Saturday, November 24, 2012

Unemployed Solano Professionals Starting New Companies On Shoe String Budgets

Solano business employers are saving money with their overhead costs.  Those who can’t find a job are also using their skills to start their own business on a shoestring budget.  This is where the local incubator can help.

The Solano Business Incubator™ provides Fairfield office rentals for Solano County start-ups, small businesses, and Fairfield branch offices.
Solano Business Incubator creative options includes private Fairfield office suites, free high speed internet, professional conference rooms, live telephone answering, four cent copies and more.

The most flexible terms in the county are the incubator.
They save over half what traditional local office spaces would cost a start up. The Solano small business center saves tenants from also paying and maintaining their high speed internet. You don’t need to be covering receptionist salary, payroll taxes and important employee benefits. Skip signing long leases for equipment rentals. Included are the janitorial services, electricity, heating and air conditioning.

Solano Virtual Office at $75 a month offers a professional image without the cost.  Receive your mail.  Get your name on the building directory. Put the address on your business cards and promotional material. Rent the best priced Fairfield conference rooms for $18 or $24 an hour. Hotels charge many times the cost. The first four hours are included.

The Fairfield executive suite leases are month to month, and can be made longer. No deposit is normally needed at Solano Business Incubator.

Solano Business Incubator is at California Business Center ™ located right near intersecting highways I-80, 680 and highway 12, in Fairfield, California.

Share your ideas on how unemployed Solano professionals are starting their own companies and becoming their own bosses.

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  1. They do all this without government tax help too..! Other cities can't get this help without spending tax dollars.