Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tattoo Parlor Price Wars. When Can Cheapest Tattoo Parlor Be Dangerous?

Solano Tattoo Parlor Price Wars

Solano tattoo parlors are all the rage but did you know the following?
• The more tattoos a person has, the greater the likelihood they have caught hepatitis C.
• Tattoo parlors that don't change both the needles, and the ink for each color used can transmit any number of diseases you don't want to learn how to pronounce.  Hepatitis C in Solano County is only one of them.
• Solano government is not really monitoring Solano tattoo shops enough.
• Why doesn't Solano county government monitor Solano tattoo parlors? It's a "free speech" thing. But what about freedom from catching disease from the previous tattoo client exercising their free speech?
• Vacaville tattoo parlor price wars are such that not replacing ink cartridges can make a big difference as to whether the Vacaville tattoo parlor stays in business or goes bankrupt.

While Solano County Environmental Health requires some license and does some Solano tattoo parlor monitoring, how do you really know how your Solano tattoo artist is saving costs when Solano County isn't watching?  

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