Sunday, July 3, 2022

Fairfield Illegal Pot Growers Fined Under $1M. Not Profitable Business To Grow Pot In Fairfield?

Solano County’s Fairfield police department slammed $790,000 to marijuana growing facilities in just one weekend.

Each illegal Fairfield cannabis grow may not have expected they would get thrown under the bus.  Fairfield police department  explained pot growers, are bad “immediate risks to public health and safety and to the natural environment.”  

Further, Fairfield police said “Unlawful cannabis cultivation…. incentivize unlawful activity at cannabis cultivation sites for as long as possible pending harvest,” 

Medical studies show pain reduction benefits.  But they are showing negative impacts on those addicted to pot, despite misleading or shady ads saying otherwise. “Cannabis cultivation also creates increased nuisance impacts to neighboring properties because of the hazardous wastes and solvents used in illegal cultivation while comprising the health and safety of nearby residents.”  It’s unfair that Solano County tax payers must pay to help those needing medical attention. So huge fines help keep the government anti pot crusade in the black?


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