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Solano Agricultural Investors In Fairfield, Suisun, Rio Vista and Vacaville

Solano Montezuma Hills Windmill Moratoriums Example
Economic Viability Of Solano Agriculture Business
Solano Ranching Orchards & Duck Clubs

Another Drop In Solano Farm Values?

Buyers and Sellers Are Privy To The Same Solano Agricultural Information. How Will Solano Agricultural Investors Be Investing In Fairfield, Suisun, Rio Vista and Vacaville?

1. Montezuma Hills Windmill Moratorium:
There’s a moratorium on new Montezuma Hills windmill installations. The Montezuma Hills windmills moratorium applies to commercial windmills for generating electricity sold to PG&E.  Actually the Montezuma Hills windmills moratorium is Solano County wide.  It’s that Montezuma Hills has a high portion of Solano County’s windmills.

2. Recent 200 Feet Height Limit Also Restricts Solano County Moratorium:
While Solano windmills are restricted to being no closer than ½ mile from highway 12, the 200 feet height limit may be more restrictive.  Commercially viable windmills like to reach 500 or more feet to catch faster winds. The 200 feet windmill height limit (also applies to other structures) to the north side of highway 12.  However the Solano County Board of Supervisors is thinking of enacting the 200 feet limit to the south side of highway 12 as well.

Will The Windmill Moratoriums Effect Montezuma Farm Real Estate Values? Smart Solano farmers may soon be selling their farms due not only to the new ordinances, but the severe drought conditions.  Lack of grass due to the short grass growing season is hampering cattle ranchers.  Solano hay costs have risen too. Plus what happens if the water wells dry out?  California has made it harder to get alternative water sources to Solano farmers.

Valuing Solano County Farm Real Estate Values:
Commercial Solano Real Estate brokers need to calculate in  the recent negative impacts on Solano farms before suggesting what a farmer’s agricultural land might be worth.  How can one restrict themselves to rosy prices from earlier farm sales before the long term effects from California’s drought took place? California pastureland rents were quoted at $11.50 per acre back in 2012, down from maybe $12.50 per acre in 2011. With the current drought, pasture land for livestock may be even less valuable. Land is worth the money it may generate the owner and their heirs decades and perhaps centuries in the future.

Many Issues Effecting Montezuma Hills Farm Value:
Lack of underground water if often a big issue.  Where to get water when the farmer runs out?  Check into the Hastings Track water availability matter. Very rocky soil, with little top soil might do little more than maybe allow the growing for hay or some wheat.  There is the benefit of possible crop insurance but the insurance costs money and the profits aren’t even much even in good years. The Suisun and Rio Vista farmers have issues.

Solano Farm Value Predictions:
Future Solano agricultural farm valuations are a serious matter.  Don’t believe anyone telling you what future Solano agricultural farm valuations will look like.
• Solano Duck hunting clubs: With the drought there can be fewer ducks. Popular Suisun duck clubs often are money losing propositions.

Solano Windmill Regulation Sources:
• Disclaimers: This blog is discussing information being gathered.  Bloggers are encouraged to correct errors. This short study only looked into these Solano and Napa County regions: Fairfield, Suisun City, Vacaville, Rio Vista, Benicia, Gordon Valley, Cordelia, Green Valley, English Hills, land along the Sacramento River.
• Solano County Zoning Regulations - General Site: 
• Travis Air Force Base

Solano County Planning Department 707 784-6765.
Solano County Planning Department is part of Solano County’s Resource Management.  California’s Solano County Planning handles unincorporated farm lands outside Benicia, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Fairfield, Vacaville and Dixon. They handle Agricultural, residential, watershed, marsh, commercial zoning.  Growing grapes. Other viticulture activity.
• Agriculture Interests: farming walnuts, almonds, cherries, peaches, vegetables, etc. Cattle, goat, lamb ranch for grazing. Or even raising and training hunting dogs. Solano Duck hunting clubs in protected Suisun marshlands.
• Alternative Solano Energy. Installing windmills or solar power. Light manufacturing.

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