Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How To Attract Solano Manufacturers: Give Exclusive Manufacturing Rights. Become Only US Manufacturer If Inventions Are Made In Solano County.

Best Way To Lure Manufacturers To Solano County? Giving Them Exclusive Manufacturing Rights If Inventions Made Locally Is One Way.

Great way to generate high paying Solano jobs.

Start small and grow big.  Engineers and manufacturers are invited by Solano's Innovation Institute to open shop in Solano County.  

What other California county offers you exclusive rights to make an invention? The catch is you must open up shop in your county. Patents increases the potential profit margins for manufacturing the invention. With no competitors, it's easier to turn high profits.  Venture capitalists know a good patent can allow the manufacturer safety from competitors trying to steal the invention idea.

Steps To Launch Your Invention Start Up Include:

• Pick from the list of hot inventions: Pick an electronic gadget from

• Manufacture It Locally: Gain exclusive US rights to the inventions IF you do some of the manufacturing in Solano County. Innovation Institute prefers production be done in Solano County, and is open to working with other open minded California cities.

• Perhaps 2% of all sales could be used for economic development. The manufacturer writes to the check to their local non profit organization, or city hall.

• The manufacturer controls pricing. You can charge more if you have the exclusive rights.

• US Production Costs: Though it could be cheaper to make it say in South Korea, the patent rights give you the courage to produce locally and hire locally. In other words, the exclusive rights to manufacture and sell the selected invention allows the Fairfield manufacturer to carry a higher production cost.
• Assemble all or part of the invention in Solano County. Part might come from the best supplier. Or manufacture certain parts in Solano, and assemble the invention elsewhere.
• The Fairfield manufacturer may pay 0% to 5.8% royalty to Innovation Institute until the year 2020. Sample license agreement
• Innovation Institute can freely sell the invention outside the US if it is not imported back into the US.

There are many ways of creating high paying tech jobs in Solano County.  Having exclusive rights for hot inventions is what the Solano start up or manufacturers needs. Tinker around with the invention in a garage. Show it to local and national investors. Find partners to go in on it with you by investing their time, in exchange for a share of your profits.

How would you propose these draft details be carried out? Propose something! Details can be ironed out later.  Innovation Institute would love to view constructive thoughts entrepreneurs and engineers may have in making this work.

If one invention doesn't work, then work on the next electronic invention. Innovation Institute has thousands more electronic inventions in a wide range of categories from A to Z. You only need one excellent invention to make a big success. Interesting sample inventions are listed at Innovation Institute inventions are used by countless manufacturers worldwide.

Next time someone complains about California state not sending over money, tell them to consider Innovation Institute’s invention co-development plan. While nothing is warranted, take the first step to make a difference. Details on the interesting invention co-development plan are being discussed with Fairfield, California’s economic development department. Innovation Institute welcomes engineers, manufacturers and other city economic development people to contact us if they promise to create local US jobs.

Learn about getting exclusive rights through a patent. How can exclusive electronic patent rights enable you to be the only manufacturer?  Visit for starters.

Innovation Institute, LLC is one of California’s most productive invention factories. They are at 1 707-428-5000. Check out the hot inventions at

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