Saturday, September 2, 2017

Solano Business Incubator Helps Small Service Businesses Grow

Solano Business Incubator Can Help Whatever Your Business Service Startup Idea Might Be.

Free Help: Also get free help for your business service startup by contacting Solano Business Incubator. Run your business idea by us and ask what we think. There also are free gov assistance programs. Our goal is for you to succeed then you'll remain our long term client.

More people are starting to become their own boss. They are tired of seeing others profiting from their labor when they feel they can do the same or better on their own says Steve Kays, CEO of Solano Business Incubator near highways 80 and 12. describes how tenants (called "clients" by the incubator) enjoy private offices with almost everything ready to go. Often requires zero or minimal capital investment. For example you can enjoy WiFi, Receptionist, Office Equipment and much more for a fraction of the cost of getting it on your own. The incubator also hosts the Solano Conference Room Rental program at only $18 to $48 an hour.

Very Flexible: Start mo to mo to try everything out without long term commitments.

Details at or 707 434-8000

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