Monday, January 31, 2011

North Bay Book of Lists To Be Published

The North Bay Business Journal Monday will be putting out its 21st edition for the North Bay Book of Lists.  Many Solano and Napa businesses believe North Bay Book of Lists are useful resource for doing business with Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties.

Other valuable information is available from Solano Business Directory

Napa Green Prefab Housing Start Up

Next Door Napa County Green Prefab Housing Start Up

Bob Massaro started a new green building venture.

Bob Massaro launched Napa-based Healthy Buildings USA. Bob Massaro is into prefabricated principles, methods and green tech materials

Bob Massaro wants the Napa venture to cut OHome construction costs to under $250 a square foot.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Solano economic summit for its members

Solano Economic Development Corp just had a Solano economic summit for its members.  See the Fairfield Daily Republic for details (subscription required) They discussed Solano is having an identity crises.

Solano grape growers believe Solano can learn from Napa's branding.  With their soil and temperatures similar enough, Solano could become another famous wine growing region.  Some quality grapes grow better in Solano than Napa County.

Solano Business Incubator has noticed a good number of Fairfield business start ups too. Unfortunately others didn't stick with it long enough to get thru the tough times. Solano Business Incubator offers free conference rooms to non-profits, and the most cost effective Solano County conference rooms and office suite rentals.  For example a company looking for Vacaville office suites for rent might pay $600/mo for rent and utilities, but pay a little over half with many more amenities in the package.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free 411 Calls At 800-FREE-411

To get free 411 calls from your land line, or cell phone call 800-FREE-411.

Solano cell phone carriers can even charge over one dollar for 411 service.  Unfortunately 800-FREE-411 has an ad you must hear before getting your number.  Yet it's better than paying too much for normal 411 service.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Will Jerry Brown Help Solano Businesses?

Jerry Brown is known to be a penny pincher (unlike the image many democrats may have).  Trying to shut down California's redevelopment agency will hit Solano County hard, and is opposed by Solano Business News.

It's still too early to know where governor Jerry Brown will be taking Solano County businesses. Meanwhile read up on his background at

Napa - Solano Wineries Waiting

Napa - Solano Wineries of high-end wine find it more difficult attracting younger affluent wine drinkers. The Napa - Solano Wineries are waiting for the younger affluent wine drinkers to grow older and increase their income.

Otherwise Napa - Solano sales including Suisun wines are showing signs of recovery.

Over half California employers plan to hire

Solano – Sacramento employers are planning to hire new employees. 54% of California employers are planning to hire.

The Solano – Sacramento area unemployment rates are bad, though recent increases in online job postings for local positions and hiring activity in Solano County’s electronics and high tech sector are good.  Invention Springboard is looking for more sales affiliates to help market its nifty electronic inventions listed at

Solano Medical Marijuana More Profitable Than Other Businesses?

Medical marijuana is becoming a very profitable business. It comes with risks though. Those running more standard business models are complaining that Solano medical marijuana businesses are making more money with less work.

Details on Benicia's proposed medical marijuana legislation at the Vallejo's Times Herald.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Solano Napa Habitat for Humanity Warehouse Sale

The Solano-Napa Habitat for Humanity will be selling "new and gently used" building materials.  This includes:

Solano Napa Habitat for Humanity furniture, appliances, doors, windows, and more.

Details are in the Daily Republic newspaper.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bankers Say Economy May Grow 3.3% in 2011

Bankers Say Economy May Grow 3.3% in 2011

“The economy is transitioning from reliance on monetary and fiscal stimulus to a sustained expansion in the private sector,” per PNC Financial Services Group Inc.

But needed California state budget cut backs will take their toll on our Solano economy.

Free Workshops For Wanna Be Entrepreneurs & Solano Non Profits

What's The Best Way To Find A Job In Today's Solano Economy?  Hiring Yourself? Of Getting Someone To Hire You?

Many say it's easier to become entrepreneurial in this economy, than it is to send out countless resumes that rarely get read. If you have an idea for your new business that is service oriented, then you can get for free workshops and marketing help from Solano Business Incubator.  SBDC also offers workshops for all types of new entrepreneurs.

Solano Workforce Investment Board also offers help to the Solano unemployed  See the Daily Republic about math classes.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fairfield Motel Conversions To Long Term Rentals: Good or Bad?

Are Fairfield Motel Conversions Into Long Term Apartment Rentals A Good Thing?

FixFairfield.Org attended the Fairfield City Council session on Jan 4, 2011. Fairfield Motel owners probably didn't attend because they didn't want to get the city angry. There are many more dynamics on the city not keeping its promise. 

Fairfield planning (or lack there of for central Fairfield) has many more dynamics.  For example, there are good sides to allowing the motel conversions, as fewer Fairfield police calls might be made regarding short term visitors.  Yet will the new proposals outweigh the further burdens the city enjoys dumping outside their own neighborhoods?

For details visit 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Vacaville Nut Tree Airport - Will They Do More Than Charter Flights?

New Vacaville Nut Tree Airport Brings Competition To Other Nearby Bigger Airports Serving Solano County Fliers.

Vacaville Nut Tree Airport will be offering charter flights flights in 2011. Will Vacaville Nut Tree Airport be offering other commercial airplane services from Solano County?

Vacaville Nut Tree Airport will bring some competition to the other three major airports. Some drivers make it to any of the other three airports in under an hour drive in ideal traffic. The other three airports are in Sacramento, Oakland and San Francisco.

Vacaville Nut Tree Airport says, 'It's more services we can provide to the flying public and the general public,' Airport Manager Andrew Swanson said. 'It's great for the airport and it's great for (Solano) county and (Vacaville) city to have the airport provide these services.'

Solano Business News is also studying the possibility of converting part of Travis Air Force Base to commercial cargo for FEDEX and UPS.  Benefits include reducing federal deficit, cutting on gas emissions by using further airports, and later pick up deadlines, etc.  Is Vacaville Nut Tree Airport going to be big enough to handle this traffic?

For more airport info on Solano airplane flights check out the Daily Republic newspaper.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Solano Economy Stronger Than Sacramento Region

For Today's Recession, Solano County Economy Is Stronger Than Sacramento Region

9,000 Sacramento region businesses sit empty. That's about 1/6 of Sacramento region businesses may be sitting empty per a Sacramento Bee study. Solano County is doing better.

Sacramento was alleged as being the worst California county. Stanislaus county was second worst, followed by Placer County's economy.

Vacaville city council is fighting Fairfield city council for new professional businesses to hire more professional Solano employees.  While Solano retail and food services pay lower wages, Fairfield claims they have economic advantages over Fairfield in the higher paying job category - see earlier postings in Solano Business News for details.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cost Effective Green Technology

Cost Effective Green Technology

The most cost effective Green Technology organization in Solano County is probably Green Technology at Innovation Institute, LLC.  Innovation Institute's exclusive marketing agent is Invention Springboard

Steven C Kays, CEO of Innovation Institute, LLC offered to bring green technology companies into Fairfield but never received anything more than a vague reply from Fairfield's Economic Development team.

Solano-Yolo Agricultural Summit Held By Solano Economic Development

The 2011 Solano-Yolo Agricultural Summit is coming.

'It doesn't matter to the farmer who is farming both sides of Putah Creek,' Stephen Pierce said. Goal is for everyone to start working together, and forget past ways of just working with favored Solano politicos.

Solano County is funding a series of six so-called 'cluster' studies, with each study costing about $24,000. Two of them, one on energy and one on life sciences, have already been released. Further details on taking advantage of being near Berkeley's high tech cluster have yet to be revealed. Central Fairfield has one of the highest numbers of inventions per capita in the world. For example Innovation Institute, LLC, founded by Steven C Kays at California Business Center, filed the largest known patent applications in over 80 countries, when measured by page counts, and breadth of new subject matter.

Meanwhile, the business consulting group helping Solano County, Collaborative Economics, is working on the food chain study, which Pierce said is to be released in February.

Details at (password required)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Know The New 2011 California Business Laws?

New 2011 California Employer Laws & 2011 Business Laws:

New California employment laws take effect in 2011 or earlier. Big impacts are expected on Solano County businesses.

Here’s a draft list for some of the new California 2011 Employer Laws. 

Workers' Compensation Notice Requirements Changed Yet Again

California Health Insurance

Workers' Compensation Stop Orders

Heat Illness Regulations Revised

Wage Claim Appeal — Bond Requirement

Investigating Serious Safety Violations

Health Clubs & Defibrillators

Providing Access for Persons with Disabilities - ADA

Much More New 2011 Business Laws so contact your Solano lawyer.

Get your legal advice on new 2011 business laws.  More Solano County law firms are located in Fairfield, the capital of Solano County, California.  Specifically, more of them are in California Business Center, 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, California 94533 about ½ mile from highway 80’s “West Texas Street – Downtown Fairfield” ramp. The Solano law firms are listed on the building directory, and/or California Business Center’s receptionist might mention who the Solano law firms there are.  California Business Center is at 707 434-8000.

There are many more new federal, California state and Solano laws to check up on.