Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Why Vacaville Store Might Be Denied Alcohol License

Are The Reasons Why A Vacaville Store Be Denied Alcohol License Justified?

The Vacaville community development director used a report that cites 811 crimes last year in the census tract near the store.

Hence the Vacaville community development director wants to deny the Quickway Gas Station and Convenience Store at 401 Merchant St. the right to sell beer and wine.
Community Development Director Barton Brierley states information from Vacaville Police Chief John Carli as well.

Additionally Quickway Gas Station and Convenience Store is near Heritage Peak Charter School, which could potentially make illegal sales to minors.

Based on these opinions, Solano Business News ™ agrees Quickway Gas Station and Convenience Store might be denied a liquor license.  Otherwise it seems Quickway Gas Station and Convenience Store has shown itself as being a good company and might simply sell things other than alcohol.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Intelligent Fairfield City Manager From MIT

David White served concurrently as director of Finance and assistant city manager prior to being appointed the Fairfield City Manager.

David White has a Masters degree in City Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Before coming to Fairfield, the Fairfield City Manager was an investment banker. David White advised developers and public sector clients on the fiscal and financial impacts of development.

Learn more about the Fairfield City Manager and his projects at http://www.fairfield.ca.gov/gov/depts/manager/bio.asp

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Solano County Elections

Coming Solano County Elections May Change Political Landscape

Election candidates want to attract new businesses and employers to central Solano County's Fairfield and Suisun City.

The incumbants appear to remain pro business. Councilman John Mraz and councilwoman Cat Moy remain pro business, along with Jim Sperring continue to meet business people with their concerns. There remains a decent chance the incumbents John Mraz, Cat Moy and Jim Sperring will be keeping their seats come Nov 4, 2014.