Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Solano Walmart To Bring More Tax Revenue. More Pressure On Other Solano Retailers.

First A Recession.  Now Expect More Pressure On Other Solano Retailers From Solano Walmarts.

Government body voted to approve the Suisun Walmart project. More paper work is needed.

The new Walmart will now mitigate for some watercourse before Suisun Walmart can start construction.

Coming is 182,000-square-foot Suisun Walmart Supercenter by Walters Road Highway 12 in Suisun.

Good news is Suisun needs more tax revenue.  The Fairfield Walmart by highway 12 and I-80 will close and move to Fairfield's North Texas Street.

How will Solano Walmarts effect Suisun and Fairfield businesses?

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