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Best Solano Links & Blogs

Best Solano Links & Blogs
Solano County: Benicia Dixon Fairfield Rio Vista Suisun Vacaville Vallejo

Business - Best Solano Business Blogs Links:
• Business Incubator – Helping Solano Small Businesses. Solano Business Incubator™ Solano economic development.
• Directory – Solano Business Directory for Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Napa (next door), Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo business resources and links.  Includes Solano conference rooms, cost effective office rentals, government contact listings, cheapest copier services, Solano Non-Profits, etc.
• Directory – Solano.Biz. The business directory will be updated soon.
• Fairfield Business Free to Fairfield newspaper subscribers.
• Fairfield economic facts
• Other county newspaper blog – Solano County News. Consumer, politics & business newspaper: Solano Business News,  innovative Solano people.
• Selling - Buying Solano Businesses
• Solano Economic Development Government paid business blog.
• Vacaville Business for innovative Vacaville businesses.
• Workshop & Conference Rooms – most affordable

City Government – City Council:
• Benicia City Hall
• Dixon City Hall
• Fairfield City Hall
• Rio Vista City Hall
• Suisun City Hall
• Vacaville City Hall
• Vallejo City Hall

Discounts: Best Solano Deals & Coupons For Business Customers – B2B
• Copies
• Conference Rooms
• Coupons: Small Businesses Saving Money - Coupons For Business Customers: Business to Business Coupons

Directories: Solano Business Directory of Other Solano Listings
• Fairfield-Suisun Directory
• Solano Business

Economic Development: Solano Economic Development – Private & Government Funded
• Business Incubator – Helping Solano Small Businesses. Solano Business Incubator™ Solano economic development.

Education Institutes Colleges:
• Innovation Institute
• Solano Community College
• Solano County Office of Education
• Solano Christian Academy – Vacaville

Networking: Solano Networking Links
• Solano Christian Singles

Government & Elections – Best Government Solano Blogs Links:
• Fairfield Voters active before Fairfield elections every other year.
• Meet Up Conference Rooms for Solano political discussions – affordable or free quality space
• Public Record Searches
• Solano County Government in Fairfield
• Solano Superior Court
• Suisun Government, Elections, Suisun Voters Active election seasons.

History – Solano Historical Links:
• Solano real estate on National Register of Historic Places
• Solano political graveyard site needs updating.

Invention & Innovation Support Services: Best Solano Business Innovation Blogs Links:
Solano County has some of the world’s highest number of inventions. Intellectual property is a major US economic driving force while manufacturing declines.
• Invention Springboard Innovation Institute
and Innovation Institute twitter
• Inventor’s Co-Operative: Free Fairfield meetings with people actively involved with developing and investing with intellectual property.
• Solano Business Incubator affordable professional office space leases helping entrepreneurs from Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Napa, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo for small service businesses.
• Solano Small Business Development Center:

Job Openings Best Solano Job Opening Blogs Links:
• Job Opening Blog
• Great Job Hunting Resources from Library
• Napa And Solano Counties Central Labor Council
• Solano Employment Connection
• Solano workforce facts
• New Business’ Interview Rooms affordable professional space includes coffee and WIFI. Employers opening new Solano branch offices use the Solano Virtual Office™ & Solano Virtual Incubator™ to interview and expand into Solano market. By appointment.
• Vacaville Jobs

• Fairfield Book Club & Fairfield Writing Club Meeting Space
• Library Foundation

Live Entertainment: Best Solano Live Entertainment Links
• Jazz & Comedy Club – Pepper Bellys in heart of downtown Fairfield  Solano Choral Society
• Solano Creative Arts
• Solano College Theater
• Solano Repertory Company
• Solano Symphony
• Solano Youth Theater
• Solano Winds

Office Space Rentals – Best Solano Commercial Real Estate Blogs Links
• Affordable & Smart. Solano’s most cost effective professional office suite leases. Near intersecting highways I-80, 12 and 680. Includes conference rooms, receptionist, coffee, internet, more. FAQ about smart Fairfield office leases
• Free Commercial Real Estate Leasing & Investing Referrals – Solano Commercial Real Estate Network™ 707 434-8000.
• Solano Office Space Rentals Blog Fairfield, Suisun City, Vacaville, Vallejo and Benicia.
• Solano Office Space Rentals
• Smart Solano Office Space Solutions Blog

Pets: Solano Animal Care & Shelters
• Solano County Animal Rescue Foundation
• Solano County Friends of Animals
• Solano SPCA
• Solano Dogs – Free Tips & Advanced Dog Training www.SolanoDogs.BlogSpot.Com.

Politics: Solano Political Groups, Etc.
• Democrats: Northern Solano Democrats
• Fairfield - Suisun Chamber of Commerce - Business Issues Committee (B.I.C.)
• Solano Redevelopment: Fairfield Gateway:  Fix Fairfield: Fixing Fairfield blog
• Republicans: Solano County Republican Party Solano Republican Women Federated
• Tea Coffee Parties: Solano Tea Party Patriots
Real Estate Commercial & Industrical: Best Commercial Real Estate Rental Links
• Professional Small Businesses. The Solano Business Incubator offers area’s most cost effective furnished office suite rentals at
• Real Estate Assessor & Recorder
• Solano Property Management HOA Blog
• Workshop & Conference Rooms affordable quality meeting space includes coffee and WIFI.

Redevelopment: Best Solano Redevelopment Blogs Links (Not gov funded PR)
New $101M county center office building past the 2010 innovative pool development on main gateway into downtown Fairfield, West Texas Street.
• County capital where most highways converge, and more business services congregate is being redeveloped. Redeveloping Fairfield with Fix Fairfield Fix Fairfield Blog www.
• Fairfield Downtown Association
• Solano economic development office space rentals for entrepreneurs from Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Napa, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo.
• Solano County General Plan
• Solano Transportation Authority
• Volunteer Center

Safety Net: Solano Social Service Organization Links
• Catholic Social Services
• Development Disabilities – Pace Solano
• Homeless Shelter 
• Literacy - Solano Reading Association
• Meals on Wheels supported by Suisun mayor Pete Sanchez.
• Peace Jam
• Pet Emergency
• Solano Community Foundation
• Solano Parent Network

Schools: Public Solano Schools
• Solano County Office of Education
• Dixon Unified School District
• Benicia Unified School District
• Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District
• Rio Vista: River Delta Joint Unified School District
• Fairfield’s Travis Unified School District
• Vacaville Unified School District
• Vallejo City Unified School District

Short Term Options To Open Solano Branch Offices: Furnished Solano Office Suite Leasing, Hotel Rentals, Solano Conference Rooms
• Extended Stay America – Quality Affordable Rental Rates Half mile from Solano Business Incubator 707 434-8000
• Hilton Homewood Suites
• Short Term Furnished Office Options
• Workforce Investment Board subsidizes employee salaries

Small Business Development: Helping Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Napa, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville, Vallejo Businesses Grow:
• Affordable Solano domain names
• Fairfield economic facts
• Small Businesses Saving Money - Coupons For Business Customers: Business to Business Coupons
• Solano & Fairfield Business Information Resources
• Solano Business News for innovative Solano businesses.
• Solano Business Directory small business resources.

Solano County Government:
• Solano Archives

Solano County News Blog:
Starting Own Solano Business: Becoming Your Own Boss:
• Doing business in Solano – Government link

Transportation: Best Solano Transportation Links
• Amtrack
• Bus Routes
• Free traffic updates call 511
• Western Railway Museum
• Solano Air Travel
• Solano Public Transportation
• Solano Transportation Authority

Web Version Of Printed Solano Newspapers: Best Local News Blogs Links
• Fairfield Newspaper Also Covers Suisun Rio Vista
• Vacaville Newspaper
• Vallejo Newspaper
• Solano Business News: blog news.
• Solano Tempest – Solano Community College newspaper Blog