Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Vacaville Nut Tree Airport - Will They Do More Than Charter Flights?

New Vacaville Nut Tree Airport Brings Competition To Other Nearby Bigger Airports Serving Solano County Fliers.

Vacaville Nut Tree Airport will be offering charter flights flights in 2011. Will Vacaville Nut Tree Airport be offering other commercial airplane services from Solano County?

Vacaville Nut Tree Airport will bring some competition to the other three major airports. Some drivers make it to any of the other three airports in under an hour drive in ideal traffic. The other three airports are in Sacramento, Oakland and San Francisco.

Vacaville Nut Tree Airport says, 'It's more services we can provide to the flying public and the general public,' Airport Manager Andrew Swanson said. 'It's great for the airport and it's great for (Solano) county and (Vacaville) city to have the airport provide these services.'

Solano Business News is also studying the possibility of converting part of Travis Air Force Base to commercial cargo for FEDEX and UPS.  Benefits include reducing federal deficit, cutting on gas emissions by using further airports, and later pick up deadlines, etc.  Is Vacaville Nut Tree Airport going to be big enough to handle this traffic?

For more airport info on Solano airplane flights check out the Daily Republic newspaper.

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