Thursday, March 31, 2011

Learn how to deal with negative people

Learn how to deal with negative people.

How Successful Entrepreneur "Mind Set" Gets New Business Ideas - New Study

Improvising a "general idea" comes before concrete goals.

First, successful Solano County entrepreneurs access their strengths and resources. It's done somewhat on the fly.  Successful Solano entrepreneurs imaginatively respond to contingent scenarios as the new business idea unfolds in their brain.

Solano angel investors and seasoned Solano venture capitalists working with Solano Economic Development Corp and Solano Business Incubator and elsewhere think more like entrepreneurs.

Learn more how new Solano business ideas come to life.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Discounts For Businesses On Office Supplies & More

Check out the local Solano Business to Business Twitter- SolanoB2BCoupon

Solano B2B discounts can save.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 Good Tips For Asking Better Questions

Three Simple Tips For Asking Better Questions

Follow These Good Tips For Asking Better Questions

Good Business To Business Communications Blogs

Solano Business News discovered a good B2B marketing communications blog.
If your business markets itself to other businesses check it out.

Also check out articles in Solano Business News with useful tips:

Blog: - You are now in the blog

Twitter: Paste in your browser

Many Opting To Work Outside Traditional 9-5 Hours

More entrepreneurs and employees are opting to work outside the "9-5 Box".  There are many benefits.

Napa Valley Cooking School Wins Award

Over in Napa, an award for a great logo was given to Napa Valley College’s Napa Valley Cooking School.  San Francisco Bay Area ADDY Awards awarded the cooking school the Gold ADDY award in San Francisco.

California Incomes Rise 2.5%. While US Incomes Rise 3.0%

California personal incomes rose around 2.5 percent in 2010, as reported by US Bureau of Economic Analysis. Nationwide BEA shows they jumped around 3.0%.

Grow into Solano market. Maybe join a chamber of commerce?

Grow into the Solano market by joining a chamber of commerce.  Usually the first visit is only around $5 or $10. If you call ahead they may let you come for free as a prospective member.

Get more Solano Business News tips not posted on this particular blog. Good articles without the junk.  Follow us on Twitter
Solano County Chambers Of Commerce

City of Benicia

City of Dixon

City of Fairfield

City of Rio Vista

City of Suisun City

City of Vacaville

City of Vallejo

For more Solano Business info visit Solano Business Directory

Get Help With Growing Your Business In Solano & Napa. Starting A Business? Or Expanding Into Solano County Market From Another Nearby County?

There are different resources to help your small business start or grow.

Solano Small Business Development Center (Solano SBDC):

Solano Business Incubator offers free consulting, and Solano Virtual Offices (part time shared furnished offices) for only $75/mo. Full time suites include receptionist, conference rooms, internet, janitor, kitchens, PG&E, libraries, and more.

Napa's Business and & Entrepreneurship Center was just awarded a grant to help more entrepreneurs opening shop in Napa:

Can't Legally Sell Pot In Vacaville Any More. Pot Shop Businesses Going Under Ground?

Will Vacaville pot shoppers buy their pot in adjoining counties?

Vacaville City Council just banned pot shops. Not one individual stood up and speak against the marijana ordinance. Vacaville City Council passed the Marijuana shop ban unanimously.

Question is where the pot shoppers will be going now. Pot growers will be changing their business strategy if they want to keep their Vacaville customers.  Vacaville police are not happy with this.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Business Study Says Job Success Mostly From Adaptibility, Creativity & Happiness

Harvard study say happiness is the most competitive advantage one can have in today's business world.

Only 25% of your job successes are associated with one's intelligence and technical skills.  Most of our education and most Solano companies hire based upon this category.  The other very important job success factors include adaptability, optimism, social support creation, plus considering stress as a creative challenge versus threat.

Increasing creative passion in your life is very important.  It involves a high level of creative passion mixed with fun. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Solano Might Feel Some Of Japan's Economic Ripple Effect

With important Japanese parts not always being shipped, different companies are being effected.  Some of the products Solano retailers were expecting to carry may not come.  Others might jump in price a bit.  Despite all this, Solano Business News predicts the three prong Japanese disaster from the earthquake, tsunami then moderate economic fall out won't end up being that bad for Solano County.

NY Times Article:

Japan will suffer much more, unless it uses the trio disaster as the opportunity to really stand up and get their house back in order.

Japan resuming production - NY Times:

Solano Taxes Fight Local Green Energy Innovator. Special Interests Playing A Big Role.

It's alleged that the former IBM employee of 23 years, Chuck Rieger came rolling into Solano County after Innovation Institute, LLC expressed concerns about IBM’s unfair competitive practices.  IBM and Innovation Institute, LLC are both very active in filing patent applications with diverse uses including needed innovations for nuclear safety.

It coincidentally happens that allegations show both IBM and Solano Center for Business Innovation compete against Solano County’s Innovation Institute.  All three share common goals and future markets. Unfortunately Solano Center for Business Innovation and its friends (government and business) are taking time and energy from Innovation Institute nuclear safety patent application development. Innovation Institute did not wish to reveal further details because Innovation needs to maintain good relations with other sectors of local and national government, and “everyone knows each other”. 

Innovation Institute nuclear safety inventions are indirectly related to the center of nuclear power plants.  Their inventions would not touch radioactive material. Had there been fewer road blocks Innovation Institute's unique tests on people making important nuclear safety decisions might have averted past nuclear accidents. Innovation Institute's improved skill training, and tests on IQ, dexterity and ethics might have helped weed out power plant applicants who chose not to increase ocean side plant's tsunami wall heights, or have extra power sources protected from surging waves.

Innovation Institute's goal is to brainstorm nuclear safety issues to come towards better needed innovation.  With plenty of closed doors, getting to first base is a big challenge.  The founder of Innovation Institute lived and worked near both the Fukushima Daiichi, and Chernobyl nuclear power plants.

Check out the blog from the nuclear safety innovation division of Innovation Institute. Paste the below link in your web browser:

Solano tax payers should be more careful with how their city council members financially support Solano Economic Development. This is because Solano Economic Development then intern funds Solano Center for Business Innovation. Solano Center for Business Innovation then indirectly makes it harder for Innovation Institute to find investors for lucrative nuclear safety patent applications that are greatly needed around the world. Innovation Institute spends too much time dealing with government red tape, and Fairfield city's broken promises.  This is already on top of fees that can run over $100,000 just to properly file documents into the US Patent Office which turns a profit from its high fees. At least the patent office is helping balance the deficit.  How is local political favoritism helping Solano and the country?

Solano Business News has more discussions on how Solano government competes with local small businesses in other fields. Nothing in the blog or links are warranted. Solano technological R&D, plus economic development are important, but all too easily influenced by special interests. This might be one reason Governor Jerry Brown wants to cut back funding questionable economic development organizations?

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How Solano Tax Funded Organizations Pick Company Names? Make The Tax Funded Co Name Sound Like The Non-Tax Funded Companies?

Let’s not even ask if Solano tax funds to support economic development should be used to compete against the private sector already doing pretty much the same things.  Google articles on Solano government tax dollars used to compete against smaller private organizations. Get the scoop also at Solano Business News, the blog at FixFairfield.Org, etc.

Where did the tax-funded Solano Center for Business Innovation get its company name?  Why are they making themselves look more like other non-tax funded Solano organizations doing similar things?

Solano Center for Business Innovation has been asked to change its name.  However will the follow through? Who wants to fight government to force their NGO to change their name?

The companies Solano Center for Business Innovation decided to emulate will also include the same key words.  Look carefully at how SOLANO CENTER FOR BUSINESS INNOVATION calls itself. Just the key words were rearranged.  The top company name simply cut and pasted the words they wanted from the company names below:



Not only is Solano Center for Business Innovation following their coat tails by their company name, Solano Center for Business Innovation has chosen to offer related though not identical services. Solano Center for Business Innovation might even be charging higher prices by allegedly not having clearly told all their clients know about the private market’s lower cost options. Solano Center for Business Innovation keeps their marketing costs lower through connections provided by Solano Economic Development, which also gives Solano Center for Business Innovation free office space.  Solano Business Incubator has offered free office space to both Solano Economic Development and Solano Center for Business Innovation, but naturally the tax funded organizations find it easier not to let the public know too much.

The private funded organizations along with Solano Center for Business Innovation generally offer:
• Information & Workshops. Solano Center for Business Innovation charges.  The others offer it usually for free these days. Two small libraries and free books.
• Networking
• Financial help.  The private entities can be angel investors, and also loan money to small businesses.
• Office equipment.
• Computer support.
• Green technology innovations
• Help avoid taxes and government red tape.
• Support Services: This includes free office suite rent for the first one or two months on a month to month lease. Longer leases at include just about everything from internet to free marketing help, and free website to furniture and receptionist, plus Solano conference rooms.  Professional suite rentals start at $375/mo. Solano Virtual Offices™ are $75/mo.

Past local tax supported attempts to fight privately funded small business development programs continually flopped.  Tax payers got stuck with the bill. 

Just look at the Vallejo Business Incubator example that lost probably over $400,000 invested into a converted hair salon next to Goodwill on Vallejo’s Tennessee Street. Solano Business Incubator guesses the real figure to be much higher when all the government support is fully tabulated.  Vallejo Business Incubator’s tax based supporters prefer to remain quiet about the details.

Other related secret plans to provide services similar to California Business Center, Innovation Institute™, and/or Solano Business Incubator™ have come up over the years, and were squashed when the smarter government people had enough say on the matter.  As it’s hard to get complete information on what’s happening, Solano Business News and linked sites never warrant the accuracy of its statements which can only be construed as allegations that need further research and brainstorming.

Despite funds and time spent fighting off tax funded trouble makers, California Business Center continues has offered the most cost effective programs since it was innovated in January 2000 from the previous owners who couldn’t compete against local government game playing.  The previous owners lost millions of dollars and much head ache. Some say the previous owner died younger because of this. But the private organizations say and have shown their  programs are here to stay cost effective for many more decades, whatever the government and its buddies may be planning next.

While many Solano city council members are angry at how Solano tax dollars are miss spent, they don’t usually control the majority vote on their respective city councils in Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville and Vallejo.

When will local government learn that the private sector does it better than they can? The solution is to work together and not against each other.  Business people all know that win-win is the best business strategy. Will government get it?

Older Unemployed Starting Own Solano Businesses

Older professional workers complaining about job discrimination are deciding to start their own businesses instead. With unemployment benefits about to run out, the unemployed Solano professionals not well connected with tax funded Solano economic development programs for start ups are deciding to use their own money to launch new businesses.

Blue Shield Giving A Temporary Price Break To Solano Employers

Solano Blue Shield Health Backing Down

Blue Shield backed down for the time being from their large proposed price increases.  This will put less burden on Solano employers and employees in paying for health insurance premiums.

More on Solano Blue Shield Health Premium Pricing

Safeway Innovations May Bring Creative Thinking To Other Solano Retailers

Will the innovative method Safeway plans to reward frequent shoppers effect how other Solano retailers reward their loyal clients? Special prices only for special clients.

Safeway likens their frequent shopper rewards to how airlines reward their clients.

Will SF Employment Law Changes Impact Solano Unemployment?

San Francisco is thinking about requiring government contractors to hire more people from San Francisco, and not neighboring counties like Solano.  Were Solano to adopt such an ordinance, those who couldn't work in San Francisco might work in Solano?  Or is the whole thing losing touch with free enterprise?  Where is the win-win?

New York Times Article:

Meanwhile good sources for Solano jobs include local newspapers and CraigsList.Org.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nuclear Safety Invention Business In Solano Attracting Investors

The Solano County think tank is innovating nuclear safety patents filed in 80 countries.

The Solano County think tank will release over 100 needed inventions that can help nuclear safety and other fields.



Gearing For Solano Storm – Solano Retailers Expecting Slower Sales In Upcoming Days

Local meteorologists are forecasting a string of northern California storms beginning today and extending into next week. The City of Fairfield is urging residents to make preparations now before the storms affect our area.

Sandbags and sand may be available per your city’s web site for free in limited quantities. Or buy storm sand bags and sand at your hardware store such as Home Depot or Orchard Supply.

Foster Lumber at 1601 West Texas Street in Fairfield near highway I-80 has them too.

Only fill sand bags maybe half full. Smaller bags pack tighter. Smaller bags can be easier to handle, thus avoiding back injuries. Overfilled sand bags can leave gaps that allow water to flow right through.

Make sure drains on your commercial real estate property are continually kept clear.  This can avoid future Solano floods. If water is pooling around a Solano storm drain inlet and beginning to cause localized Solano flooding, provided conditions are safe, residents might rake away to allow free water flow.

Nothing on this blog or linked sites is warranted.  Please contact your city or Solano flood experts for detailed instructions.

Solano business should check their Solano city government home page for Solano storm instructions.  Or visit Solano County capital city Fairfield for instructions at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Solano Small Business Workshops From SBDC

Check out upcoming Solano Small Business Workshops From SBDC - Solano Small Business Development Center.  Fees are usually involved.

Solano Small Business Workshops:

Solano Vendor Opportunities at Lake Solano County Park, and Sandy Beach County Park

Mobile Solano Vendor Opportunities Are Available.

For example, Solano mobile food cart vendor can become a Solano vendor at Lake Solano County Park, and Sandy Beach County Park.  For mobile Solano vendor permits reach Dan Sykes at 707-784-3118; or Dianne Koutz 707-784-3105  Also google: Solano "vendor opportunities" for more Solano vendor opportunities.

Get Your 2011 Labor Law Posters

Got Your 2011 Labor Law Posters?

Solano employeers and businesses are required to post updated California employement posters at their places of employement. You might get fined for not posting the required postings for something like $17,000.

Get Your 2011 Labor Law Posters From Your Local Solano Chamber Of Commerce

Annual Business and Consumer Expo In Fairfield April 4th

Coming up is the 16th Annual Business and Consumer Expo on April 4, 2011 at the Fairfield High School from 4:00pm-7:00pm. Larger place, more space, and tons of potential clients for your Solano business connections. The Annual Business and Consumer Expo is organized by Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce.

Solano Innovation Awards To Local Business & Government Leaders

Solano Business News has given its "Solano Innovation Awards" to Solano leaders for their levels of innovation:

Speed Raceway: They converted the former Circuit City to an innovative indoor speed raceway. A great reuse of space when there's a glut of Solano retail space.

Sherilyn Henry founder of Yippie Yogurt Yippie Yogurt from Yippie Foundation offers work experience to low income youth. to get involved contact Sherilyn Henry at 707 208-0853 or Sherilyn Henry also founded PeaceJam Solano Yippie Yogurt Administration Office, California Business Center, 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, CA 94533.

US Bank & Umpqua Bank: For moving forward with making more innovative business loans despite today's economy.

Curt Johnston, head of Fairfield's Economic Development. Curt Johnston has stretched his limited budget in moving forward with redeveloping central Fairfield's business district. 707 428-7400.

Suisun City Mayor Pete Sanchez, along with the entire Suisun city council: Jane Day, Mike Hudson,  Mike Segala and Sam Derting. Suisun Voters can follow Suisun politics at and Solano politics at

Nuclear response team from Travis Air Force base. We congratulate our military for their help in coming to Japan's assistance.

Suggestions from the public for the next "Solano Innovation Awards" are welcome. Call Solano Business News 707 434-8000.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nuclear Safety Invention From Solano Innovation Institute

Solano Innovation Institute, from Innovation Institute, LLC filed the world’s largest know patent applications concerning problem tracking systems.  The technology can be applied to nuclear power plants and a much wider range of benefits. 

Solano Innovation Institute is working on innovating its technology for nuclear safety. Things would move faster if there was less politics in getting needed green technology investment from Solano Economic Development (also known as Solano EDC). While Solano Economic Development  has many benefits it does work more within the old boy network. More information on Solano Economic Development are in Solano Business News’ older posts.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Solano Businesses Better Protected Against Earthquakes & Tsunamis

Solano County Businesses Are Better Protected Against Inner Bay Area Earthquakes California Coast Tsunamis, & Solano Nuclear Power Plant Meltdowns.

Known major California earthquake fault lines like the Hayward and San Andreas faults are luckily further away.  Being further from the ocean coast line, Solano gets protected from tsunamis as well.

These two reasons, plus the lower cost of housing, and sunnier weather make Solano County an ideal place in which to start and run a business.  Also Solano nuclear power plant melt downs can't happen as Solano County doesn't have nuclear power plants.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Solano Shoppers To Stay Local? Governor Brown Fighting Amazon Not Charging Sales Tax.

If and when California governor Brown can actually force Amazon.Com to charge Solano sales tax, Solano Business News easily predicts more Solano shoppers will be shopping locally.

Also as Solano sales tax is generally lower than other nearby counties, more people from other counties will shop here to take advantage of lower Solano sales tax.

San Francisco Chronicle

Productivity Up. Labor Costs Down.

Increasing productivity and lower labor costs can help Solano County.

See article on 4th quarter figures from the government: - only for subscribers.

Solano County Medium Income Dropped Along With California Income Drop

In 2009,  people from  Solano County filed a total 161,781 income tax returns.

Solano County median income per the Solano tax filings was $73,059. This puts Solano County  up at 9th within California's 58 counties.

For more details on Solano County medium income visit Fairfield's Daily Republic [password or subscription required] at