Friday, April 29, 2011

Best Solano Job Links

CA Dept of Corrections job listings
Careeer Builders job listings
City of Fairfield job listings
City of Vacaville job listings
County Napa job listings
Engineering job listings
Kaiser Permanente job listings
Opportunity Knocks job listings
Sacramento Newspaper job listings
The Reporter job listings
UC Davis job listings

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Follow us.  We notice more jobs being offered again. Many more job links coming to this blog soon.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Solano Dump Approved Despite Voters Having Voted Against It. What Does Solano Democracry Really Mean?

How Solano Economics & Solano Politics May Sometimes Clash.

What Does Solano County Democracy Really Mean? Does The Majority Vote Count? Solano Dump Was Approved Despite Voters Having Voted Against It In Measure E.

However there are other reasons for why Solano County Board of Supervisors may have bypassed Solano voters.  See interesting details in Fairfield's Daily Republic.  Make sure to check out it's online blog at

Expect interesting posts from voters on Solano Dump's Measure E.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Solano Study Shows Employers Have False Sense Of Security Hiring Through Temp Agencies?

Solano Business News' New Study Shows Solano Employers Might Have False Sense Of Security When Hiring Through Solano Temporary Agencies.

Solano county employers using Solano temporary agencies can have far more liability when taking on Solano employees than bosses may fully realize.  What's to keep Solano temporary agencies from telling Solano employment law judges that they weren't aware of some California labor law injunction? 

Hiring new employees through Solano temporary agencies however can have many benefits. Possible examples:
• Terminated employees might not draw on the Solano employer's unemployment fund. That is the Solano employer might not have to pay unemployment on the terminated employee.
• Solano temporary agencies screening employees.
• Government forms and documents.

Do you have a Solano employee manual?  Do you have employment law posters updated annually?  Posters are available from most Solano temporary agencies, Solano chambers of commerce and private companies.

Many employers successfully use one of the many Solano temporary agencies are located at California Business Center in Fairfield. The host of this blog has also had successful experience with Solano temporary agencies.  Solano temporary agencies still have many benefits.

In Print Solano Newspapers Doing Better Than Expected

Are In Print Solano County Newspapers Today Doing Better Than Was Earlier Expected?

Despite all the talk about people reading news online, Solano County's print newspapers are generally doing a brisk business. However it's a tough economy and most businesses have suffered, along with Solano newspaper circulations.

Online Solano news sources like Solano Business News focus on niche market news, while Solano print newspapers have more Solano news, and cover wider subjects.  Hence this blog's Solano bloggers read local Solano newspapers online, or in print.

How Much More Should Solano Bosses Pay For Better Customer Service Employees?

What price do Solano businesses put on their employee's customer service skills? Solano customer service employees which honestly care about their Solano customers can demand higher salaries. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Solano Economic Development Corp's Travis Breakfast Meet Up

Join Solano Economic Development Corp's Travis Breakfast Meet Up. Details at  A great way for local business services to meet and possibly provide services to TAFB. 

TAFB is always looking for ways to cut costs and obtain quality services and product. It's all part of Obama's plan to cut our budget deficit.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Solano Government Job Opportunities - Did You Know Some Cities Are Hiring? Plus Best Solano Job Links

Summer Jobs at City of Fairfield, California:

Fairfield City Jobs:

Vacaville City Jobs:

Dixon City Jobs - Check back later when Dixon has more job openings.

As Solano economy changes, today's technology requires more people in some fields over other fields.  Unfortunately many great Solano employees lost their jobs despite their great qualifications.

Best Solano Job Links: Many more Solano County Job Openings.  Simply paste the following in your browser. Also follow job posters listed on this link:  Bookmark this Solano jobs link for many leads. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Solano County Economic Predictions - What Are Pessimists Predicting?

One field of experts are more pessimistic about Solano County's recovery.  They are saying Solano County's economy may take a number of years to recover as it follows San Francisco's lead.

Other Solano businesses are doing much better than expected.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Old Walmart Site Goes To Gas Wasting Old Car Sales Outfit

Fairfield's Old Walmart Site Will Be Converted Selling "Classical" Cars Otherwise Often Known To Be Gas Wasting Cars.
Walmart's 125,000 sq foot former store at 300 Chadbourne Road expanded to create more rivalry against smaller competitors on North Texas Street's business center. So Walmart had to give up its old site for some user.

Walmart touts themselves as selling lots of organic foods (though we see a much higher percentage of fresh organics at Trader Joe's.  At least some of Walmart's GMO foods can last months - making some shoppers feel they are buying "Frankenstein" food.

Solano Super Walmarts have otherwise been a huge success with a large percent of Solano shoppers. Walmart hurts Solano small businesses which have often been greatly impacted.

Nothing on this blog, nor links to or from it or affiliated sites like FixFairfield.Org are warranted in any way.  Expect errors.  After all Walmart is your best friend right?

Best Source Of Filtered Articles & Solano Business Blogs

More great links on Solano business news.  Includes recent inquiries into fairness in the way local economic development agencies help some businesses over others.

Click: for Great Source Of Filtered Articles & Solano Business Blogs.

Ghetto Capitalists: Segregated entrepreneurs bustling despite government cutting them off

Why are segregated entrepreneurs bustling despite local government cutting them off?

Learn more about segregated entrepreneurs from:

"Off the Books: The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor" Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh, Harvard University Press, 448 pages, $27.95

Segregating College Dorm Rooms By Dorm Pricing?

Is Segregating College Dorm Rooms By Dorm Pricing A Form Of Economic Segregation?

Black Barbie Cheaper Than White Barbie at Walmart

If Black Barbies Are Cheaper Than White Barbies At Walmart - You Can Only Guess Many More Forms Of Segregation Are Rampant.

Economic Segregation: City Planner Innovations On Keeping Poor Poorer

Interesting Links On Economic Segregation: How Economic Segregationists Use Innovative Strategies To Keep Poor People Poor.

Less economically wealthy people forced into modern day versions of Economic Ghettos. It's packaged in flowery terms like "affordable housing".  Economic Segregationists however make sure this housing is not near where they live.  Economic Segregationists don't want children from economic ghettos going to the same public schools their children go to either.

US Supreme Court Sets Back School Segregation

How America's Afro American Population Is Being Splintered

Locate good jobs close to affordable homes? That's what voters want. But...

Black Picket Fences: Privilege & Peril With Black Middle Class. University of Chicago

Monday, April 18, 2011

Book May Explain How To Institute Economic Segregation

Future Book May Discuss Implementing Economic Segregation: “The Oxford Handbook of Urban Economics and Planning”

Check out the upcoming section #13 in “The Oxford Handbook of Urban Economics and Planning”
by Paul Jargowsky titled: "Urban Poverty, Economic Segregation, and Urban Policy"

To be published Sep 2011. Maybe tax dollars will be spent on this book despite its $175.00 price tag?

“The Oxford Handbook of Urban Economics and Planning” is to be ddited by Nancy Brooks, Kieran Donaghy and Gerrit-Jan Knaap

ISBN13: 9780195380620ISBN10: 0195380622 Hardback, 960 pages

Suburban economic segregation via redevelopment. Paid by tax payers.

Does California suburban redevelopment force economic segregation upon less wealthy citizens and local businesses?  County and city planning is nicely complicated and plays a huge role in economic segregation.

Lois Wolk Helping Honest Solano Olive Oil Producers Via Re-Defining "Virgin Oil"

Lois Wolk Will Be Helping Honest Solano Olive Oil Producers Via Hopefully Re-Defining "Virgin Oil".
Virgin oil may not be that virgin after all. So Lois Wolk seeks tighter olive oil quality law that is praised by Solano olive tree growers.  Details in

Can Solano learn from Richmond economic segregation?

Next door to Solano County one may find more economic segregation?

Some say Richmond, California has the most economic segregation in the greater San Francisco Bay Area region. Richmond's low-income residents have not historically been engaged in Richmond land use policy. Richmond has oil refineries and a number of serious brownfields and Richmond toxic sites posing health and safety issues.  Wealthier Richmond residents live in certain sections, while other parts of Richmond are called slums many wealthier Richmond residents refuse even to drive through.

More on Richmond economic segregation separating poor and wealthier Richmond residents

What does Solano have to learn from Richmond segregation?

Fairfield Economic Segregation? Fairfield Dropping Plans For Converting Fairfield Motels To Cheap Rentals?

Fairfield motels were offered the chance to convert their rooms to low income apartments.  But Fairfield voters complained this would keep low income people only in "certain parts of town". Was this unintended "economic segregation"?

Though clear figures were not obtainable, we can't recall the last time Fairfield City Council used redevelopment funds for strongly balancing Fairfield's economic prosperity across economic lines. Why aren't Solano hotels getting strong support for converting hotel rooms into condos?  Conversions are only for low income Solano motels?

Is the following an example of Solano Economic Segregation?  In our tight Solano County economy, Solano hotels might benefit by offering smaller units for sale and make huge profits.  Solano hotels might carry the paper and sell units at say "$25,000" and get much more than they could hope to get from the stagnant rental market?  Aren't there too many Solano hotels built?

Solano Business News guesses city hall planning departments expect lower income buyers will upset the wealthy who don't want their hotels converted?  This might especially apply to planning departments from Benicia, Vallejo and Fairfield, plus Vacaville and Dixon planning and development organizations.

Why is it OK to push for converting San Francisco hotels into condos, but not as much in Solano?  Or is economic segregation a nationwide issue as Solano Business News guesses.

For example, the fancy San Francisco Fairmont Hotel plans to convert portion of hotel rooms into condos seems to have fallen flat. It's claimed this is because of "union pressure". But how will millionaire Fairmont Hotel neighbors feel about new neighbors snapping up condos and re-renting them at prices unavailable elsewhere in the prestigious neighborhood?

It appears the Fairfield motel to apartment rental offer was only made to Fairfield motels and not to Fairfield hotels? Fairfield is using other methods to influence Fairfield motel owners to take up the slack for needed low income housing per the Daily Republic.

Is there any connection with Fairfield breaking its promises in not redeveloping its main gateway to Fairfield's business district? Countless businesses (mostly now all gone) were promised that West Texas Street would be revitalized with ground breaking in 2000. Countless millions were invested in buying property along West Texas Street because the smaller time and less politically savvy real estate investors believed Fairfield's city hall.  More details from Daily Republic's earlier articles (password or subscription required), plus the Fairfield blog at FixFairfield.Org.

The classic San Francisco Fairmont Hotel has weathered bigger problems before.  It opened right after San Francisco's 1906 earthquake.  It withstood most of the earthquake force. Fairfield will also find a way to work out a more fair way. After all the term "Fair" in "Fairfield" was not meant as a joke?

Details on how San Francisco Fairmont Hotel claims they can't convert hotel rooms to condos at

Fairfield Economic Planning and Solano Economic Development (Solano EDC) have been asked to clarify any errors in this Solano economic development article and Solano Business News' past and future blogs (not that such can be guaranteed for our readers). Solano Business News has other items it wishes to publish but lacks enough evidence. Remember, Solano Business News is not warranting anything on its blogs and twitters, nor linked sites.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Japan's 2nd Big Quake Today Equates To Our 1989 Quake: Lessons To Learn

With the huge 7.1 earthquake that just hit Japan earlier today, Solano has much to learn.  Solano County earthquake preparation can learn.

After the horrific 9.0 quake on March 11, 2011, Japan seems to have withstood the 7.1 quake today better than other places would have. The 9.0 quake weakened structures, so the 7.1 could simply have topped off weak structures.

For general perspective, the San Francisco Bay Bridge was destroyed by just the smaller sized quake Japan got hours ago today.  Naturally this blog simplifies things.

Lessons are we need to improve Solano construction to withstand the big quake we are expecting.  Retrofitting is something people should seriously consider (and create more Solano jobs) while they are at it.

Solano County earthquake preparation can learn from Japan's chain of earthquake disasters.

Solano Economy Picking Up Seen With Drop In Attendance At Solano Job Fair Today

Solano County Economy Picking Up Steam.  Evidenced With Drop In Attendance At Solano Job Fair Today.

The Solano Job Fair has continued to witness drops in attendance.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Solano Garbage Contract & Pricing

The government contract Solano Garbage has is coming up for vote.  Fairfield City Council has however put the vote off for the time being.

Residential and commercial rates can be effected by what government decides.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Most of Solano Business News postings on Twitter.

If you're new to Solano Business News, you'll find most of Solano Business News postings on Twitter. 

While this can be a great blog.  Also follow "Solano Business News" on Twitter at!/SolanoBizNews

Fairfield - Suisun Business Expo Had Big Turn Out

The 2011 Fairfield - Suisun Business Expo Was Well Attended.

Fairfield - Suisun Business Expo is a great way to network and promote your business through the Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce.

Numerous government economic development people were there like Curt Johnston from City of Fairfield, and Chuck Eason from Solano Small Business Development Center.  Fairfield mayor Harry Price was there with his wife happy as always to tell businesses why they should pick Fairfield for their business site.

Solano Business News as at the expo that is just now finishing up this minute.  We're looking forward to the 2012 Fairfield - Suisun Business Expo next spring.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Solano Job Fair: Thur April 7th. Solano Economy Is Picking Up Again.

Solano County Job Fair:10 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 7
University of Phoenix, 5253 Business Center Drive in Fairfield, California.

Solano Job Fair will be for Solano employers with job openings in Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville and Vallejo. Napa employers will also be at the Solano Job Fair.

The Solano Job Fair is sponsored by the Solano Workforce Investment Board. A wide range of Solano job openings will be available. Job openings range from marketing, and electronic invention development, to commercial real estate leasing and admin jobs, plus more.

Solano and Napa county newspapers are also posting good job openings. A local Solano job saves from the hassles, time, gas, and wear on your car, versus commuting. Even if a salary is lower in Solano, it might sometimes make sense to be closer to friends and family right here in our great Solano County.