Wednesday, October 9, 2019

How To Find A Good Business Partner

How Do Solano Business People Need Pick The Right Partners?

Six Ways To Seek A Good Business Partner

Honesty and Ethics

Essential for any long-term business relationship is honesty and ethics. You need to trust each other.  Are they disclosing important aspects on the pros and cons of new paths your company may take?  Look into their eyes and watch their body language. Listen to your intuition.

True Deep Loyalty

Do you have each other’s backs? Happy comradery when things go well is good, and what about when you hit bumpy roads? Will they stick thru the tough times?


Do they always try to pass the blame to someone else at the office? It’s always somebody else’s fault except their own. Do they show up at the office or make excuses?


A compassionate business partner has a heart.  They will hopefully care about you and the partnership’s clients. 


Find a partner who will push you, and drive you to success. Your partner needs different skill sets and perspectives.

Love To Learn & Explore

Do they already claim to “know almost everything”?  Have they learned from experience, a business incubator, or the local small business development center? Do they search the internet and read business news, and stay on top of trends?

Listen To Logic And Your Intuition Before Embarking On A Partnership.


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