Wednesday, October 19, 2016

People Working From Home Often Are Happier Working In A Shared Office Environment With Other Small Companies

Studies show working from home often increases stress. Reasons include feeling left out at work and when promotions are being made.

Working from one's residence can blur those lines separating work from home. This can lead to one being less focused while they should really be working.  Alternatively, it can lead to more stress thinking about work when you're not working.

It's claimed that well over half of telecommuting employees consider telecommuting socially isolating.

Entrepreneurs prefer working from places like the Solano Business Incubator, along with others in the same Fairfield office building with shared office spaces for rent in Solano County, California.

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  1. Less stress. Keep work and life separate. It works. One of many reasons why office buildings were created in the first place centuries ago.