Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Solano Is Where Solutions For Pet Doors Were Solved

Solano County Is Where Innovative Solutions To Electornic Pet Doors Were Invented.

Can anyone post a better automated patent that solves even half the problems one of Solano County's best inventions can boast about?

Before investing in an electronic pet door, check out and how a Solano inventor figured out how to reduce dirt tracked in from household cats and dogs. They are also on twitter

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Solano Start Ups Getting Good Discounts

Why Are Solano County Start Ups Getting Good Discounts In Today's Price Competitive Market?

Start up costs in Solano County have been the lowest in decades. This balances out recessionary pressures. Smart companies can get the best prices for their Solano start ups. More tips at

• Glut of Solano office suites for rent. Rent vacant office spaces in Fairfield and Vacaville where most office buildings are located.
• Web marketing costs have dropped.
• Local newspapers are eager to work out a reasonable deal.
• Keep labor costs lower by having partners contribute sweat equity.
• Virtual offices allow you to work from home, and rent office suites by the hour.
• Deals online form places like and
• Photocopier costs for single copies start at four cents, and color is twenty four (not at Kinko's).
• See this site's other blogs for details and more reasons.