Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Business Concept Lands In Solano County

Driven Raceway is targeting Solano’s family market. They will offer innovative indoor race carts going up to 45 MPH. It might open Oct. 16 in Fairfield’s former Circuit City.

There is nothing yet like it in Solano County.  Stearn, the chief executive officer and Towery, the chief operating officer for Driven Raceway are very excited.

This will be Driven Raceway’s second store.  It will be near enough to their Sonoma store.

With their high prices, and probably high insurance premiums, let’s hope they turn a healthy profit.  Pricing:

Solano is more innovative than some may think.  Did you know Solano County (especially Fairfield) has one of the world’s highest number of inventions in country? Remember, you read this first here. More in future blogs here at

The entertainment concept is a smart adaptation of the previous Circuit City building.  Evolution can be tough.  Good Guys was partly taken out by Circuit City.  Then Circuit City was hurt by Best Buy.  What’s going to replace indoor race cart driving in the upcoming decades?

Solano needs more smart innovators to take us out of our economic slump.

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