Saturday, October 5, 2019

Solano Economic Development Conference & Unfair Old Boy Networks Using Tax Payer Money

Solano EDC (Solano Economic Development Corp) President Sandy Person has positive and negative business views ab out Fairfield, Vacaville, Suisun and Vallejo and Northern California. Commercial real estate including office space rentals are doing better in 2019 than some past years.

Goal is to bring 200 new jobs and a half-billion dollars for Solano economic development. It took place at Fairfield's Hilton Garden Inn on the 80 Highway Corridor Vallejo through Dixon with intersecting highways 680, 12 and 505, etc.

NorthBay Healthcare is helping Fairfield's economy along with Solano Business Incubator

An economic study of Solano's Highway 12 can show where truck traffic goes for the Solano Transportation Authority. Also we need to look at the effect politicians are having on naming "Business Center Drive" in Fairfield and the effect it has on pre-existing business centers of Fairfield and neighboring cities.

Robert Eyler, economics department chair with Sonoma State University hopes for some encouraging economic news for California.

Solano Business News ™ says Solano County is creating new medium and higher paying jobs. Vacaville, Fairfield and much of Solano has sees residential real estate demand market, but investment demand could be higher. It also sees "special deals" between commercial real estate developers helping the "privileged Solano old boy network" against other honest landlords renting out their spaces.

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