Tuesday, December 14, 2010

City Publishes Glossy Downtown Fairfield Business Directory

City Of Fairfield Publishes Glossy Downtown Fairfield Business Directory.  Solano County's other cities Benicia, Dixon, Suisun and Vacaville are looking to innovate their downtown small businesses by looking at how Fairfield Downtown Association new directory Margaret Manzo, and Solano Business Incubator are helping Fairfield business thrive. Solano Economic Development Corp is funding related activities too.

For other Solano business postings, check out the other blog postings on this free Solano Business News blog.
Also check out the upcoming Solano Business Directory from Solano Business Incubator.  Readers receiving free RSS feeds for Solano Business Directory can get free listings in the Solano directory.  Solano Business Directory will also focus on Solano non-profits, government agencies, sources for good business tips, and much more.  Many of the proposed links are in this blog's earlier posting.

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