Sunday, January 2, 2011

Solano-Yolo Agricultural Summit Held By Solano Economic Development

The 2011 Solano-Yolo Agricultural Summit is coming.

'It doesn't matter to the farmer who is farming both sides of Putah Creek,' Stephen Pierce said. Goal is for everyone to start working together, and forget past ways of just working with favored Solano politicos.

Solano County is funding a series of six so-called 'cluster' studies, with each study costing about $24,000. Two of them, one on energy and one on life sciences, have already been released. Further details on taking advantage of being near Berkeley's high tech cluster have yet to be revealed. Central Fairfield has one of the highest numbers of inventions per capita in the world. For example Innovation Institute, LLC, founded by Steven C Kays at California Business Center, filed the largest known patent applications in over 80 countries, when measured by page counts, and breadth of new subject matter.

Meanwhile, the business consulting group helping Solano County, Collaborative Economics, is working on the food chain study, which Pierce said is to be released in February.

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