Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 4th Fairfield Office Space For Lease Discount

Central Solano County small businesses from Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo and Napa can save half.

The savings continue well past the July 4th period.

The private office space and overhead are free for two months. Usually no Central Solano County office space lease deposit required.  Sign a longer private office space lease and get more free private office space rent. Rents from only $245/mo plus overhead.

Solano County Incubator offers many optional amenities at costs lower than what Central Solano County small businesses would pay for it going solo.

Central Solano County entrepreneurs seeking an hourly Fairfield, CA office, or the Fairfield Virtual Office ™ have a $75/mo program.  The Central Solano County Virtual Office is free to Jan 1. The Central Solano County Virtual Office includes mail receiving with a street address plus hourly use of meeting rooms, WIFI and more.

Solano County Incubator serves the nearby markets.  If you’re looking for traditional office space for rent in xSuisun, Vacaville, Vallejo and Napa the incubator can also help.

Central Solano County small businesses can have two receptionists covering the front desk when the owner or their employees have stepped away.

Optional amenities for full time office suite rentals include:  conference rooms holding several to 49 people.  Fairfield, CA meeting rooms normally $18-$48/hr. Free coffee and tea.  The Fairfield, CA office building service can also sign for packages, receive checks from customers, etc.

Central Solano County July 4th special is sponsored by Solano County Incubator.

Check out Call about renting office space or the virtual office in Fairfield, California at 707 434-8000. After business hours call 707 427-6565.