Thursday, November 4, 2010

Solano Buying Tastes: Customers More Or Less Conservative?

What are common Solano buying tastes? How can you best predict what Solano services or customers Solano customers are most likely to buy? The subject has dozens of main components. Are you open minded into looking at what might constitute your Solano customer buying preferences?

Naturally look at common factors within your industry nationwide.  Then consider the Solano regional differences. What sells well elsewhere in California may not sell as well here. Solano customer preferences will be shown to have at least moderate deviations from the norm. Step outside the Solano mindset and look at Solano customer buying preferences objectively.

Factors To Consider:
• Solano election voter traits: More below
• Worldliness: Travis Air Force gives people lots of travel experience.  Plus those who do travel share their experiences with those who are less fortunate to have traveled as much.
• Proximity to Inner Bay Area: Napa, Berkeley, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. These regions often pride in their worldliness.  Their greater level of liberal intellectuals exposes those in Solano to alternative ideas. At least your Solano clients might be more accepting of liberal modalities, even if such are not fully embraced.
• Proximity to Central Valley: Their citizens are more conservative, and will influence Solano tastes and buying decisions accordingly.
• Bedroom Community: This facet pushes people usually to the more conservative.  

Comments Innovation Institute Received About Solano Buying Tastes Versus The Inner Bay Area (not necessarily our opinion - so don't take this personally). Most other Solano business information sources may not have the guts to reprint the following:
• Spends less. Expects more value for the money.
• More prone to celebrate bank holidays, so are more able to shop on those days.
• Spend much of their purchasing dollars outside Solano County.
• Restaurants: Less healthy food oriented, yet this is changing. Exotic ethnic foods are becoming more popular - look at the new Afghanistan restaurant's popularity in Fairfield's Gateway mall, but the health oriented Chipotle's (started by McDonalds) is much more crowded.
• Yoga is growing in popularity but remains well behind the Inner Bay Area
• Book purchasing: Fewer people book aficionados touring used book stores. However thrift stores remain popular for the thrifty Solano consumer.
• More willing to drive a few extra miles.

Detailed analysis on Solano buying tastes can be created by Innovation Institute in Fairfield at 707 428-5000.

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