Friday, May 5, 2017

Heart Of Fairfield Plan: Revitalizing Central Fairfield Comes With Politics

Central Fairfield will become greatly revitalized says outgoing Carl Dumas, head of Fairfield's community development department.  While Dumas may be retiring with many questions about the true reasons of his leaving City Hall, he says the Heart Of Fairfield Plan remains on track.

There's a reason why Governor Brown stopped funding Fairfield's Redevelopment Agency programs say Solano Business News.  With lack of transparency, California state didn't feel comfortable paying out all the monies.

Solano Business News and its affiliates pushed for the needed Heart of Fairfield Plan before the year 2001 start date was proposed.  Politics is what kept things moving forward. Those asking the mayor and city council questions were described as "stepping out of line".

While there's a large PDF document describing the Heart of Fairfield Plan on the city website, it fails to clearly answer the more important questions posed by property owners on West Texas Street, downtown and surrounding 500+ acres of private commercial and residential real estate.

Whatever the complexities, West Texas Street is the main gateway and first impression visitors have of Fairfield.  Continued improvement to West Texas Street and the well redeveloped downtown are much needed for Fairfield's long term prosperity.

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  1. Unfair Fairfield is how those not in the Fairfield Old Boy Network might describe the city of Fairfield.