Monday, November 18, 2013

Add Color To Your Office With Easy To Grow Cosmos Flowers

Easy way to have fresh cut flowers in your office space all summer to November.

How? Solano County's climate is great for growing cosmos flowers.  They bloom all summer through November. Plant the seeds and watch the bloom.  Bring fresh flowers to your office each week, as you replace out last week's flowers.  Place office flower vases throughout your office space.  Enjoy the great comments.

How To Grow Cosmos Flowers In Solano County For Your Business Office:

The can grow up to six and and a half fee.  The thin light green leaves are simple, and arranged in opposite pairs. The flower color is very variable between the different species.

Growing Cosmos From Seed In Solano, California:
• Cosmos flowers are relatively durable and are also one of the easiest plants to grow from seed.
• Cosmos seed planting method. Just scatter the seeds and sow. Rub soil between your fingers over the seeds to spread the dirt somewhat evenly.
• Cosmos are probably adaptable to almost any kind of Solano soil. Give them ample water during germination.
• Cosmos bloom continuously until the first frost. With its distinguished forms and vibrant colors in Solano until November and may continue until early December.
• As generous re-seeders, you can either save the Cosmos seed for next year's garden, or let the seeds from the previous summer scatter the seeds for you.

Indoor Flowering Plants Your Office Space:

Easier to grow plants give flowers on and off throughout the year. These medium light flowering office plants are African violets, and orchids. Enjoy cosmos during the summer months, while supplementing additional office color with African violets (quite easy to grow), and orchids.

Useful Links For Cosmos Flowers Outdoors Spring Thru Frost :

Growing from seed:

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  1. Easy to grow. Great to bring in a fresh batch of flowers to your office every week.