Monday, October 10, 2016

Posturing In Solano County & US Elections. Substance Versus "Talk"

US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are perfect examples for constant chatter and posturing.  Little substance.  They are busy posturing.

The intelligent political mind will often decipher "political conversations" as mostly posturing when it comes to elections each cycle.

Political posturers often seek to look good, often at their opponent's expense.  Could they focus more on the common good in Solano County, California and the US?  

It's hard to decipher better from worse Solano election candidates.  One way is to study who is giving special interest money to the candidates, especially in Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo.

Over in Napa County which of the supervisors are getting more money from the special wine and tourism interests?  This doesn't necessarily disparage the donors, it simply shows who the candidates are controlled by.

Political fliers paid by donors tend to lack substance. With luck you'll find details on the websites listed in the fliers. Most people hardly look at the political mailers except for a glance at best.

Steve Kays

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