Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Solano Booksellers Struggling Against Online Booksellers

Amazon.com and large booksellers pushed smaller Solano booksellers out of business. Despite this trend Borders, and Barnes & Noble decided to open nice new Solano bookstores.
Solano's Innovation Institute predicts local booksellers will suffer faster from the likes of Amazon.com, than the Solano booksellers perhaps originally estimated.

Years ago, Steven Kays, CEO of Innovation Institute, LLC was puzzled as to why Borders, and Barnes & Noble went ahead with their costly plans to open their new Solano county book shops. Kays asked if Borders, and Barnes & Noble were only operating from a short term business plan to drive book buyers to their websites, with the expectation of closing down the brick and mortar parts of their business later.

More on Borders, and Barnes & Noble in Solano County.


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