Saturday, December 26, 2015

California Economic Trends

California And Especially Northern California Economic Trends Look Upward

The region, especially the greater San Francisco Bay Area are driving forces for the rest of California.

While San Francisco Bay Area real estate prices have slowed somewhat they continue to outpace most of the US. The Inner San Francisco Bay Area price rises are positively effecting home and commercial real estate prices in Napa and Solano Counties.  Buyers and renters are taking advantage of the relatively cheaper prices in Napa and Solano Counties.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Heart of Fairfield Program Expected To Revitalize Core Of Solano Capital

Government Officials Believe The Heart of Fairfield Program Will Revitalize The Important Core Of Fairfield The Solano Capital

West Texas Street in the business center drive leading to downtown Fairfield.  Both the Fairfield business center drive and downtown are the vital core of the redevelopment program.  Visit HeartofFairfield.Net to learn more about future improvements.

HeartofFairfield will be meeting Oct 13 from 6 to 8 PM in Fairfield.  Call 707 428-7400 for details.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 4th Fairfield Office Space For Lease Discount

Central Solano County small businesses from Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo and Napa can save half.

The savings continue well past the July 4th period.

The private office space and overhead are free for two months. Usually no Central Solano County office space lease deposit required.  Sign a longer private office space lease and get more free private office space rent. Rents from only $245/mo plus overhead.

Solano County Incubator offers many optional amenities at costs lower than what Central Solano County small businesses would pay for it going solo.

Central Solano County entrepreneurs seeking an hourly Fairfield, CA office, or the Fairfield Virtual Office ™ have a $75/mo program.  The Central Solano County Virtual Office is free to Jan 1. The Central Solano County Virtual Office includes mail receiving with a street address plus hourly use of meeting rooms, WIFI and more.

Solano County Incubator serves the nearby markets.  If you’re looking for traditional office space for rent in xSuisun, Vacaville, Vallejo and Napa the incubator can also help.

Central Solano County small businesses can have two receptionists covering the front desk when the owner or their employees have stepped away.

Optional amenities for full time office suite rentals include:  conference rooms holding several to 49 people.  Fairfield, CA meeting rooms normally $18-$48/hr. Free coffee and tea.  The Fairfield, CA office building service can also sign for packages, receive checks from customers, etc.

Central Solano County July 4th special is sponsored by Solano County Incubator.

Check out Call about renting office space or the virtual office in Fairfield, California at 707 434-8000. After business hours call 707 427-6565.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Solano Drought Will Effect Farm And Watershed Land Values In Vacaville and Fairfield

Solano County Drought Prevention Can Learn From Australia

Northern California’s longest and sharpest drought is trying to learn from Australia which is the planet’s driest inhabited continent.

Northern Californians are studying how Australia coped with its “Big Dry Period” from the late 1990s through 2012. Australia’s city dwellers had to accept tough water supply restrictions as cattle collapsed and died in barren fields, monstrous wildfires killed 173 people, and scores of farms went under.

Australia trades water. Australia’s efficiency programs reduced water supply use to 55 gallons, compared with 105 gallons per day in California.

California drought expert Linda Botterill of the University of Canberra says California droughts are here to stay.

California water officials routinely cite Australia’s experience. Solano County agriculture and California at lerge will have to cut farm water use.

Solano watershed property owners often face higher risks of fire. Even if a house on the Solano watershed property is made to be 100% fire proof, what about other structures on the raw land? Who wants a piece of Solano watershed property if all or most of the natural vegetation from Oak trees to brush burn down?

Northern Californian farmers still say Australia’s medicine is much too cumbersome. Solano real estate prices will be effected. For example Solano watershed property owners, plus buyers and sellers of Solano agricultural land may see big drops in watershed land values.

Northern Californians enjoyed and wasted abundant water for years. How will Vacaville’s and Fairfield’s underground water hold up in the hills and mountains such as in the Vaca Mountain and Blue Ridge mountain ranges? Solano County’s underground water is often running dry with the California water pumps going full force.

Australian National University says, “…the main difference between California and Australia is they’re dominated by a legalistic approach and dominated by rights….Australia’s is a…. more public-policy approach.”

While there may be years when rains may return to normal, the overall impact on Solano farmers and watershed property owners in Fairfield, Vacaville and Napa looks very bad.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fairfield Looking To Revitalize Heart Of Town

The City Of Fairfield California Is Looking Again To Revitalize It's Center

A recent city council meeting showed the Fairfield city council members considering for example major changes to the heart of Fairfield's Allan Witt Park.

Fairfield businesses are also looking forward to further positive improvements to the heart of Fairfield.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fairfield Co-Working: Work with other entrepreneurs. Share ideas.

New Fairfield Co-Working Program To Be Launched.

Solano County needs a place for startups and other entrepreneurial minds can work and share ideas.

The business incubator is looking for a facilitator to expand upon many of the affordable programs started by Solano Business Incubator and its office space leasing programs.

The Fairfield Co-Working office spaces are located near the heart of Fairfield.

Central Solano County Revitalization Thru Heart Of Fairfield Program

New Economic Development Is On The Horizon. Central Solano Will Undergo Revitalization. Fairfield City Council Is Spending Over $800K For Studies On The Heart Of Fairfield Program.

Central Fairfield is both the heart of Solano County and the heart of Fairfield.  The Fairfield city council members are pushing the Heart of Fairfield program to revitalize the main gateway into the town, West Texas Street. Plus downtown Fairfield will also be improved.

The Fairfield California program is also supported by many businesses including Solano Business Incubator which leases office suites to small and medium sized businesses.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Solano Capital To Revitalize The Heart Of Fairfield

California's Solano County Capital Is To Revitalize Central Fairfield Via The New "Heart Of Fairfield" Program. Over 100 People Attended The Jan 27, 2015 Heart Of Fairfield Meeting.

The Heart Of Fairfield program is planning to revitalize Fairfield's main gateway to the $101,000,000 county capital building in central Fairfield.  Plus the city plans to further revitalize downtown Fairfield.

The Heart Of Fairfield West Texas Street program is important for many reasons including:

1. It's the first and last impression visitors get when coming to and leaving Fairfield to and from highway I-80.

2. While downtown Fairfield and North Texas Street received extensive assistance in the past decades, the West Texas Street program had been put on hold.

3. The investments made to other parts of central Fairfield will be synergistically improved upon when the West Texas Street program kicks in.

4. There are more small businesses based on West Texas Street than any other part of Solano County. It seems these Fairfield small businesses are bringing in more economic benefit to the city and county than is going back into improving the gateway.

5.  The Heart Of Fairfield program is what the Fairfield and Solano voters keep asking for.