Sunday, July 1, 2012

Solano Start Up Offers Affordable Help For Inventors

Fairfield's Adaptive Patent Search saves money for inventors.

Fairfield's Adaptive Patent Search helps Solano inventors save when doing online research about an invention.  Inventors search to see who else may have come up with the idea.  Patent searches are normally very expensive. Solano inventors can learn to bypass paying for patent databases.  The best one Thomson Innovation might cost a minimum of $13,000 a year or so.

Adaptive Patent Search TM also helps Solano County's engineers and creative thinkers in Vacaville, Dixon, Suisun City, Rio Vista, Vallejo.  It's tied with Napa Business Incubator TM and Solano Business Incubator TM.

The cheapest known patent search service known in Solano County, Napa and Yolo County starts at $100. Others can charge thousands of dollars and might even do their searches on a more limited database.  

Fairfield's Adaptive Patent Search is at 707 427-6426

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  1. It's Time We Have A Napa & Solano Start Up Offers Affordable Help For Inventors