Saturday, January 25, 2014

CA Drought May Hurt Agriculture Land Values. Hilly Land Subject To Worst Forest Fires

Drought Will Impact Land Values For California Agricultural Land.

California's worst drought for hundreds of years. Expect huge drought impacts on California. Drought impacts can include: Water rationing. Higher food prices. Struggling farm and raw land owners. Drop in agricultural land. The 2013 and 2014 droughts are expected to drop agriculture land values.  

Smart agricultural land owners are selling before the full drought impacts come about.  California watershed land is of particular risk due to the many expected forest fires. Trees will be less able to withstand forest fires and brush fires.

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California Drought:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fairfield Office Landlord Accepting Bitcoins For Rent and Phones

A New Thing For Fairfield.  Bitcoins Now Accepted For Renting Furnished Office Spaces. Will Other Solano County Businesses Be Accepting Bitcoins For Services Rendered Soon?  More Companies Worldwide Are Accepting Bitcoins.

Customers can pay via bitcoins, credit card or check. Rent from an open minded office building owner. The bitcoin friendly office building is near highways I-80, plus 12 and 680.

The following can be paid for with bitcoins or other forms of payment:
• Phones
• Furnished and unfurnished executive suites. Your private office suite is available 24 hours.
• Fairfield conference room rentals by the hour. Small to large.
• Copies
• Staff available by the hour. We also have receptionists to greet your customers in a professional setting.

Bitcoins For Office Overhead Costs: electricity, janitorial, Fairfield security system, etc.

The Fairfield office space rental details are at Solano County's coworking business hub for today's professional small businesses This may be Solano County's first commercial real estate landlord to accept bitcoins.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Solano County Social Innovation Helping Non Profits Causes In Fairfield-Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo

Solano Social Innovation

Solano Business Incubator ™ supports social innovation for non profits and other worthy organizations.  Free Fairfield conference room rentals are at Solano Business Incubator for Solano County’s social innovators.

Progressive Solano and Napa Business News & Resources:
• Solano Progress ™ www.SolanoProgress.Com
• Solano Business News ™ www.SolanoBusinessNews.Com
• Bay Area Impact Hub
• Solano Small Business Development Center
• The new Solano Investment Club ™ www.SolanoInvestmentClub.Com

More Top Social Innovator Links:

Visit Solano Business Incubator at www.SolanoBusinessIncubator.Com to learn how non profits in Fairfield-Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo can benefit.  The innovative program offerings assist non profit and for profit organizations from the office building in Fairfield, capital of Solano County. Solano Business Incubator and Solano Social Innovation are divisions of California Business Center, Inc owned by Steven Kays. Program is operated by Sam Justice Orr Real Estate, LLC in suite 245. Sam has been in the office building since the 1990’s. Related progressive programs are operated by programs run by Sam Morris.

Solano Business Incubator open 8AM to 6PM Mon-Fri

Solano Business Incubator
California Business Center
1652 West Texas Street
Fairfield, California 94533

707 434-8000   Fax 707 427-6422

Friday, January 3, 2014

Solano Investment Club Investing Locally

Solano County's Investment Club Open To Investing In Fairfield

Naturally Solano Investment Club and its members discuss investment options and don't recommend or warrant investment options. Nothing is warranted in any way. 

How Solano Investment Club May Seek To Invest.

An over view:
• Fairfield Service Company Wanted: It must be a service business you run and control. 
• Solano Angel Investors: We can invest your small business in exchange for maybe 5% to 10% equity in your company. 
• Help Fairfield Companies Grow: You get free office space in our Fairfield office building in Solano County near Napa Valley. We can help you grow. The business can be run from our office building and/or someone's home. You have an office building space to call your own if and when needed for client meetings. Get marketing, consulting and more help. Details below. The upcoming web site for the investment club www.SolanoInvestmentClub.Com

Need Investment Training Resources? 
Consider looking up these terms:
“buy a company”, “buy a Fairfield business”, “buy and sell business”, "sell your business", “sell your company”,  “buying and selling businesses”, Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville, "Solano County", etc.