Sunday, June 3, 2018

Solano Business Incubator Beating Prices From Kinkos & Starbucks

Solano County's Business Incubator Is Beating Prices From Kinkos & Starbucks.

At Solano Business Incubator clients enjoy 4 cent copies with free unlimited gourmet coffees.  All this comes with free WiFi.  The private office spaces for rent, plus conference rooms and Fairfield co-working offer flexible and professional work environments.

This is why more new and existing companies have been choosing Solano Business Incubator for their office space and meeting needs than any other office building in the four county area of Lake County, Napa County, Solano and Yolo Counties for the past two decades.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How California Startups Get Discovered On The Web

Search Engines Are Key To Marketing.  Discover How California Startups Get Discovered On The Web In Today's World.

Solano Business Incubator is a division of California Business Center, Inc 707 434-8000. Solano Business Incubator helps many startups in California's Solano County with their web needs. The startup business incubator has helped over a thousand small businesses in many ways.

The Fairfield California marketing company serves small businesses located in Fairfield, plus Solano County's other six cities of Benicia, Dixon, Rio Vista, Suisun and Vacaville.

The Fairfield office building tenants can get a new website created by Solano Business Incubator for $100. The business incubator suggests all businesses to keep control of their website domain name by registering it through a web registrar. Keep control of your important domain name incase you need to change your website development and web marketing company. Reserve the domain name several years ahead as others can grab your domain name if it expires.

Solano Business News also at the California Business Center is always looking for interesting business news for its Solano County followers in Benicia, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun and Vacaville in Northern California. By getting posted in Solano Business News free of charge, you have another way to promote your business if you have newsworthy content.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Interesting Way To Sell Carpet In Solano County Without Paying Rent For Show Space

Sell & Buy Solano Carpet At Wholesale Prices.

An Interesting Way To Buy & Sell Carpet In Solano. Yes And Without Paying Rent For Show Space.

Clients come to the carpet company's office to see carpet samples.  As the samples themselves can take little room they are kept on the side of the office.  The carpet company gets free space for showing their carpet because the space is also used for other professional business activity.


1. Solano carpet company wheels in their carpet samples on a nice wagon.  Samples are nicely piled up.  The samples can be laid out on the large table in conference room 235 or large L shape desk with credenza in room 238.

2. Client comes to the receptionist desk. When the receptionist can take them to a conference room where the Solano carpet company person is waiting.

3. Carpet buyer selects the desired sample and is quoted a price per square yard.

4. The Solano carpet company visits the client's home in Solano, Napa or nearby Yolo county to measure the space and give an exact cost.

5. Quality affordable carpet is delivered either to the client or directly to the office building's tall storage units on the east or west sides of the Fairfield office building space rented at California Business Center 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, CA.

6. Credit card or check payments can be made directly to the carpet company's Fairfield rep or to California Business Center, Inc.

Key point is the carpet company can serve clients in Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville needing floor coverings. Discounted carpet can also be installed in Napa, and areas surrounding Davis in Yolo County. Consider other floor coverings in wood, laminate, etc.

However you slice it, the carpet startup should keep the lion's share of the profits. If you are looking to partner up or start your very own carpet company for the Solano, Napa and Yolo county market contact California Business Center at 707 434-8000.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Starting A Tree Trimmer Company In San Francisco Bay Area? Picking The Right Name

There is lots to picking a right name for your web presence.  

Websites like NapaTreeTrimming.Com are available for a tree trimmer.  While an arborist might be called ABC Company, the web name is critical for easier marketing.

Benefits from having the right web domain name for an arborist:

- Have an easy to remember web site name.
- Include the name of the geographical location.
- Only include essential terms in the domain name.
- The terms would be the most likely terms one would use when searching for an arborist.  Note that many people don't know what an arborist is, so using tree trimmer is a smarter option.

With an effective web site name like or you might not need to pay to advertise your arborist services.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Unfair To Farmers In Solano & Napa Counties? Water Pump Companies Can Stop Water

There's A Big Concern That Farmers Are Treated Unfairly.  The Lack Of Water Is Already Pushing Farmers To The Edge.  Next Are The Irrigation Pump Companies.

What Happens If A Pump Company Won't Service Farmers Without Unusually High Fees?

Farmers and vineyards in Solano and Napa can have a hard time finding a company to handle their irrigation pumps in today's market.  The demand for pump companies in Solano and Napa Counties is such that you have little choice but to go with and pay whatever the pump company wants says Solano Pumps.

A new type of water war? Few plumbers have the specialized water pump license. License water pump companies can simply say they won't serve a farmer and the farmer can't turn to their regular plumber. Solano Pumps and Napa Pumps are associations of those looking for a quality pump company to move into the Solano - Napa market.

Free commercial space is even being offered to a new water pump company from the Solano Business Incubator because local farmers need help.


This is when water is drawn from a fresh source, then moved to a needed location within the Solano or Napa county land. There is the energy required to pump water, especially if taking water from a descending location to one with higher elevation.

The ancient concept of the aqueduct focused on maintaining elevation of water for as long and far a distance as possible. A good aqueduct system requires a fresh water source existing at a higher elevation than the location where the water can be of use. Gravity does all the work. Otherwise a pump is needed by the Solano - Napa farmer.

A fresh water source can come from a underground well or provided by Solano and Napa county water resources.  It's used for irrigation in California's dry climate, livestock, cooking, cleaning or other uses by humans. There are different types of water pumps used by Solano Napa farmers and others. They include: Coil pumps, special Spiral pumps and other types of pumps for water. Any comments about existing pump companies are opinions that were requested be kept from print. However Solano Pump and Napa Pump will be happy to recommend local water pump companies who offer to treat your fairly. Also details for more types of water pumps and their comparisons.


The consortium is happy to offer free initial rent to a new Solano Napa water pump company filling in the void.  The space available is near where Solano and Napa Counties meet at 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, California.  They also offer conference room rentals, prewired internet and phones, plus furnished and unfurnished office spaces for professional engineers and others.

Target market for the new Solano Napa water pump company can include:
Napa County: downtown Napa, Yountville, St Helena, Calistoga, etc
Solano County: Fairfield, Suisun, Rio Vista, Vacaville, Dixon
Yolo County (quick drive via highway 80): Davis, Winters and West Sacramento
Contact the business incubator about the estimated market size for water pumps.


The business incubator helps startups and new satellite offices in many ways. Solano Business Incubator and Solano Business News are a division of California Business Center, Inc.  If you wish to start any type of engineering or other professional business and need commercial real estate space contact Steve at Solano Business Incubator 707 434-8000. The incubator has been renting space since Jan 2000.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Solano County Economy Doing Well. Step By Step It's Getting Better.

Solano Business Incubator Shows California's Solano County Economy Is Doing Well

Based in Fairfield California, Solano Business Incubator has been keeping the pulse of small to large businesses and finds the level of economic growth appears to continue its growth.

Fairfield Co-Working. An Interesting Trend. Rent Table Space Hourly Or Daily,

Fairfield Co-Working is the only shared office space of its kind in Solano County, California.  The reason Fairfield Co-Working ™ is the only co-work space is that there is a limited demand for this type of office space for rent in Solano County.