Saturday, October 30, 2010

Best Solano Links & Blogs

Best Solano Links & Blogs
Solano County: Benicia Dixon Fairfield Rio Vista Suisun Vacaville Vallejo

Business - Best Solano Business Blogs Links:
• Business Incubator – Helping Solano Small Businesses. Solano Business Incubator™ Solano economic development.
• Directory – Solano Business Directory for Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Napa (next door), Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo business resources and links.  Includes Solano conference rooms, cost effective office rentals, government contact listings, cheapest copier services, Solano Non-Profits, etc.
• Directory – Solano.Biz. The business directory will be updated soon.
• Fairfield Business Free to Fairfield newspaper subscribers.
• Fairfield economic facts
• Other county newspaper blog – Solano County News. Consumer, politics & business newspaper: Solano Business News,  innovative Solano people.
• Selling - Buying Solano Businesses
• Solano Economic Development Government paid business blog.
• Vacaville Business for innovative Vacaville businesses.
• Workshop & Conference Rooms – most affordable

City Government – City Council:
• Benicia City Hall
• Dixon City Hall
• Fairfield City Hall
• Rio Vista City Hall
• Suisun City Hall
• Vacaville City Hall
• Vallejo City Hall

Discounts: Best Solano Deals & Coupons For Business Customers – B2B
• Copies
• Conference Rooms
• Coupons: Small Businesses Saving Money - Coupons For Business Customers: Business to Business Coupons

Directories: Solano Business Directory of Other Solano Listings
• Fairfield-Suisun Directory
• Solano Business

Economic Development: Solano Economic Development – Private & Government Funded
• Business Incubator – Helping Solano Small Businesses. Solano Business Incubator™ Solano economic development.

Education Institutes Colleges:
• Innovation Institute
• Solano Community College
• Solano County Office of Education
• Solano Christian Academy – Vacaville

Networking: Solano Networking Links
• Solano Christian Singles

Government & Elections – Best Government Solano Blogs Links:
• Fairfield Voters active before Fairfield elections every other year.
• Meet Up Conference Rooms for Solano political discussions – affordable or free quality space
• Public Record Searches
• Solano County Government in Fairfield
• Solano Superior Court
• Suisun Government, Elections, Suisun Voters Active election seasons.

History – Solano Historical Links:
• Solano real estate on National Register of Historic Places
• Solano political graveyard site needs updating.

Invention & Innovation Support Services: Best Solano Business Innovation Blogs Links:
Solano County has some of the world’s highest number of inventions. Intellectual property is a major US economic driving force while manufacturing declines.
• Invention Springboard Innovation Institute
and Innovation Institute twitter
• Inventor’s Co-Operative: Free Fairfield meetings with people actively involved with developing and investing with intellectual property.
• Solano Business Incubator affordable professional office space leases helping entrepreneurs from Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Napa, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo for small service businesses.
• Solano Small Business Development Center:

Job Openings Best Solano Job Opening Blogs Links:
• Job Opening Blog
• Great Job Hunting Resources from Library
• Napa And Solano Counties Central Labor Council
• Solano Employment Connection
• Solano workforce facts
• New Business’ Interview Rooms affordable professional space includes coffee and WIFI. Employers opening new Solano branch offices use the Solano Virtual Office™ & Solano Virtual Incubator™ to interview and expand into Solano market. By appointment.
• Vacaville Jobs

• Fairfield Book Club & Fairfield Writing Club Meeting Space
• Library Foundation

Live Entertainment: Best Solano Live Entertainment Links
• Jazz & Comedy Club – Pepper Bellys in heart of downtown Fairfield  Solano Choral Society
• Solano Creative Arts
• Solano College Theater
• Solano Repertory Company
• Solano Symphony
• Solano Youth Theater
• Solano Winds

Office Space Rentals – Best Solano Commercial Real Estate Blogs Links
• Affordable & Smart. Solano’s most cost effective professional office suite leases. Near intersecting highways I-80, 12 and 680. Includes conference rooms, receptionist, coffee, internet, more. FAQ about smart Fairfield office leases
• Free Commercial Real Estate Leasing & Investing Referrals – Solano Commercial Real Estate Network™ 707 434-8000.
• Solano Office Space Rentals Blog Fairfield, Suisun City, Vacaville, Vallejo and Benicia.
• Solano Office Space Rentals
• Smart Solano Office Space Solutions Blog

Pets: Solano Animal Care & Shelters
• Solano County Animal Rescue Foundation
• Solano County Friends of Animals
• Solano SPCA
• Solano Dogs – Free Tips & Advanced Dog Training www.SolanoDogs.BlogSpot.Com.

Politics: Solano Political Groups, Etc.
• Democrats: Northern Solano Democrats
• Fairfield - Suisun Chamber of Commerce - Business Issues Committee (B.I.C.)
• Solano Redevelopment: Fairfield Gateway:  Fix Fairfield: Fixing Fairfield blog
• Republicans: Solano County Republican Party Solano Republican Women Federated
• Tea Coffee Parties: Solano Tea Party Patriots
Real Estate Commercial & Industrical: Best Commercial Real Estate Rental Links
• Professional Small Businesses. The Solano Business Incubator offers area’s most cost effective furnished office suite rentals at
• Real Estate Assessor & Recorder
• Solano Property Management HOA Blog
• Workshop & Conference Rooms affordable quality meeting space includes coffee and WIFI.

Redevelopment: Best Solano Redevelopment Blogs Links (Not gov funded PR)
New $101M county center office building past the 2010 innovative pool development on main gateway into downtown Fairfield, West Texas Street.
• County capital where most highways converge, and more business services congregate is being redeveloped. Redeveloping Fairfield with Fix Fairfield Fix Fairfield Blog www.
• Fairfield Downtown Association
• Solano economic development office space rentals for entrepreneurs from Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Napa, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo.
• Solano County General Plan
• Solano Transportation Authority
• Volunteer Center

Safety Net: Solano Social Service Organization Links
• Catholic Social Services
• Development Disabilities – Pace Solano
• Homeless Shelter 
• Literacy - Solano Reading Association
• Meals on Wheels supported by Suisun mayor Pete Sanchez.
• Peace Jam
• Pet Emergency
• Solano Community Foundation
• Solano Parent Network

Schools: Public Solano Schools
• Solano County Office of Education
• Dixon Unified School District
• Benicia Unified School District
• Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District
• Rio Vista: River Delta Joint Unified School District
• Fairfield’s Travis Unified School District
• Vacaville Unified School District
• Vallejo City Unified School District

Short Term Options To Open Solano Branch Offices: Furnished Solano Office Suite Leasing, Hotel Rentals, Solano Conference Rooms
• Extended Stay America – Quality Affordable Rental Rates Half mile from Solano Business Incubator 707 434-8000
• Hilton Homewood Suites
• Short Term Furnished Office Options
• Workforce Investment Board subsidizes employee salaries

Small Business Development: Helping Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Napa, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville, Vallejo Businesses Grow:
• Affordable Solano domain names
• Fairfield economic facts
• Small Businesses Saving Money - Coupons For Business Customers: Business to Business Coupons
• Solano & Fairfield Business Information Resources
• Solano Business News for innovative Solano businesses.
• Solano Business Directory small business resources.

Solano County Government:
• Solano Archives

Solano County News Blog:
Starting Own Solano Business: Becoming Your Own Boss:
• Doing business in Solano – Government link

Transportation: Best Solano Transportation Links
• Amtrack
• Bus Routes
• Free traffic updates call 511
• Western Railway Museum
• Solano Air Travel
• Solano Public Transportation
• Solano Transportation Authority

Web Version Of Printed Solano Newspapers: Best Local News Blogs Links
• Fairfield Newspaper Also Covers Suisun Rio Vista
• Vacaville Newspaper
• Vallejo Newspaper
• Solano Business News: blog news.
• Solano Tempest – Solano Community College newspaper Blog

Friday, October 29, 2010

Solano Voters Want Gov Cutbacks. Unemployed Have Smart Alternative.

Solano voters are angry at Washington candidates for the growing budget deficit. Solano county and six of its seven cities are doing poorly too (Dixon, Vacaville, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Vallejo, Benicia).

The proven solution is for the ambitious Solano professionals to look at their resume for what skills they can market directly to Solano businesses or consumers. If a company could hire and resell their services, why not take matters into one’s own hands? 

There are countless possibilities.  Remember studies show that businesses starting in a lackluster economy are more likely to last in the long haul.

Solano Elections: Jane Day & Others May Win Suisun.

Solano County voters are predicted to vote Jane Day candidate into Suisun political office. Solano election is about more Solano job openings from small business.

Jane Day is much liked by the Suisun voters. Jane Day has been pro Solano small business development. Unofficial Solano election gossip says Jane Day will win the election with the most votes on Nov 2nd.

The other Solano County election candidates showing strong interest in helping Solano businesses in creating more jobs include

• Solano Board of Supervisors Election: John Vasquez – re-election
• Suisun Election: Suisun Mayor Pete Sanchez – re-election, Suisun City Council Jane Day – re-election.
• State Assembly District 8: Mariko Yamada.

Congressman Garamendi Touts Solano Manufacturing For Country's Ills

Congressman Garamendi in Solano County spoke to Solano business people in Fairfield last Thursday. More on Solano Manufacturing at and

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Solano Election Endorsements

Solano Business News - Election Endorsements

Solano Board of Supervisors: Vasquez

State Assembly District 8: Mariko Yamada. As state assembly member Mariko Yamada has shown herself to be very pro Solano business.

Suisun Election: More at
• Mayor: Pete Sanchez
• City Council (2 seats open): Jane Day. Toss up for second seat between Mike Hudson & Don Spering.

US Senate: Barbara Boxer

Vacaville Election:
• Mayor: Harris
• City Council (2 seats open): Fortney

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Solano Property Management Blog

New Solano County Property Management Blog Started.

Check out the Solano property management blog.  The best known Solano property management blog covers useful tips on property management in Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo, plus Napa County and Yolo County.

New Solano County Property Management Blog

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Solano Center For Business Innovation

Solano Center For Business Innovation

The Solano Center For Business Innovation is a new organization being funded by different government agencies in Solano County.

They will be providing at least some of the services already being offered by the privately funded Solano Business Incubator at 707 434-8000, Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce, Vacaville Chamber of Commerce, and private business consultants who earn their living helping Solano small businesses grow and hire more employees.

Solano Center For Business Innovation was started by Chuck Rieger.  It's located in the Solano Economic Development office in Suisun.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

7 Handy iPhone Apps To Manage Employee Time

Check Out 7 Handy iPhone Apps To Manage Employee Time. Improve Solano employee productivity.

Congressman Talking On Solano Manufacturing at Solano Breakfast

Congressman Garamendi for Solano County is speaking at a breakfast in the Hilton Garden Inn over at 2200 Gateway Court, Fairfield. The topic for Solano County entrepreneurs is Solano Manufacturing.

Solano Manufacturing startups often get a foothold at Solano Business Incubator's cost effective office rentals, conference rooms and more.

Economics Is Prime Focus Of Solano Voters In Nov Election

Solano voters focus mostly on economic issues. They want to make sure Solano will keep up, or out compete other California counties when it comes to high technology. 

For example, Suisun City Council member Mike Hudson continues to push the importance of Suisun City's high tech abilities in his re-election run for Suisun City Council. 

Solano County Marijuana Tax

When Will The Solano County Marijuana Tax Start?

Will Solano's cities elect to tax marijuana if proposition 19 passes? Will Solano cigarette stores carry pot? What about convenience stores carrying it? A state wide tax initiative makes more sense if a huge levy is to be exercised, this will keep people from shopping in one town versus another California town.

Steven Kays predicted pot might eventually get legalized at some point, so convinced Fairfield City Council not to open any new cigarette stores near Fairfield's Armijo High School. Rick on the council strongly agreed about the Solano County Marijuana Tax's related matters.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Limited Parking In Downtown Solano Cities Hurting Business. Election Topic.

Solano Parking Issues Today. At least the Solano economy is good enough that it sometimes poses a problem.

Vacaville, Suisun City, Vallejo and Benicia want more parking in their downtown.

Suisun City: Don Spering made more downtown Suisun parking a major part of his campaign. Don Spering said he would convert some of the dilapidated buildings that had no economic hope of being remodeled. Mayor Pete Sanchez, Council members Mike Hudson and Jane day all agree this is important when the budget can afford it.

Vallejo: Can they ever afford more parking in the near future?

Some people joke around and say that a Solano County Marijuana Tax could be diverted to paying for more Solano parking spaces.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Solano Business Promo Guides. New & Older Solano Links

Solano Information Resources:

Best of Solano - Lists B2C Solano Companies:

Solano Home Guide:

Solano Medical Directory:

Solano Business Directory

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Solano Salvation Army Selling Vallejo Building. Plans Suisun Move.

Solano Salvation Army has plans for their new facility in Suisun City. Meanwhile it tries to sell its building in Vallejo.

Film Studio Comes To Solano County's Vallejo's Mare Island

Film Studio Comes To Vallejo's Mare Island.  Solano County has many great movie locations.

Nice to see innovative uses for Vallejo's Mare Island in Solano County.

Solano County Property Management Research

We're conducting Solano County research on the cost efficacy of hiring Solano real estate property managers. Past Solano County studies showed many benefits that were worth the cost and time saved. Call with any comments on Solano County property management companies 707 434-8000 Solano Business News.

New Website For This Solano Business Blog

This Solano new blog just got a new web site.

The new site connects right to this business blog. Now the web site for this Solano Business News blog will be easier to remember.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fairfield Tourism Association

The Fairfield Tourism Association in Solano County's capital city states their interactive website is a success.

“We are committed to engaging people to visit Fairfield and the Suisun Valley through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and expanding accessibility to our Web site,” said the exec director for the Fairfield Tourism Association.

Fairfield Tourism Association (707) 761-9668

Vallejo Ferry Remodel

The Solano Vallejo Ferry Station project is key to Solano economic recovery.

US Representative George Miller (democrat) described the Vallejo Ferry as part of the Solano economic growth drive.

The $74 million Vallejo Ferry Station will become a major San Francisco Bay - Solano hub for Solano transportation, Solano bus, automobile and bicycles.

Some posed the question if it would be cost effective for Fairfield and Vallejo to promote each other such as via  But this is unlikely.

Benicia hopes to attract Solano technology companies

Benicia is hoping to attract Solano technology companies. Meanwhile Fairfield is more successful with being the center for Solano innovation by having more inventions filed as patent applications than Benicia, Dixon, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville & Vacaville.

Fairfield is focusing on tourism for now with  High technology in Solano County is heavily concentrated with Innovation Institute, LLC.

Growth & Innovation Forum

North Bay's Growth & Innovation Forum being held Wed, Oct 20th in Santa Rosa.

In Solano, Innovation Institute holds free Innovation forums focusing on developing and marketing electronic inventions.  For details call 707 428-5000 or visit Invention Springboard at

Solano Wineries Get New IRS Tax Help

The IRS is helping Solano Wineries with the AVA (American Viticultural Area) tax advantages. Solano wineries can principally be found in Suisun Valley, plus Vacaville, Fairfield and Rio Vista.

Solano Government Pension Funds Bring City Cut Backs. Cut Backs Hurt Business.

Solano businesses are being hurt by Solano County and city spending cut backs.  Solano cities have to cut back how much they have been paying Solano businesses in order to meet city pension fund requirements.  It's a ripple effect.

Solano Homeless Hurting Solano Retail?

Solano retailers have complained about the growing Solano homeless problem. Solano small businesses want their cities to do more about it.

Nearly a decade ago FixFairfield.Org convinced the Fairfield City Council to move ahead with building the Solano homeless shelter, and close Allan Witt Park to overnight sleeping guests.  Allan Witt Park has enjoyed its remarkable rebirth, along with it's multi-million dollar new indoor outdoor swimming pool facility.

Faifield City Councilman John Mraz and Councilwoman Cat Moy are also very tough on Solano homeless issues.

Napa Loses To Fairfield & Vallejo On Business Rankings

Napa took a huge drop.  Napa was ahead of Fairfield and Vallejo before.

Not one California city reached the top 10 this time around. But California cities are expected to hit the top 10 again.

The Fairfield, Vallejo and Napa business rankings were compiled by the Milken Institute's Best-Performing Cities Index for 2010.

For details on Solano business rankings for Fairfield and Vallejo visit the Milken Institute's Best-Performing Cities Index at Vallejo Time-Herald

Fairfield is one of the world's capitals for developing electronic inventions

Wal-Mart To Teach Solano Small Businesses To Compete Against Itself?

Solano County Businesses Don't Believe It

Wal-Mart is footing the bill to teach small Solano businesses on how to compete with Solano's big box retailers.  For information on the free Solano small business workshops call the Solano Business Development Center at 707 864-3382.  The SBDC holds other paid workshops.

Solano County Businesses are asking shoppers to support locally based businesses.

Solano Business Consultants Get Free Workshop Space

Solano County Business Consultants Get Free Workshop Space

If you would like to hold your own free consulting workshop for Solano small businesses as a way of getting more clients, apply for a free conference room from Solano Business Incubator at 707 434-8000. Or visit 

Solano's Kart Raceway Opens In Solano: Driven Raceway

Driven Raceway past through the start-up hurdles to finally open their Solano location at highway I-80, at 1560 Gateway Blvd, in Fairfield. It's in the old Circuit City store and takes up 34,000 square feet.

Driven Raceway received backing by the U.S. Small Business Administration.  The federal government can guarantee up to 90%.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Solano Property Managers Save Owners Money

Solano County studies show Solano County real estate property managers save money for property owners.  Solano property managers work out bulk pricing for construction work, offer rentals, screen Solano tenant applicants, and know the ropes.  Keeping abreast of Solano real estate law is also important. The Solano County cost savings can more than pay for their fees.

Solano County home owner associations like Rancho Solano save money this way. They've been hiring LLW Properties to handle day to day HOA issues.

Share your comments about Solano County property managers with Solano Business News at 707 434-8000.

Solano Business Help - Great Resources For Starting Or Growing Your Business

For many years, Solano County businesses have been served by a number of organizations. They are as follows:

• SBDC (Solano Business Development Center)
• SED Corp (Solano Economic Development Corp)
• Fairfield - Suisun Chamber
• Solano Business Incubator
• California Business Center
• Innovation Institute, LLC

For details simply google their company name and add "Solano".

Solano Businesses Saving Money & Being Pro Environment With New Landscaping

Solano Businesses Saving Money & Being Pro Environment With New Landscaping

Because of Solano County climate change, it's important for businesses redoing their landscaping to consider drought resistant plants.  This will also save from paying high Solano County water bills that eat into profits.  Plus it makes your Solano County business more green friendly.  Solano Business Incubator's office building is doing just this.

Interesting Solano Area Business Topics Coming Up

Future topics in this Solano County blog will include: small businesses in Solano County, big Solano county companies, non-profit businesses in Solano County, Solano County demographics, and SED Corp (Solano Economic Development Corp). Your input on needed Solano County topics will be appreciated.

If you’re looking to open a new Solano area professional business, or Solano satellite office to test the Solano business market, call Solano Business Incubator at 707 434-8000.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Solano County - Strategic Location

Solano County borders Napa and is nicely located between the Inner San Francisco Bay Area, and  Sacramento. The government and business capital of Solano County is only 30 min from Berkeley and 40 min from both downtown San Francisco and downtown Sacramento.

More businesses choose the center of Fairfield's California Business Center for office suite rentals, Virtual Offices, conference rooms and more than any other Solano County office building.

Solano County works hard to attract new businesses, and even offers seventy five dollar virtual offices, three hundred and seventy five full package furnished suites, and much more to entire new comers.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vallejo New Rite Aid Opens - Drive Thru Pharmacy

The new Vallejo Rite Aid’s planning and design features wider aisles, drive-through pharmacy and more.  They are planning to take on Wal-mart, CVS, and Walgreens.

Many people are complaining that CVS has ruined the culture of the Longs Drugs they took over.  Ask how the limited remaining CVS employees feel about the change.  While they may not speak out, the answer is in their longing eyes for the good old days before new corporate mentality took over. Longs lost the neighborly feel and now feels more like a business that came right out of a cookie cutter.

Solano Walmart To Bring More Tax Revenue. More Pressure On Other Solano Retailers.

First A Recession.  Now Expect More Pressure On Other Solano Retailers From Solano Walmarts.

Government body voted to approve the Suisun Walmart project. More paper work is needed.

The new Walmart will now mitigate for some watercourse before Suisun Walmart can start construction.

Coming is 182,000-square-foot Suisun Walmart Supercenter by Walters Road Highway 12 in Suisun.

Good news is Suisun needs more tax revenue.  The Fairfield Walmart by highway 12 and I-80 will close and move to Fairfield's North Texas Street.

How will Solano Walmarts effect Suisun and Fairfield businesses?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Solano Going Green With Transportation

New owners of Fairfield Taxi company are buying up hybrid cars for use as taxis.  They expect this will help save gas, while boosting demand from customers that patronize green friendly businesses. 

Solano County's MV Transport is going green with their bus systems as well.

Another Solano company, InventionSpringboard.Com has GPS inventions that help taxi companies increase profits. This is done by improving the ability to predict where traffic backups are more likely to occur. Avoiding traffic backups, saves gas and time.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Huge Solano County Job Fair Turnout

Solano County Job Fair Turnout Was Bigger Than Many Expected

Huge turnout yesterday at Solano's job fair. Lot's of good job candidates are eager to fill your Solano job openings. See article at Check back for future job fairs for Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Disclaimer For This Blog & Linked To Blogs:

The free Solano Business News blog is not liable for errors. Solano Business News blog has all rights protected. Any accidental use of another’s intellectual property not intentional. Thank you. Copyrighted from 2010 onward. 

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New Business Concept Lands In Solano County

Driven Raceway is targeting Solano’s family market. They will offer innovative indoor race carts going up to 45 MPH. It might open Oct. 16 in Fairfield’s former Circuit City.

There is nothing yet like it in Solano County.  Stearn, the chief executive officer and Towery, the chief operating officer for Driven Raceway are very excited.

This will be Driven Raceway’s second store.  It will be near enough to their Sonoma store.

With their high prices, and probably high insurance premiums, let’s hope they turn a healthy profit.  Pricing:

Solano is more innovative than some may think.  Did you know Solano County (especially Fairfield) has one of the world’s highest number of inventions in country? Remember, you read this first here. More in future blogs here at

The entertainment concept is a smart adaptation of the previous Circuit City building.  Evolution can be tough.  Good Guys was partly taken out by Circuit City.  Then Circuit City was hurt by Best Buy.  What’s going to replace indoor race cart driving in the upcoming decades?

Solano needs more smart innovators to take us out of our economic slump.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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