Monday, February 7, 2011

CA State Business Laws Reason Why Solano's CoPart Moving To Texas

Solano business leaders are blaming California's business laws for the reason CoPart is moving its headquarters from Solano County to Texas. Solano's CoPart will be retaining an office is Fairfield however.

"It's a reflection of the business climate of California, and Copart has to do what is in the best interest of its stockholders and company," per Fairfield City Manager Sean Quinn.

Solano's CoPart always had an 'extremely good relationship' with Fairfield. Hence Solano's CoPart's move means it is based on the California state business climate, and probably not local, or Solano county climate, Sean Quinn said.

Solano's CoPart has around 400 employees in Solano County.  That will be cut down to 100 people.

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