits are also strongly encouraged to apply for Fairfield Fair Plan's Virtual Office package's tailored to each organization's needs. Applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of their political connections (or lack thereof).

Future Fair Economic Plans Suggested By 
Solano Business Incubator

Attracting Business Investment Visitors:

The incubator has been bringing more business employers to the heart of Fairfield since 1999. Other organizations are needed to publicize the reasons why Fairfield is the best place to located a new startup in the business services sector. In addition to hotel promotion, Steve Kays suggests we promote conference rooms, and hourly Fairfield meeting room rentals to prospective investors driving through Fairfield's highway 80. The Fairfield visitor bureau may upgrade the membership requirements to invite non hotel companies to join. Fairfield investors without local political connections are usually unaware of the ample services for short term business travelers to quickly set up part time offices from only $75 a month.

Single Web Venue For All Meeting Room Spaces:

It's hard to find all office space solutions from a single website. Steven Kays says it might even harder to get a clear picture of all the meeting room options for businesses in Solano County.  Sample Fairfield conference room rental services that might elect to join Fairfield Fair Plan's transparency committee include:

Fairfield City Hall's List Of Local Meeting Venues    This meeting room list can be expanded upon.
Jelly Belly for large meetings. Free sample jelly belly beans available.
3 California Business Center's $18 - $24/hr meeting rooms in the heart of Fairfield. Located at Solano Conference Rooms ™ Receptionist. Free coffee and WIFI. 4 cent copies. Fax.
3 Suisun City government funded conference rooms.
4 Hilton Garden Inn (a few minutes from the incubator), and Solano County's many other high end hotel chains.

Napa Fair Plan ™:

Future opportunity for Napa County to learn from the Fairfield Fair Plan ™, Solano Fair Plans ™ and Napa Business Incubator ™.

New Business Startup Visitors To Fairfield:

Fairfield Extended Stay Hotels For Business Travelers. Include information on how professional companies looking for the best place to located their business might choose Fairfield. California Business Center offers office spaces from $245/mo including phones and receptionist, plus overhead costs.

Free Fairfield Office Spaces For Non Profits:

Organizations Working To Make A Positive Change In Fairfield Get Free Help From Steven Kays' Incubator. Applicants only need to express a desire to make positive changes and don't need to have certified non-profit documents that are expected down the pipeline. Those wishing to apply for a volunteer or modest salary position can visit or call Steven Kays at 707 434-8000 at the California Business Center building, 1652 West Texas Street a half mile from highway I-80.

© March 13, 2016

Friday, March 11, 2016

New Fairfield Economic Development Plans With Solano Business Incubator

Coming Over The Horizon Are The New Fairfield Economic Development Plans With Solano Business Incubator Says Steven Kays.

The old Fairfield political gridlock is changing into the much needed Fair Fairfield Plan. Political affiliations may no longer be mandatory to get things done in Fairfield.  Steven Kays launched the Fair Fairfield Plan. It's at least worth a very good try says Kays who hasn't given up moving things forward in Fairfield since 1999.

Keep posted on the news from the web and local newspapers.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Solano Office Building Market Over Built?

Big Questions Remain As To Whether The Solano County Office Building Market Is Over Built.

Looking at Solano County's office space saturation market, Solano Business News questions whether more people want to jump into the fray and build even more office buildings.  More office building constructions projects are in the pipeline which can further flood the market for excess office space. Office building speculators are taking more notice.

Solano Business News finds historical office building construction and leasing data predict a long future of office vacancies.  This is a great time to rent office space in Solano County.  Smart tenants are negotiating month to month leases. However most real estate agents find it uneconomical to lease short term office spaces considering the lower commissions.

While demand for office space rentals in Fairfield, California (county capital) might be higher in the future than Vacaville, Dixon, Rio Vista, Vallejo and Benicia, there is still a glut of office buildings in Fairfield.  Fairfield is considered a prime location especially near highways twelve and eighty running through the heart of Fairfield.

Fairfield tenants are able to get great deals for office suite rentals including conference rooms, receptionist, coffee, phones and more at great prices says the Solano County office building business incubator in Fairfield, CA. One can even rent Fairfield conference and meeting rooms from $18 an hour.

Those looking for the smartest and best small office space deals are usually able to find the best flexible office space deals on   Tenants are also discovering many other benefits when selecting office building landlords when it comes to renting office spaces.  There's a lot more to running a small Solano business or startup than the notion of price per square feet of office space.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Solano Business Internet News Helping Local Businesses Grow

Solano Business News Is Your Independent News Source. 

For Small Businesses In Fairfield, Vacaville, Suisun City, Dixon, Vallejo, Benicia, Rio Vista. Also Napa and Yolo Counties.

Not Controlled By Solano County’'s Publishers In Fairfield, Vallejo or Vacaville.

We cover small business news, job creation, economic development, commercial real estate.

Get diverse opinions on how California, US and world trends may or are effecting Solano County businesses.

Solano Business News ™ helps startups in more ways. It's at Solano Business Incubator ™ 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield California.  The business incubator office spaces for rent in Fairfield, rent office spaces, meeting rooms or co-working spaces hourly, daily or monthly. Can include WiFi, coffee, shared receptionist, internet marketing help, consultations and much more.

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