Saturday, January 25, 2014

CA Drought May Hurt Agriculture Land Values. Hilly Land Subject To Worst Forest Fires

Drought Will Impact Land Values For California Agricultural Land.

California's worst drought for hundreds of years. Expect huge drought impacts on California. Drought impacts can include: Water rationing. Higher food prices. Struggling farm and raw land owners. Drop in agricultural land. The 2013 and 2014 droughts are expected to drop agriculture land values.  

Smart agricultural land owners are selling before the full drought impacts come about.  California watershed land is of particular risk due to the many expected forest fires. Trees will be less able to withstand forest fires and brush fires.

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  1. What impact will the drought have on California watershed land values? We predict big drops in California watershed land values. Who wants watershed land that is subject to brush or forest fires? Plus worsening drought predictions for future years means ground water is more likely to dry out faster. Less underground water from less rain can make California watershed land values drop. The drop may happen slowly because real estate prices drop more slowly than stocks.