Friday, October 29, 2010

Solano Elections: Jane Day & Others May Win Suisun.

Solano County voters are predicted to vote Jane Day candidate into Suisun political office. Solano election is about more Solano job openings from small business.

Jane Day is much liked by the Suisun voters. Jane Day has been pro Solano small business development. Unofficial Solano election gossip says Jane Day will win the election with the most votes on Nov 2nd.

The other Solano County election candidates showing strong interest in helping Solano businesses in creating more jobs include

• Solano Board of Supervisors Election: John Vasquez – re-election
• Suisun Election: Suisun Mayor Pete Sanchez – re-election, Suisun City Council Jane Day – re-election.
• State Assembly District 8: Mariko Yamada.

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