Friday, January 28, 2011

Solano economic summit for its members

Solano Economic Development Corp just had a Solano economic summit for its members.  See the Fairfield Daily Republic for details (subscription required) They discussed Solano is having an identity crises.

Solano grape growers believe Solano can learn from Napa's branding.  With their soil and temperatures similar enough, Solano could become another famous wine growing region.  Some quality grapes grow better in Solano than Napa County.

Solano Business Incubator has noticed a good number of Fairfield business start ups too. Unfortunately others didn't stick with it long enough to get thru the tough times. Solano Business Incubator offers free conference rooms to non-profits, and the most cost effective Solano County conference rooms and office suite rentals.  For example a company looking for Vacaville office suites for rent might pay $600/mo for rent and utilities, but pay a little over half with many more amenities in the package.

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