Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Business Incubator's Fairfield Office Spaces For Rent Help Startups Save Costs

Fairfield startups keep overhead to just a minimum. Flexible Fairfield office spaces with no money down. 

Do you want to impress your Solano County, California clients every time you see them?  Small Fairfield businesses can make very meeting count in their favor.

Pay Only For What You Need
Personalized Receptionist Service

Word Processing and Clerical
Photocopying: only 4 cents and color is 24 cents
Notary Service
Full Mail Facility
Conference Rooms with Audio/Visual Equipment   
High Speed Internet Access
Website and Internet

Live Fairfield Telephone Answering: Friendly and professional Fairfield receptionists will answer your calls with your Fairfield company name and patch the call to your office or cell. Control where those calls go from an online control panel, or even send them to voicemail if you are unavailable.
Fairfield Mail Service: Get a real Fairfield street address for your business letterhead instead of some P.O. Box. Fairfield Business Incubator receives your mail and can forward hold them in the Fairfield office for you, or forward it. They sign for FedEx and UPS packages too.
Fairfield Conference Rooms: Instead of meeting at a Solano coffee shop, and meet clients in one of the many impressive Fairfield conference rooms.
Do you need a Fairfield office space occasionally or everyday? Considering working from your home? The Fairfield Virtual Office offers the cost effective competitive edge. Consider the Solano Virtual Office alternative at www.SolanoVirtualOffice.Net for seventy five dollars a month.

Fairfield Business Incubator is part of Solano Business Incubator at www.CBCFairfield.Com


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