Saturday, October 10, 2020

What's The Future Of Co-Working During Covid Pandemic In Solano County?

Future Of Co-Working In Solano County - Before & After Covid: 

Covid & Politics & The Second Co-Working Space In Fairfield, CA

Not Only Is There Covid, But Local Politicos Are Backing A Second Co-Working Space. There Already Was The Fairfield Co-Working ™. The Second Space Seems Very Empty And Is More Expensive.

Strange Situation With The Daily Desk

Seems They Won't Rent More Than A Month At A Time! Ask if their entire floor is on the market for rent. And what happens to the monthly leases signed before the floor gets rented to one or more bigger outfits? The Daily Desk even boasts a conference room with the exact same name as the Fairfield City Mayor, Harry T. Price. The Daily Desk will tell you it's another person. But then The Daily Desk really boasts their political connections while touting the Harry T. Price conference room name. Let readers decide what's ethical. They get lots of needed support from elected officials and their contacts including: Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce, Fairfield Economic Development Office at City Hall 1000 Webster Street, and the Small Business Development Center - they do offer free classes by the way.

Competitors Keep Trailing Steve Kays Then Failing. 

Like A Statue Kays Keeps Standing

So many companies have tried to compete against Steve Kays with his 80 Fairfield office spaces for rent at the California Business Center office building near highway 80. Kays bought it in Jan 21, 2000. Fairfield Co-Working ™ has most of what people want from cowering spaces, and without some of the bells and whistles at the newer entrant. Some need the fancy stuff and can hopefully make the other place's electronics work. Kays said most entrepreneurs are on a budget, need their basic needs met, and want to be with more businesses for networking at Fairfield Co-Working. Kays suggests people can work from home and save from paying rent. Perhaps come into one of the two locations for meetings. Fairfield non profits can ask for free meeting rooms.