Sunday, September 30, 2012

Famous Solano Doctor Invented Back Pain Solutions

Vacaville's famous Dr. William O'Connor is getting raving reviews from patents.  Even doctors from outside Solano come to Dr O'Connor for their lower and upper back pains.  Doctor O'Connor is also a Solano County family doctor.

See the new blogs posted about Solano back pain.

Dr William O'Connor Even Wrote A Back Pain Book Describing The O'Connor Back Pain Method TM.  Available on Amazon.Com

"Making Your Bad Back Better, with The O'Connor Technique: How You Can Become Your Own Chiropractor" by Doctor William T. O'Connor

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sacramento Bee Endorsed Mike Hudson For CA State Assembly District 11

The pro business Suisun Vice Mayor Mike Hudson Was Just Endorsed For California's State Assembly District 11.

Sacramento Bee says "Mike Hudson is best for the 11th Assembly. He is independent-minded and attentive to the needs of small business owners."

Sacramento Bee noticed Mike Hudson opponent's slick funding from big corporations and unions. Hudson relies on bare-bones and a lot of hard work.

Read more about what the Sacramento Bee says in their newspaper, and visit Michael Hudson's site for the California State Assembly District 11 Election.