Sunday, November 6, 2011

Is Fairfield's Watch Dog Really Being Harassed Or Is This A News Stunt?

Why is FixFairfield.Org after all these years saying for the first time that they may stop covering a brewing concern about the storm surrounding mayor Harry Price? Are the facts supplied by FixFairfield.Org fantasy or fact?

Another topic FixFairfield.Org rarely covered are the the sudden deaths of Frank Kardos and Matt Garcia.  These two healthy Fairfield city council members challenging local government ethics died the same month a few years back.

So there is a definite pattern of some sort? But does this demonstrate a concerted effort to stop investigations into Fairfield City Hall?  What documents is Harry Price not handing over to the journalist inquiry coming from FixFairfield.Org?

These and many other questions remain unanswered. Calls to Harry Price have not yet been returned. 


  1. This is serious stuff. Will Solano Business News also get shut down for retaliation? I thought this did not happen so often in California?

    Wow are we wrong. It's all hush hush.