Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Solano Businesses Like How Government Helps Redevelop Solano's Main Gateway

Solano County Businesses Like How Solano & Local Government Helps Redevelop Solano's Main Gateway To Solano Capital.

Solano businesses along the main gateway drivers take to the Solano capital and central business center look forward to how the area will be redeveloped.

Another great improvement was made along Solano County’s main gateway in 2010. The grand opening of the innovated Allan Witt Aquatics Complex, involved a very modern indoor and outdoor swimming pool.  It also included the replacement and relocation of restroom facilities, and commenced an improvement project at the sports center that will extend its useful life and reduce energy consumption. The Fairfield aquatics complex was completed with capital funds, the new restroom facilities were relocated and replaced using Community Development Block Grant funds, and the sports center project is being funded with a low-cost loan from the State of California Energy Commission and park capital funds.

Fairfield Mayor Harry Price and others are pushing hard to make Solano County's Fairfield a more business friendly place.  The project is also supported by Fairfield City Council members John Mraz, Catherine Moy, Chuck Timm, Rick Viccaro. Assistant to Fairfield City Manager, Curt Johnston, Fairfield Economic Development Division Manager, Brian Miller and many other important Fairfield City staff like Erin Beavers, Fairfield Director of Community Development, David White. Local Solano Supervisor Jim Spering also is working to see things move forward.

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