Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rio Vista Economic Development

It appears Rio Vista can't afford an economic development person.

Rio Vista used to have a friendly economic development person. Steven Kays had good conversations and brainstorming back five years ago with Rio Vista's economic development officer. If he's still around, maybe offer him the job back. He knows the ropes and won't take as much staff time to manage and teach the ropes. Plus loyalty to past government employees is proven to keep staff costs lower.

Alternatively, consider hiring one of the many unemployed spending hours sending our resumes. A more effective way to do something is taking charge, than just complain about the economy.  Let the new Rio Vista economic development person present proposals to the Rio Vista City Council and take things from there! Steven Kays has over the years suggested so many ideas to the different economic development departments in Solano that failure to move forward isn't an option.  This can be done without net costs to Rio Vista tax payers.

Details on the current problems in Rio Vista at (print subscribers get free passwords).

The new person might work as an independent contractor for remuneration based on results. There are ways this can be done if one has a business mind.

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  1. Rio Vista California has lots of potential for good redevelopment and economic growth. Rio Vista has more than just the tourism business.